Monday, March 31, 2014

Quilt for Logan

Logan's grandmother is and has been a 911 operator for many years. Her daughter is a registered nurse and she and her husband have 5 children..Tate, Ayla, Bryanna, Hunter and Logan. Their home burned to the ground a few weeks ago.

Today I mailed Ayla's quilt out and completed Hunter's and here it is! If you look closely at the bottom you can see the clam shell quilting I put on it!

I am hoping to finish his parents tomorrow so I will hang onto this until I finish theirs and mail them both at the same time!

Today's Oso Update

Today, I spent several hours on the telephone talking to people who are up in the landslide area, who know what is going on, who aren't watching the news reports and this is what I am hearing..

Quilts, yes, please bring quilts, they will warm the hearts of those up here and yes, everyone said the first responders need them as well.  

They are still in heavy emergency mode, so much muck and mud and debris to go through and it is difficult going, but it is going.

Someone is reaching out and feeding the first responders in the area and that has everyone beaming and talking about their small community with huge hearts.

Someone dropped a box off yesterday, they just sat it down and walked away. Inside were hand tied blankets and coloring books for the kids and for the first responders, home baked cookies.  I am told it stopped everyone in their tracks and brought tears to their eyes.

Quilts work the same way.  They won't help flashlights work, they can't be eaten, they won't replace a chainsaw or dig through the debris, but they will touch someone's heart and when they are cold it will add warmth to them that just tells them someone cares.

I am NOT equipped to take in everything, but I can take in quilts and I will until I am told to stop!  They are needed!

Helping Oso With Funeral Costs

I am posting this so if anyone wanted to donate for funeral costs, they have a contact point.



Help Those Impacted by the Oso Mudslide

Catholic Community Services of Western Washington is now accepting donations in support of those affected by the Oso Mudslide in Snohomish County. Donations will be forwarded to Rev. Timothy J. Sauer, Pastor at St. John Vianney Church (Darrington) and Immaculate Conception Church (Arlington). These parishes will be reaching out to and assisting people in the Oso community in a variety of ways, including helping to defray funeral costs for loved ones. Assistance will also be provided to those who have lost their homes and possessions.
Oso Mudslide_Donate Button 2014 3 26
To make a donation, please click on the link above, or mail checks to:
Catholic Community Services
Attn: Oso Mudslide
100 23rd Ave. S
Seattle, WA 98144-2312
Please write checks payable to “Catholic Community Services” and notate “Oso Mudslide” in the memo.
If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-499-5979 ext. 5707 or click here to email us.

Update on Quilts Needed

I want to answer some questions that seem to be cropping up here on my blog and at a quilt shop near Seattle. 

First of all, I am fully aware that the Skagit YMCA is collecting quilts for this as I have referred those that live near the area to contact Mary there.  Mary contacted me and agreed to be my contact point in the area.  It is very important to those from Canada as I am hoping postage to the YMCA will be less.

Secondly, someone told the quilt shop that is collecting for us in the Seattle area the physical needs have been met, they only need financial now.
Well, all I know is that quilter Nicole Rivera of Enlightened Stitches and quilt book author and teacher is in the area as I write this and will be for awhile, she reminded me that these quilts are for emotional healing and comfort. Nicole lost 4 members of her family in this landslide, so I think she probably is more aware than many what is going on.

Thirdly, I DO NOT keep any of the quilts that come to me. These are for the families and OSO emergency responders. Really people, where would I put so many quilts?  I am very honest and do not try to hide from anyone or keep anything sent to me.  The same goes for any funds I receive to help get quilts out.  It goes for the purpose it is designated to go to, not to me.

Now that we have all the junk out of the way, lets look at three beautiful quilts that were donated by Cee K. of Kansas for those hurting.  They are amazing and beautiful!

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Please I am still getting emails with questions and comments that come to be anonymous or anonymous at blogger dot com.  If you are posting anonymously, I have absolutely no way to send a reply back to you and answer your questions or address your comments.

Feel free to leave a comment with and address such as:
janedoe at gee mail dot com
janedoe at yahoo
janedoe @geemaildotcom

I feel bad that there are people asking me questions and thinking I am not responding when I have no idea how to respond to you and if you have a blog and think I can just click on it and leave an email it doesn't work that way at all.

So please, please, turn off the anonymous when you leave a comment to me so I can get back to you quickly!

Dates For Oso Quilts and Drop Off Points in Washington State

Right now I am not going to set a hard to meet deadline, so this is what I have planned for delivery dates.

First drop off will be on April 5th if I have enough quilts to deliver, if not I am shooting for a delivery date of April 19th as I expect by then I will have lots to deliver.

If you live in the Washington state area near or north of Seattle, you can drop off quilts to the following:

Town Square Fabric and Yarn
445 SW 152nd Street
Tell Christina or Cynthia they are for Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 Oso quilt drive and they will hold them.

If you live closer to the Oso area or Canada, you may drop them off with:
Mary Udman at the Skagit Valley YMCA
215 E Fulton Street
Mt. Vernon

In the Centralia/Chehalis Area there are two drop off points:
Sisters Fabric
476 N. Market Street
Tell Jody or Bobbi they are for Oso

Quilters Junction
1728 Gold Street

These people lost their homes, their families and their loved ones, they do not want your junk, your garbage, your torn, stained, frayed, cigarette smelling dog won't have it blankets.

I am accepting new handmade quilts not used, not store purchased, but lovingly made quilts or knitted or crocheted blankets.  If upon sorting through the quilts I find junk, they will be put in the garbage where they belong.

I say this because it happens during every disaster, people pay good money to mail garbage and that is sad.  It is about making them smile if even for a moment, not making them think we are in more need than they are!

Friday, March 28, 2014

My Sincere and Humble Apologies To All New Comers

I have been raising quilts and making quilts for 911 dispatchers and their families since 2005.  A very long time.  Very rarely do I allow myself to deviate from that calling.

However, when Aurora, Colorado happened, we made and sent quilts to not only the dispatch department but many of the survivors and first responders.

When 19 young men in Arizona died fighting a wildfire, we made and sent quilts to their family members and some are still being made.

The only time I ask for contributions is when I get a back glut of quilts piled up and have no extra funds to pay for postage or during a disaster like the Oklahoma tornadoes where I have a quilter with a quilt or two or three and they need help paying for postage.

I am not doing this to scam someone or lie to anyone. You can check out our Facebook page and look at posts here of quilts we send out and families that receive them. Not to mention this is a true labor of love, I make no money doing this, I do not get paid, I do it because I want to let people know we care.

However, it has come to my attention that my Go Fund Me campaign shows a date of January 2014 and someone questioned my integrity and trust me those of you who know me well, know how much I appreciate this because I don't want anyone thinking I am not helping those I say I am.

So, I set up an Ongoing campaign to raise money to help pay to ship quilts off and have money when a quilter needs help with postage.

HOWEVER and this is IMPORTANT, I must specify an amount to raise so I put in an arbitrary number because I can't put on going which Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 is an ongoing blessing and love to those unseen heroes.

When the landslide hit so close to home (I am about 2.5 hours away and have family near the area), I said I want to help and I sent out a call for quilts and edited my Go Fund Me page to get word out, I never once gave a thought to the date on the page.

So.....To help clear somethings up:
  •  NO, I am NOT a mind reader and can't predict the future.
  • No I am not a scam artist located in some foreign country.
  • Yes, I would prefer quilts to cash, but if you want to donate cash it will be used to get quilts to me and for me to get them to Oso.
  • Yes, I seriously appreciate someone questioning this so I can clear the confusion up.
  • No, I am not going to stop making quilts for dispatchers, I will do so when there is a need, but I WILL NOT use a quilt donated for OSO for that purpose.
  •  Yes, I could go in and quickly start another page for Oso, Washington but what would be the point? Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 makes quilts for those unseen heroes, we always will have a need for quilts, for fabric, for postage and I would never ever do anything to bring what my integrity or my family shame.
  • When everyone has received a quilt, I can assure you whether I have $1, $100 or $500 left over from donations to help OSO, that money will be given to OSO.
  • I am one person here, me. I ask quilters for help and they give quilts and sometimes people donate money and that money goes back to get quilts out.
So to the person who questioned the date on the campaign I just want to say thank you. Thank you for questioning this, if it is important enough for you to ask, it is most definitely important for me to respond!  

Washington Landslide Quilt URGENT Request

I have a huge  and urgent request to make of all you quilters. Please ensure you are NOT responding to me with a question as an anonymous blogger as I have NO WAY of reaching back out to you.

If you are concerned about someone seeing your email address on this blog, then please send me an email to either one of my email addresses:

To those who I have not sent a response back to it is probably because I only received an anonymous email.  You can also send it to me as anonymous and post your email address in the body of your message.


A Beautiful Reason To Quilt For Others

This little boy is very ill. He is four years old and his name is Brendon. A few weeks ago we asked for a quilt for this little boy who had a transplant and now his body is rejecting it.

This beautiful quilt was made by Marilyn before the call came out to help.  This is why I quilt, this is why many of us quilt and it is so nice to reach out to help someone else! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Quilters Near Portland Oregon

If you live in or near Portland, Oregon I just had a long armer reach out and say she will long arm your quilts for this project.  What an angel.

If you live in the area, contact her directly at

Use Extreme Caution When Donating Money

We all want to reach out and help where we can and I am so appreciative that I have done this long enough and to be registered with Washington state that I am trusted to keep my word.

However, please remember when donating cash to people via social media websites, that these may be a scam and you may find out later that these people never actually lost anything or anyone and matter of fact do not even live in the area.

I highly recommend everyone do their research for the people asking for money, make sure they live where they say the do because right now I can see this can go sideways quickly.

For anyone donating money for postage here, I keep track of all money coming in and going out with receipts so I can show what came in and what came out and if there is any money left to donate to families, I will get a receipt for that as well.

Not everyone asking for money so quickly are legit, so I am just saying to use caution as you really do not know who lives in the area.

I live 2.5 hours away, my cousin lives approximately 30 minutes away and once I receive quilts I will coordinate with the emergency team to get these quilts to those in need.

I take pictures of quilts coming in, I post them here, on our Facebook page and pinterest and when they are delivered I will also take pictures so you can see that I carried through.

We all want to help, this breaks our hearts, tears at our souls, but all I am asking is that you use caution.

I have known in the past people to say they are dying of cancer or their children are just to get money and recently there was the story of the lady who claimed to be pregnant with quadruplets only for her boyfriend to find out she wasn't pregnant at all and she had duped him and social media.

Have a great day and thank you for the trust you have in me, I will not let you down!

Address To Send Landslide Quilts To...

I have been requested by my family not to publicly publish our home address. Please contact me directly via the Facebook page for Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 at: 

You can also email me to:

Or just leave a comment here, I check frequently so you should receive a reply within 1-2 hours or sooner!
Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quilt Sizes for Landslide Quilts

I keep getting the question asked about quilt sizes so here they are.

Baby Quilt minimum 42 x 42

Toddler quilt should be about 50 x 50

All others should be at least twin sized. These families are in shelters right now, think of making a quilt large enough to cover a grown man or a grown couple.

So at least 55 x 75 but a true twin is 69 x 90 inches.

We are looking for quilts to cover from infants to adults and I promise every quilt I receive will be donated, but I am not going to tell anyone how large it has to be only to think about what size you would need at night in a shelter to keep you warm.

Blessings to you all!

Quilts Needed for Washington Landslide

God Bless you all, we have met our commitment to the communities of Oso, Arlington and Darrington, you have all been amazing. We gathered 500 quilts and delivered 385 handmade quilts and 85 handmade blankets.

The remaining quilts and blankets have been put in boxes for the next disaster or need and I can assure you they will all be welcomed by those that receive!

It is to early to tell how many are needed, the emergency crews are working around the clock battling 15 feet deep and quicksand like mud to find anyone who possibly may still be alive and to remove safely those who lost all.

The counts of how many are missing change frequently, the count of how many are gone change frequently, but hope is not gone and we can give this community back hope.

Here are some questions I can answer as to what we are in need of:

  1. Quilts from toddler size to double bed size, must be handmade/machine made, any color, any pattern. Sizes should be at least:
    1. Baby sizes 42 x 42
    2. Toddler sizes 52 x 52
    3. Twin Size 68 x 86
    4. Full Size 78 x 86
We want them to cover for adults at least someone who is 6' tall for length.**They can be quilted, crocheted or knitted, they must be handmade, no store quilts!**
  1. Unknown how many exactly are needed so I am shooting for between 300 & 500, if it changes I will update this site.
  2. Can we send them to Oso? No, they are under mud, debris, the highway is blocked and we do not want to hamper emergency rescue and clean up, so send them to me.
  3. Do I have to send more than one quilt? Absolutely NOT!!
  4. Are you non-profit? No, however I am registered under Washington State Charities Program so I am very legit!
  5. Can I help in other ways? Yes, right now white on white fabric is needed, postage for those that want to make quilts but cannot afford to send then is needed.
  6. How can I donate quilts? Where do I send them to?  When they are ready to be mailed, email me or leave a comment here and I will send you my address.
  7. How can I donate postage? You can donate through the donation buttons on the right side of the blog or you can send a money order to the person in need after they have shown me proof of mailing.
  8. How do I know you aren't keeping these for yourself or to sell? Because I would have no reason to keep over 300 quilts and I can assure you the quilts we say we sent have been sent!
  9. I can't quilt, knit, crochet or send money, can I still help? You can let others know about this, you can pray and you can send cards and letters of encouragement.

I Am Only One Person, But That Won't Stop Me

Mother Teresa had a profound saying, 'If you can't feed a hundred people, feed just one.' Wow!  That is exactly how I feel when I look at the task ahead of me to raise 300-500 quilts for the landslide victims of Washington state.

I can't make that many quilts on my own and I do not expect any of you to make that many on your own, however if we collectively work together, if we share this quilt drive on our social media sites, if we talk to our quilt shops, other quilters, our church, work, school, etc. we can and will raise this many and I believe possibly more.

I will have to rent a truck to take them to a drop off point and I will be excited to do so because I have seen what the quilting community can do when we come together and when we do the results are amazing!

Who knew when Aurora happened that we would raise over 100 quilts? Who knew that when those amazing young firefighters, dads, brothers, sons, uncles passed away last year that we would get out over 100 quilts to family members?

I did that's who!  You did because you answered the call. Some of you sent quilts, some sent fabric, some sent thread, some sent postage to those who needed it, some blogged about it, Facebooked it, Tweeted it and others sent prayers and encouragement and WE did it!

Not me alone, not me, myself and I, not me and the mouse in my pocket, but all of you who make up Layers of Hope - Quilting 911, all of you who when I was exhausted and in pain from just my daily routine told me, 'we are praying for you, continue the great job you are doing, how can we help...'

Yes, some can do more than others and did, still others helped by making that one quilt that added to the stack and we did it and we touched hearts in ways we will never know.

Out of the pain of Aurora came people who received a quilt and now make quilts for others, out of the ashes of the fire came those who have stepped up and asked how to help this ministry, have volunteered to make quilts, have sent things to help others and haven't let the tragedies stop them from reaching out and paying it forward.

Robert Ingersoll stated, 'We rise by lifting others.' How eloquent and profound those five words are. I have experienced this first hand and those who have known deep loss also experience this type of lifting others.  I have just never known anyone to go through loss, disaster, crisis without coming out the other side wanting to help someone else.

I lost a child many years ago, not a day goes by where I don't think of him in some way, remember his smile, his laughter, the nurses and doctors who took care of him and my promise to him the day he went to be with the angels, that I would not allow his death to prevent me from helping others.

Along the way I stumbled and fell and lost my way but finally I awoke and realized I needed to reach out to others who lost a child and I began talking to parents, reaching out to them, sending them cards, meeting with them and attending funerals for those little ones that left such a hole in the world.

But ask a parent who has lost a child to help someone else and rarely will you be told no because their pain wants to soothe someone else even if it is just for a short time.

Ask someone who has been through a disaster and even as they are still cleaning up, they want to reach out help others who are going through the same thing, they want to tell them it will be okay, they are safe, their families are safe, they will rebuild, stuff is stuff.  Keep moving forward!

Ask someone who has lost a friend, family member to cancer and they will be the ones who donate first to the cancer walks, make a meal for a family who is enduring the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Not everyone who gives of their time, money, fabric, quilts, who volunteer know loss, they just know it feels amazing to reach out and help others.

However, many times those who have never felt loss have a sense of it will never happen to me so why do I need to do anything for anyone else. These are the people who ask me questions like:
  •  What do you really do with the quilts you receive?
  •   How can I believe you aren't selling the quilts you get?
  • Don't you have employee's who do this stuff?
  • How did I get on your mailing list? Remove me now! 
  • Why would I send anything I make to strangers?
I can go on, but you get the picture, not everyone has the faith in people anymore that I do, you do or quilters in general do. We sit and quilt and it is so much more than just a blanket to many of us.

We pick the fabric carefully, thoughtfully and it an take days or hours, perhaps even driving to more than one LQS in our area. The pattern is one we have used over and over or perhaps a brand new one.

We wash, dry, iron or NOT. We sit, we pray, we feel, we think about those who will receive our gift and we hope and pray that we will never have to endure what they are going through.

I prepare as well as I can, but I never say it won't, can't or shouldn't happen to me, the people in Oso, Washington were going about their business this past week-end when an entire mountain came down on them.

I am pretty sure they never thought it would happen to them, but it did and that is why we must reach out and cover them in a quilt of love and warmth, one thought about, one loved, one prayed over and while we are quilting, spreading the word, let us never forget the words of John D. Rockefeller who said:

'I always try to turn a disaster into an opportunity.' Lets turn this disaster into an opportunity of quilt giving!



Monday, March 24, 2014

Oso Families

Please follow this link to see how Oso is dealing with this tragedy!

Remember last week they were like the rest of us, working for a living, enjoying family, perhaps enjoying spring, their homes and now, many of them have nothing!

I Have Notified A Contact We are Making Quilts

I was just given 2 contact names in the area of the landslide. I sent them Emails to let them know I will be collecting quilts for the area, this way if anyone contacts them they can say yes.

Please this is so important, lets get this done for these families who have nothing left!

I Need Your Help for Quilts For Landslide Victims

On the sidebar I have a donation link if you can't quilt but want to help, I know several quilters that will make quilts if I can get the postage to them to send to me.  

I would also like to be able to promote Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 on Facebook and that is $10 per day and any one that is willing to help pay for that for even 2 or 3 days would be welcomed.

Any donations above the costs of postage and promotion I will collect and take with me when I deliver the quilts I know we will collect.

Washington State Landslide Families and First Responders Need Quilts

Only because I was asked if I was going to do this because I live in Washington state can I take this on.  I have never not delivered on my promises to any of you and right now I am going to be straight up honest, I do NOT know how many quilts would be needed, I do NOT know how many families are affected and how many first responders are affected.  I do NOT have a contact right now for up there because frankly, they have better things to do looking for survivors. **I now have 2 contacts, we are not sending directly to OSO, they will come to me and I will personally deliver them.**

However, if you want to make quilts for the victims and send them to me, I will take them, I will collect them and I will get them personally delivered to where they need to go when I get enough to make a trip, when the road is opened, when these families know what is going on.

So, shout it out on your blog, take my blog button and post it and shout it out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, post about it at your quilting guild, at your church, let anyone who knits or crochets know about this, get the word out.  You get the word out, I will collect them and if need be, rent a U-Haul to deliver them.  You have my word on it!

Here is what I cannot do right now...for this, I will not be able to accept unfinished tops, I do not have a long arm machine and I cannot quilt them quick enough on my own. Having you send them to a long armer and then someone send them back to me is alot of money for postage however I have long arm quilters that can help if we can raise the money for postage.

So, if you want to send me the quilts completed and ready to be delivered, I will accept them, I will take pictures of them, I will post them on Facebook and this blog our Pinterest page and I will post pictures when they are being delivered so you know I keep my word.

This is all I can do right now, but I know how wonderful all of you are and I know that you will get the word out to quilt shops, guilds, churches and every quilter you know.

So, what are you waiting for?  Start getting the word out and when you are ready to send the quilts to me, message me for my address.

Just be aware this is much bigger than even the Granite Mountain Hot Shot Family quilts were, we are talking I am going to need probably at least 300-500 or more to cover every one that lost everything.  If it is less I will let you know, but right now this is going to take a miracle and I believe in miracles! 

You can donate via the Fund Me Now Link or Paypal link, the money will be used for postage to help quilters get quilts to me, for renting a storage unit if need be or a truck. 

I would like to have these all to me by (yes I know it is a pressure deadline) the end of April middle of May for the first trip if we are allowed at that time.

Remember, these people have lost everything, the ground is like quicksand and there is 15' of mud covering it all not to mention today I caught the news and they were stating the mountain is still unstable. We do not want to be sending them anything to add to the chaos, so I am collecting!

We are NOT a non-profit, however we are a registered charity with the state of Washington and allowed no more than $5000 per year in donations and that is why I am asking for quilts and for people to donate for postage.

A Very Heartfelt Thank You

I came home to find this in the mail today and had to pass it along. 


San Leandro 911 Dispatcher Needs Prayers, Cards and Quilt

The reason I am writing is to request support and well wishes for one of my Dispatcher’s.  Her name is Karine (32yrs) and she was diagnosed in Dec 2013 with Stage 4 Lymphoma.  Karine has tumors on the outside of her spine, in her spinal cord, liver, chest and lymph nodes.  She has been going through very aggressive chemo treatment and will need to have a bone marrow transplant in the coming months.  Following the bone marrow transplant Karine will need to relocate to temporary housing near Stanford Hospital for 30 to 90 days to be monitored very closely. 

She is a single mother with a beautiful 8 year old daughter Emily. 
Karine is one of my newer dispatcher’s with only 2 years experience, however this job means the WORLD to her.  S She has an amazing drive and an unbelievable optimistic outlook that I have never seen in anyone before.  Being in Law Enforcement is a dream come true for her.

I call her my “Rookie” because she misses work so much she has been listening to her scanner from home.  She loves chatting about how busy a certain shift was, how long a pursuit lasted, or how certain officers always seem to miss dispatch trying to raise them on the air.  She desperately wants to return to work and be a part of the team again. 

I’m asking if you have time please write her a letter or send her a card, she would be extremely excited to hear from other dispatcher’s.  Her daughter and her desire to return to work are truly keeping her strong right now.

If anyone would like to go above and beyond she could use gift cards for grocery’s from (Safeway/Vons, Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods).  It’s been a struggle on a single income with the amount of co-pays for doctors visit’s and the several medications she takes on a daily basis. 

I want to Thank You for taking the time to read Karine’s story.  She will truly love your words of encouragement, work experiences or funny stories.

If you would like to send cards of encouragement, quilt or anything else that may help this dispatcher out, please contact me for the address.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Another Collaboration Quilt Completed for Fire Victim

Ayla's quilt

This quilt is going to be heading to GA on Monday to a 17 year old young lady named Ayla. Here family home burned to the ground a few weeks ago and her grandmother Cheryl let us know they lost everything.

The quilt is a collaboration by Pat. W. the owner of 501Quilt Blocks a great blog about quilting.  Pat sent me a box of quilt squares awhile back and I have been putting them to good use ever since.

I put the squares together, added the batting, back and binding and Marilyn L. made these cute labels to go on the back, so it was a wonderful collaboration of 3 people who have never met!

Thank You From a 911 Dispatcher

A thank you from CJ whose niece was injured in an auto accident and we sent 4 quilts.

Hi Jean…..Just a note to say Thanks the quilts are more than beautiful.
We ended up trading around a bit so I ended up with the small purple
one and I love it . Just throw it over my legs at night…… so comfy.
I’m back to work full time as we have gotten a great gal to helps us
take care of Kelsa.
Be sure to thank all the gals who made or help
make the quilts. What a fantastic idea…take care  CJ
Live Oak Radio to Jaci Blanch, no answer.

Live Oak Dispatcher Jaci Blanch out of service. Gone, but not forgotten. We thank you for your years of service. May you join the many angels who welcome you and thank you for your service.

There will be an emptiness across the radio waves from now on, officers and dispatchers and those who regularly called 911 to hear her voice (it happens) will notice the silence, but she will always live on in their hearts.

If you feel so led, please send a card of condolence.

 Live Oak Dispatch lost one of their own suddenly Friday 3.14.14 from complications with pneumonia. Jaci Blanch was not only one of our most loved dispatchers she is also the wife to one of our Live Oak Firefighters. We are asking for prayers not just for her husband but for all of us. We are all still shocked. We would just like to let you all know.
Live Oak Communications.
Send a card of condolence to:
Live Oak Police-Fire Dispatch
8001 Shin Oak              
Live Oak, TX  78233

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another Quilt Done!

Another Collaboration Quilt

This is another of Marilyn's quilts she sent to help stock our empty shelves. I did the binding and added the label, however using her magic and her embroidery machine, she also made the cool label!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quilting Sponsors Needed To Support Layers of Hope - Quilting 911

I Know I Am A Broken Record

When I began updating my files on Monday, I had 170 names on my list.  Since then I have had a few replies of yes please keep me on the list or simply no.  

Thank you all so very much for responding, you have seriously helped me whittle the names down to about 156, but I still need your help.  

Please, if you have received an email from me, don't ignore it, just send me a simple no. Trust me, I will not be offended. I understand you make quilts for your local charities, Project Linus, Quilts of Valor, your church, that you are traveling, working full time, retired and wanted to relax.  All I want is to not bother you if you don't want to be a part of this ministry.

If you still want to be, send me a yes, your mailing address and if you have a blog the blog address. I PROMISE I am NOT going to spam either one.

In times like we are in now, I just love to pick someone off my list and drop them a cheery note or a thank you for their help and support.  

I am also working on a newsletter that would go out to those wanting to remain on the list.

If you say yes, I understand you won't be able to help all of time, live happens, but when you can, we are willing to let you.

So please, if you received a letter recently from me, please respond!
 If you didn't and you have come to this blog via another avenue and want to help with making a quilt, postage, fabric, etc. let me know that as well!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Helping Others

I always feel I can do just one more quilt, one more bag, buy one more travel kit for the homeless, take on one more project and yes many times my Fibromyalgia gets in the way.

In the past few days I have received many wonderful responses to my updating my records so I do not disturb those quilters who no longer want to participate and I totally get that many of you help local charities and are already over booked and I thank you for your honesty.

I want to thank those who have long arm machines and said, they are willing to help quilt quilts that need quilting, I am in awe of those that said they would do this and of course those that said, we just make them and pass them onto you.

Sooooooo, with that in mind, can you take one more challenge?
Confessions of a Fabric Addict has a wonderful quilting challenge going sign ups now and ends in June to sign up and send 1 quilt or 10 to one, two or three charities she has set up for her 'Hands To Help Charity Quilt Challenge 2014.'

The button is at the bottom right side of this blog, but if you click on the active link above it should take you to where you can sign up.

I don't need a link back here, you don't need to tell me you did it, I am just giving you another option for perhaps a quilt top or finished quilt you don't know what to do with.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Dispatcher in Accident

Updating Files You Can Help

I am updating my files for Layers of Hope. I have so many quilters over the years that have contributed and some no longer can or have moved to local charities and I love it and I get it.

However many of my contacts have double entries into my address book under blog names, pseudo names, emails, etc.

I am asking everyone who wants to continue to help support this organization whether it be donating a quilt, postage, thread, fabric, sending out cards to one hurting or saying a prayer and would like to receive our soon to be...well maybe by May, newsletter, please let me know.

The last thing I want to do is send you emails or requests that you no longer want to be part of. When you send me your email and asked to be removed, I will do so.

You can come back anytime and you can still follow us and read our blog without any obligation.


Storm Heaven's Gates with Prayers

We can all pray, whether we are Christian or another faith, we all have to believe in something and I am not here to debate faith or religion.

The little baby Brendon whose transplant is failing, I just got word he took a horrible turn for the worse yesterday and coded. They were able to bring him back, but please pray for this young boy, his family, his doctors and medical people that they will know what to do and that his little body will stop rejecting and begin regenerating.

I will as always keep you all posted!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Please Help Me Update My Files

It is no joke when I tell people I go by many monikers. For years I was knows as the Quilting Dispatcher or the Quilting Dispatcher (Retired), then by Ranny, Ranny J or Ranny Jean, Compassionate Quilter and of course I have this blog and another one for quilting and family.

Like me, some of you do as well and with my Fibro fog I have a difficult time remembering who is who or who is which nickname. Please help me.

If you would like to continue to contribute to Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 I need your email address, your blog name, your mailing address (this is used for cards I send out during the year).

If you go by one or two or more nicknames I may know, please list them as well so I can make sure they are all on the same file entry.

If you feel you can continue to help us move forward and have more quilts and full shelves, please reply and let me know you are still going to support our unseen heroes.

If you just want to follow along that is great, you don't need to reply.

However, if you have never reached out to help us and would like to in the future (no silly, not tomorrow) at some later date, let me know that as well.

Thank you all so much!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Passing of An Unseen Hero

We all read about police officers, K9's and firemen that pass away, but rare is it that you will read about one of our unseen heroes that went onto God's special place for these men and women in heaven.

It is with great sadness I pass this on and my prayers that you will each take a moment of time to sit down and send a card letting them know you care, you are praying, sending warm thoughts.

 Sue Williams of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (OHIO) passed away unexpectedly this morning (3/13/14). Sue had shoulder surgery on 3/12/14 for a torn bicep and was sent home the same day. We received information from her son early this morning that he had called 911 because she couldn’t breathe. Sue died a short time later. Sue served the Putnam County area for many years in many capacities. She was a dispatcher for the Putnam County for 28 yrs. And served faithfully for several EMS services in Putnam County. We are asking for cards and letters of support for her Law Enforcement and EMS families. She was a great friend to many. She leaves behind an 18 yr. old son, Sam and a twin sister Sarah and another sister Becky. Cards and letters can be sent to:
Brad Brubaker
Putnam County Sheriff’s Office
1035 Heritage Trail
Ottawa, OH 45875

Please make sure you mention Layers of Hope - Quilting 911.

Prayers Requested

We are in need of all Prayer Warriors!!! Nearly 4 years ago I asked for support from you wonderful folks for two of our dispatchers, Tanya Pressgrove and Brandy Frye. Their family member, Brendon Gay (now 4 years old), was in need of a life saving transplant. Several months after my request he received the transplant and has been thriving for the past two years. Almost two weeks ago, his body became very sick and started to reject the organ. Brendon is gravely ill and I am asking for any and all prayers for this precious child and his family.

If you would like to send a card to this family, you may do so at:
Brandy Frye
5527 Bartlett Grove Cove
Bartlett, TN 38134

Please make sure you mention Layers of Hope - Quilting 911~

Three Quilts Heading Home

Bryanna 12

Hunter 14

Tate 2    

These are 3 of the quilts Marilyn sent of 15 that she donated to Layers of Hope - Quilting 911. These 3 are heading to Georgia where a 911 operators daughter and her family lost their home in a devastating fire.

It is so heart warming for me to check the shelf and see I have quilts that can go out immediately when their is a need.  

Please, won't you commit to sending us a quilt each month, every 3 months, every 6 months?  Don't wait until our shelves are bare, lets fill them so we have them to send!

Thank you Marilyn and to all who contribute quilts for our unseen heroes!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2014 Dreaming HUGE

Yesterday I sat down and did the monthly 'books,' for Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 and lets just say, it wasn't very pretty. Who says we aren't a non-profit when I am in the red up to my neck?

I guess that is good, well maybe not good, but I can sure show we don't do this for the money which went hand in hand with an amazing teaching moment on empathy from my oldest granddaughter.

While doing dishes and homework for her last night she told me she really wishes at times she didn't feel bad for people like she does and wanted to know why she does while others seem to not care at all about what goes on around them.

This was a teaching moment. I asked her in what sense, she said yesterday when we were at Bible study and they had snacks (Skittles to be exact), she felt bad when I asked if there were any left and they had eaten them all.  Awwwww! 

I told her I was joking as I knew they didn't have that many, but that I understood how she feels because I seem to be always reaching out to help someone with a quilt, food, gas money and sometimes I think yes, God wants us to help, but I am hard wired to lead by my heart and not head.

How come some people don't she asked?  I told her I didn't know, that life balances itself out and that is why I am with who I am because while my loving husband supports this ministry in so many ways, he also keeps us eating and making sure I don't give away the store!

A few weeks ago in Portland doing an out reach to the homeless, we were told, help where you feel led, but DO NOT give out money, the ministry can stretch $5 further for more than we as an individual handing someone $5. Using that analogy, she got it.

I told her that I believe this is my calling and while I showed her my books and her comment was, 'you aren't very good at it are you?' I told her I just needed to dream larger.  If we keep our dreams or goals small, they will remain that way.

So, here is my list of dream big goals:
  • A quilt shop on our property not for selling quilts but so my family can have the living room, closets and bedrooms back! We have already priced a 10 x 20 and that is what we will be building.
  • Insulation, electrical, flooring, woodstove, cabinets, etc. for the shop which will be important because it will have a loft for storage, so it will need to be warm and dry in winter and cool in summer.
  • Long arm machine (looking for good used one)
  • Embroidery machine (looking for good used one)
  • Computer, printer and office supplies for Layers of Hope - quilting 911
  • Vehicle wrap or signage for my van to advertise to all quilters we are out here.
Yes, it is a huge list, but I am trusting in God to bless this ministry, organization to help more people every year. Last year was amazing and the money, fabrics, thread, quilt tops, batting all were huge helps, but this year, things are already off to a great start.

The only issue with empathy right now that I have is that my husband wants my quilting shop in the back yard and I would like it out front so I can see what is going on.

So many of you have been such blessings, what I need now is for the word to get out, for our name to be seen and heard. I am making up some fliers if you would like some to hand out at your quilt guilds or local quilt shops, please let me know.

Please remember, we are now a registered charity with the state of Washington and can accept donations and if you need that registration number, please contact me. We are just not defined by the IRS as a non-profit and the more time I spend reading about non-profits, the more mind boggling it becomes but there is a good team in Seattle that works with you to help decide which way you should go!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Update On Family of House Fire

Here is the information for sizes and ages on this family. Please if you can help at all by sending things, let me know and I will send you their address:

Here is an update to the family that lost their home:
Jennifer is 36 RN she wears Pants 8/10 Medium /Lg tops and size 6 shoes.
Byran 37 Pants 36x30 Shirt size large and
size 10.5 shoes,
Bryanna age 12 pants 12/14 tops 12/14 shoes 2.5 **Quilt sent**
Ayla age 17, Pants 13/14 tops lg/xlg shoes 8.5
Hunter 14, pants 29x30 shirts med no shoe size available. **Quilt sent**

Logan 17 pants 32x31 med shirts no shoes size
Tate age 2 wears 3T clothes and size 7-8 shoes. **Quilt sent**

Again I bless you for any help and if you can send anything, please do so. I have the address, all you need to do is ask!

**We send quilts, however this family is in need, if you feel the calling to send clothes, etc.  please contact me for an address!**

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Please Reach Out With A Card

Here is just a simple request for this dispatcher who was in a terrible accident to receive cards of support.  Please when you send cards, packages, etc. make sure you not only sign your name, but that you also put Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 on it so the dispatcher knows where you heard about them.

If we are going to grow, to be able to fill our shelves, we need to make sure others know and share our story.  By simply placing our name on your card it is my prayers that others will hear about us and want to reach out.

A quilt for this dispatcher will be heading out on Monday thanks to several of our wonderful quilters who have helped to somewhat stock our shelves and this is when it means the most.

When we have 17 quilts on the shelves and receive two calls for help for 8 of those to be sent within 24 hours, so keep those quilts coming. 

Monday Feb. 17, Carroll County Dispatcher Aleisha Williamson was a passenger in the vehicle on SR 29 in Clinton County. The Driver lost control of the vehicle on icy roads and slid and was T-Boned on the passenger’s side by another vehicle. Aleisha had her seatbelt on, but suffered many internal injuries.

Aleisha has a long road to recovery and needs our prayers and support. If you would like to send a card:

Please mail to:

Aleisha Williamson
416 N Water Street
Camden, Indiana 46917

This Just In, Urgent Need for Fire Victims

This just came in and it breaks my heart. We have quilts to cover this family already made thanks to Marilyn and JoAnn H. I am so happy to know we had quilts sitting on the shelf this time ready to go. Well, almost. I spent this week-end binding 3, so the rest will come easy.

If anyone would like to help this family I will have sizes and sex information posted by Monday at the latest. In the meantime may I remind you that gently used clothing or items would probably be appreciated, but your cast offs that are just down right gross, will not be.

Sadly, I have to remind people if you don't like because it is old, ratty, tatty and ready to toss, don't send it to someone thinking they should be happy to have it.

If you would like to contribute perhaps a gift card, McDonald's gift certificates, new socks, under wear, dishes, bath supplies, shampoo, etc. let me know and I will get you the address.

If you cannot contribute at this time, that is okay, perhaps you would be willing to pray for them or sent them a note letting them know you are praying.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Face and The Quilt

Every once in awhile someone sends a thank you note for the quilts we make. Every once in awhile someone sends a picture of them with their quilts and when they do, it warms my heart!

Today I received this picture of a young woman who is recovering from an auto accident. Her aunt is taking care of her and working as a 911 dispatcher and sent us this picture.

Kelsa's Quilt

 When we receive these, I pass them on to encourage you to make more and give with your heart. I am told this young woman uses this quilt every day and loves it!

Thank you to her quilting angel Brenda!

Monday, March 3, 2014

A Thank You Wall Hanging

I will never forget the longing I felt and the need to get to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. As a 911 operator at the time, I just felt compelled to go help do what I could, but the Lord had other plans for our lives so my husband suggested I start quilting.

Over eight years later, here we are as Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 reaching out to those unseen heroes in need to warm them with a quilt or a card to cheer them up.

However, none of this would have been possible had a very special man by the name of Kevin had not agreed to help me get the quilts to New Orleans, help me find the people in need and as someone who still has both of his feets, his hands and his heart in the 911 arena, he keeps us up to date on needs when they come to him.

I thought it was time to thank him with a wall quilt of his very own:

Sunday, March 2, 2014

30 Day Challenge

I normally would not list a giveaway or contest on this page, it isn't what I have set it up for, but this one I like because it gives me inspiration to sit down at my machine or with needlework 30 minutes everyday and work on something and to post at the end of the week holding me accountable in some small way.

I have a few things that I keep pushing to the back burner which really need to be completed and I can't wait any longer, so if you want to come and join along, you can...if not, that is okay as well, it just helps me to remember to sit down and relax!

It is called the 30/30/ Sewing Challange.

A Note of Thanks From A Dispatcher

I have always stated up front, when sending quilts to people that are going through things we cannot imagine such as the loss of their homes to fire, tornadoes or other disasters, the loss of a child or spouse, their own illnesses, you simply cannot expect a note of thanks.

If you receive one that is wonderful and I ask that you share it with us to be posted. If you don't, please don't get discouraged, sometimes they just get so overwhelmed, we are the last on their minds, but know the quilts you sent mean the world to them!

Don't however be shocked if a year or more down the line you receive a thanks, I have gotten several of those and they just seem to come when I need them most.

Recently someone reached out to me and I didn't recognize the name so I asked who are you and discovered this was a dispatch supervisor thanking me for a quilt I made a co-workers son going through a rare growth disorder...eight years ago!! He updated me on the young man and just said, 'thanks.'

Today, I received this note from C.J. the dispatcher who is taking care of her niece and her 2 children after a horrific accident:

Thanks Jean….I will get the pix to you as soon as possible. She is getting into a pretty good routine
Now that she has been home for a couple of weeks.  She loves the quilt and uses it everyday.
Tell your friends thanks from us also.  Take care CJ.
When the picture comes I will post it here. 


Saturday, March 1, 2014

So Amazed At The Kindness of This Quilter

The box I received from Marilyn yesterday with 13 quilts and a book on how to understand your middle schooler/hormonal teen and funds for shipping!

If you don't know about all the wonderful projects Marilyn helps out with while raising her own family and working full-time, please check out this post as she was our January featured charity quilter!

I had just completed three quilts to be sent out to a California dispatcher and boxed them up, the funds she sent paid for the postage and left a little bit left over in the shipping budget!

The quilts I will bind and put away and send out when we get another request!

My granddaughters will tag each one before I find a shelf to put them on and when there is a need, we will add a label to each and send it on its way.

I cannot say thank you enough to Marilyn for helping me to get the shelves stocked up and ready.

Not everyone can do this on such a large scale, however, if you can commit one quilt a month or every 3 months to us, I promise they will go to someone in need!

Blessings to all and thank so so much Marilyn!