Monday, March 31, 2014

Update on Quilts Needed

I want to answer some questions that seem to be cropping up here on my blog and at a quilt shop near Seattle. 

First of all, I am fully aware that the Skagit YMCA is collecting quilts for this as I have referred those that live near the area to contact Mary there.  Mary contacted me and agreed to be my contact point in the area.  It is very important to those from Canada as I am hoping postage to the YMCA will be less.

Secondly, someone told the quilt shop that is collecting for us in the Seattle area the physical needs have been met, they only need financial now.
Well, all I know is that quilter Nicole Rivera of Enlightened Stitches and quilt book author and teacher is in the area as I write this and will be for awhile, she reminded me that these quilts are for emotional healing and comfort. Nicole lost 4 members of her family in this landslide, so I think she probably is more aware than many what is going on.

Thirdly, I DO NOT keep any of the quilts that come to me. These are for the families and OSO emergency responders. Really people, where would I put so many quilts?  I am very honest and do not try to hide from anyone or keep anything sent to me.  The same goes for any funds I receive to help get quilts out.  It goes for the purpose it is designated to go to, not to me.

Now that we have all the junk out of the way, lets look at three beautiful quilts that were donated by Cee K. of Kansas for those hurting.  They are amazing and beautiful!

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