Sunday, March 2, 2014

30 Day Challenge

I normally would not list a giveaway or contest on this page, it isn't what I have set it up for, but this one I like because it gives me inspiration to sit down at my machine or with needlework 30 minutes everyday and work on something and to post at the end of the week holding me accountable in some small way.

I have a few things that I keep pushing to the back burner which really need to be completed and I can't wait any longer, so if you want to come and join along, you can...if not, that is okay as well, it just helps me to remember to sit down and relax!

It is called the 30/30/ Sewing Challange.


  1. Happy to have you join me for the challenge, Julianne! We all get so busy with projects for others and sometimes it's nice to step back and finish something for ourselves - recharge our creativity before the next big deadline : ) Love what you do here with your ministry, though - you must be a very quick piecer to accomplish so many quilts!


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