Monday, March 28, 2016

Update, March 28, 2016

At this time, I am NOT taking in any new quilts.  My heart breaks having to walk away, but right now, my family is my number one priority and we have seen some major changes in the past few months to our lives.

Baby quilts were donated to a center that helps new moms. The large quilts were donated to various organizations in my area. However and yes, there is always a HOWEVER, when God is in charge. I kept a wardrobe sized box of quilts for when God tugged my heart.

Out of that box went three quilts to a slain Seaside, OR police officers widow and two young children. I will once again be pulling quilts out of that box for a police officers widow, daughter, son and parents that I had the amazing privilege of working with as a 911 operator.

Throughout my families struggles, God still shows me that I need to reach out to others. I am no longer in a position to quilt, all my quilting items are packed up into a storage facility. I sold two huge boxes of fabric which paid to ship out the last quilts to those in need. I was blessed to find someone to personally deliver the quilts to Seaside.

The story doesn't end here. A very wonderful local quilting organization has invited me to come and quilt with them once a week and promised me they will continue to bless those in need for Layers of Hope.  This will happen when my family issues are resolved and my health is better than what it is now.

I will continue to update everyone here! 

God Bless and thank you all! As my semi-colon tattoo my granddaughter designed for me states so quietly...the story isn't over yet!