Saturday, November 4, 2017

Three Quilts for Las Vegas, Such Sad News

Honestly, writing this post today, I do not even know if anyone at all still checks in on this blog since I no longer quilt, but I am still active in trying to get quilts out to the 911 unseen and unsung heroes, the telecommunications operators a.k.a. dispatchers.

I just received news that Las Vegas Metro PD has only received three quilts and that truly breaks my heart because I know by the pictures I am posting below and the over 600 quilts I delivered alone to first responders when the mountain slid in Oso, WA that we as a quilting community can do better!

I can't deliver personally to Las Vegas, but trust me, if I could, I would be out collecting and delivering, it is just my life circumstances have changed so drastically, that all I can do is reach out to you who quilt and ask that you ask others that quilt to send quilts.

Las Vegas Metro Communications 911
400 S. Martin Luther King Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89106-4372 **Please Note, the original zip code I was given, was incorrect!**

Las Vegas Fire Communications Division
500 North Casino Center Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89101-2944

Please send large lap sized that will cover an adult or any other size you wish to send to these communications operators. There were 16 on duty for LVFCD the night of the shooting and 40 on duty for LVMC911 so right now, we are 53 short just to cover those that were there that night, that dealt with the panic and chaos.

In totality, we need 204 to cover both departments and I know we can do this.  Please look at all you did for Oso and the huge fires in Okanogan County Washington and the quilts came from all over. I even had one personally hand carried to me from the Carolina's.

Lets work together and get this quilting bee started! I know I have amazing quilters out there who still check in on this blog once in awhile!