Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Helping Others

I always feel I can do just one more quilt, one more bag, buy one more travel kit for the homeless, take on one more project and yes many times my Fibromyalgia gets in the way.

In the past few days I have received many wonderful responses to my updating my records so I do not disturb those quilters who no longer want to participate and I totally get that many of you help local charities and are already over booked and I thank you for your honesty.

I want to thank those who have long arm machines and said, they are willing to help quilt quilts that need quilting, I am in awe of those that said they would do this and of course those that said, we just make them and pass them onto you.

Sooooooo, with that in mind, can you take one more challenge?
Confessions of a Fabric Addict has a wonderful quilting challenge going sign ups now and ends in June to sign up and send 1 quilt or 10 to one, two or three charities she has set up for her 'Hands To Help Charity Quilt Challenge 2014.'

The button is at the bottom right side of this blog, but if you click on the active link above it should take you to where you can sign up.

I don't need a link back here, you don't need to tell me you did it, I am just giving you another option for perhaps a quilt top or finished quilt you don't know what to do with.


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  1. Thank you for everything you do. I'm up to my ears in quilts for homebound seniors here, but wish you well in everything you do! VermontPines at aol dot com


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