Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Our Family Needs Help

The above pictures are of my son and his three amazing kids!

My son got out of prison just over two years ago and has done everything in his power to stay out, get off parole and raise his kids. He is a single dad.

In spite of his desire and willingness to work, he has been unable to find permanent employment or housing due to being a felon and due to having health issues.

When he was released, he had a huge tumor on his stomach and after months of pain, it was discovered he had a hiatel hernia and that put him out of work for over 6 weeks. 

He was working at a local mill when one day a friend stopped by and asked if he wanted to go out riding around on his quads and on the way, the friends girlfriend rolled the vehicle with my son in it. The hospital said he was fine and released him.

A few weeks later while at work, his back began to hurt him and after testings and Xrays and CT scan, a fracture of his T10-T11 was discovered. Since this was not the result of an 'on the job,' injury he could not earn unemployment or workman's comp. The girl who was driving the car, had no insurance and left the area so he couldn't get accident insurance either.

For over a year, he wore a brace and used a special bone growth machine and finally when it was determined he could have physical therapy, he developed an inguinal hernia that was strangulated and had to have another surgery. This surgery kept him down for a long time and eventually he was able to begin physical therapy.

However, it was determined by the PT and his surgeon that he cannot return to being a laborer any longer, the constant lifting of heavy items would damage his back beyond repair.

The course of action was to have him apply for training through the local vocational rehabilitation department and put him through re-training so he could return to being a productive dad.

During this time, my son has not given up. Oh yes, he gets discouraged, but he keeps on going. Justin attends church, is a door greeter, is a youth mentor, has just been invited to be a pastor on the local jail team, is a co-leader of our men's group and when anyone asks him for help and he can, he does!  Everyone loves him and he knows no strangers.

The more Justin and his children become involved with the Lord, the more angry his girlfriend became, she wasn't coming home from work until after midnight (she gets off at 5:30 in the afternoon). Justin revealed to his mentor that the more he becomes involved with church, the worse she became and yet, he kept trying to do what was right.

Two weeks ago, his girlfriend told him, you and your kids get out of my home, you are no longer wanted. Torn apart, Justin did what she asked and with the help of our church, placed all their belongings in storage and walked away and is now living in a group home situation where they are actually happier due to less stress.

The issue is, Justin needs a car. His kids need rides from school after band and sports and he needs to get to vocational rehab to find work.

I have set up a Go Fund Me account to raise $1500 and we have in the past week, raised over half of what we need to and thus far raised $805.  We are looking for a decent reliable car for Justin and the ability to pay at least 3 to 6 months insurance for him.

Please, if you can help support this cause with a $5 or even $10 donation or more, I have posted the link at the bottom. If not, please pray we can meet our goal quickly.

It has been difficult for Justin. Justin wants to work, he enjoys work and living off assistance is not how he wants to live or raise his children. Without a vehicle he can't get a job or vocational rehab and without vocational rehab or a vehicle, he can't obtain a job.

If, I have ever reached out and helped you in some small way, I am begging you to please reach out and help us now!

Thank you