Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Note of Thanks From A Dispatcher

I have always stated up front, when sending quilts to people that are going through things we cannot imagine such as the loss of their homes to fire, tornadoes or other disasters, the loss of a child or spouse, their own illnesses, you simply cannot expect a note of thanks.

If you receive one that is wonderful and I ask that you share it with us to be posted. If you don't, please don't get discouraged, sometimes they just get so overwhelmed, we are the last on their minds, but know the quilts you sent mean the world to them!

Don't however be shocked if a year or more down the line you receive a thanks, I have gotten several of those and they just seem to come when I need them most.

Recently someone reached out to me and I didn't recognize the name so I asked who are you and discovered this was a dispatch supervisor thanking me for a quilt I made a co-workers son going through a rare growth disorder...eight years ago!! He updated me on the young man and just said, 'thanks.'

Today, I received this note from C.J. the dispatcher who is taking care of her niece and her 2 children after a horrific accident:

Thanks Jean….I will get the pix to you as soon as possible. She is getting into a pretty good routine
Now that she has been home for a couple of weeks.  She loves the quilt and uses it everyday.
Tell your friends thanks from us also.  Take care CJ.
When the picture comes I will post it here. 


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