Saturday, August 31, 2013

Using Etsy To Support Layers of Hope

Yesterday I completed this Christmas Tree skirt and decided to open an Etsy shop, though I must admit, I have no clue to what I am doing!

The purpose is to be able to make and sell quilts, holiday items, fabrics or scraps because they pile up faster than my dirty dishes do (HAHA!) and be able to have money available for the things this team will need in the future.

Team, we are all a team and I am beginning to consider so many of you my dear friends, but we all come to a time in our lives when we may have the time to make a quilt, but no stash left for fabric and I want to be able to send you that fabric to make a quilt for someone in need.

You may have a quilt but no batting and I want to be able to send you the batting and be that blessing to you so you can bless someone else.

Recently we had an amazing person step up and tell me she was going to put some money aside to help support this quilt drive for Granite Mountain Hotshots with postage.  How awesome it felt to tell a quilter who had completed a quilt, that yes, we could cover the postage.

I want to be able to have a shelving unit or even a storage unit where I can put quilts during down time that are sent to me up for the next disaster or need.  How awesome would it be to go to a place and take 5, 10 or even 20 quilt and mail them off?

So, I have been working on a business plan, talking with the SBA to see which is better, Non-Profit, Not for Profit, LLC or Sole Proprietor as each has good points and not so filings are one of the not so good because there is a lot of work to it, but that is why the SBA has so many people that can answer those questions.

I have contacted someone who is going to design a logo for me that we (you are all a part of the team when you mail quilts for Layers of Hope) can use on our quilt labels, I will have thank you cards and business cards printed out and then....well, I am not going to spoil all the plans.

You have all stepped up in amazing ways and how I wish I could meet you face to face and give you hugs!  You helped quilt an entire dispatch center during Aurora and then more for others touched by that tragedy.

You have helped quilt for Granite Mountain and so many of you who have received quilts have paid it forward with quilts for Oklahoma!

Thank you all!  I hope to be able to continue this effort when there is a need!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome To Our World, Granite Mountain Hotshot's Baby Boy Sean Jaxon Misner

I am so happy his mom shared him with the world so we could see his beautiful little face.

I am so sad his daddy is not going to ever hold him and he won't have him in his life physically as he grows up.

I am excited knowing I sent him and his mommy quilts! 

Angel Bev Quilts

For Scott Norris mom Karen

For Scott Norris sister JoAnna

For Scott Norris Fiance' Heather Kennedy

For John Percin Jr.'s Brother Matt
All of these beauties made by 1 very special angel!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thank You So Much

Quilting Ranny (that is me in case you didn't know) and Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 would like the say a huge thanks to the following people:

Aurora Colorado Dispatch Center
 Tisha         Pat W.                  Pat C.        Carmen        Beth    Katy     Teri        Brenda B.          Dania

appreciation,floral,flowers,French,gratitude,merci,phrases,text,thank you,thanks
Julie       Laura        Sara         Debra     Bev

Cynthia   Jessica H.     Sew Cal Gal   Merritt

Wendy and the amazing quilters from Australia

Sherry V.    Cyn          Karee       Mallory        
Sherry W.      Warm Co.           Jennifer S.        Marilyn

   Lynn     Christine       Keri        Beth      Kiki  Jennifer Robin

Kristin    Arlette     Deborah   Rickey    Pastor Todd

Jenny      Tara      Candace   Donna  Stephanie   Francine

*****All of you and everyone that has contributed to getting quilts to the Granite Mountain families, via sending blocks, tops, backs, entire quilts, helping those in need of postage coverage, you are all amazing and if I left your name off and I am sure I am missing a few with my Yahoo glitching, it was not intentional****

I wish I could give you all roses!       

Friday, August 23, 2013

My Quilt for Kathie Purkey

I just finished the quilt for Kathie Purkey who is the mother of fallen Granite Mountain Hotshot Billy Werneke.

This one should have been a piece of cake since it was another collaboration quilt with Pat West at  
however during the past few weeks of putting it together, I had blinding occular migraines.

Then my machine would cooperate with my using the poly thread for the back but it finally came all together and today I added the blue binding and quilt label.

 Pat had been working on quilting blocks when I asked for help for this project and she sent me lots and lots and this is the 3rd quilt that I have been able to put together with her generosity.

I wasn't really sure if I was going to like this when it came together, but after taking the photo and looking at it, I think it is just awesome and I added the orange border to help bring out the yellows and creams, but I noticed it brought the orange out of the blocks as well!
 I purchased this bubble fabric awhile back to make a skirt for the granddaughters, but both said no, so it sat until I was going through my stash to find a back for this one and it just said bubbles is what it needed.

I used a cotton back because I have a thick poly batting from Warm company in the middle which makes this quilt very thick and let me tell you if you have hot flashes like I do, turn on the A/C while hand binding, I promise you will need it.

We Are Almost There...14 Granite Mountain Quilts Left To Go

The Following Families have been completely adopted and I can't wait to show the quilt pictures when I get them:

  1. Eric Marshes Family adopted!
  2. Jesse Steed's Family adopted!
  3. Travis Turbyfill's Family adopted!
  4. Anthony Rose's Family adopted!
  5. Andrew Ashcraft's Entire Family adopted!
  6. Joe Thurston's mom and family adopted! 
  7. Robert Caldwell's Family adopted!
  8. Grant McKee's Family adopted!
  9. Wade Parkers Family adopted! 
  10. Scott Norris's Family and girlfriend adopted!
  11. John Percin's Family adopted! 
  12. Clayton Whitted's Family adopted! 
  13. Kevin Woyjeck's Family adopted! 
  14. Chris Mackenzie's Family adopted!
Here are the family members I have left:
1-Chris Mackenzie's: 
  • Brother Aaron **Adopted by Jennifer Robin**
  • Stepmom Janice Mackenzie**Adopted by Jennifer Robin**
  • Stepsisters Janae Gier and Jill Allison**Adopted by Jennifer Robin**
2- Sean Misner's Family 
  • Parents Ronald and Tammy Misner (I may have assigned them to someone but have no record)

3-Billy Warneke's Family
  • Dad Harry Warneke
  • Sister Melinda Warneke
  • Brother Fred
  • Brother David
  • Half Sister Victoria Purkey
  • Grandparents Jack and Nancy Warneke
5-Dustin DeFord's Family (His is the largest)
  • Jonathan DeFord
  • Darren Deford
  • Brother Kenton DeFord **Adopted by Kerri**
  • Brother Stephen DeFord **Adopted by Kerri**
  • Brother Nathaniel DeFord**Adopted by Kerri**
  • Sister Rebecca (Becky DeFord) King **Adopted by me, Quilting Ranny with help from Pat West**
  • Sister Heidi DeFord **Adopted by Marilyn**
  • Lyle and Emily DeFord (grandparents)
  • Bill and Flo Crago (Grandparents) 
6- Travis Carter's Family
  • Dad Tripp Carter
  • Mom Glenna Eckel **Adopted by Quilting Ranny with top made by Julianne**
  • Sister Melissa Lange **Adopted by Quilting Ranny top made by Norma Jean**
7- Garret Zuppinger's Family
  • Dad Bryan

In addition to those that have already been adopted, I have several quilts being mailed to me to put together and when they arrive I will determine which family member they go to.

I am hopeful this is the last update we will need with the exception of saying mailed and showing pictures. Bless you all as you truly are amazing angels!

Three From Kerri

Kerri contacted me and asked if she could make a quilt for the Granite Mountain Hotshot families and I jumped and said yes and she took Leah Fine, the young fiancee of Grant McKee.

 Kerri contacted me last evening to let me know it was finished and ready to be mailed off, but she didn't stop there, she told me she had made 2 more and wanted to donate them.

The following 2 quilts will be sent out to two more of Dustin DeFords brothers, Stephen and Kenton and I know they will be blessed.

That leaves only 3 more brothers left and we will have made quilts for all 9 siblings and their parents.

I cannot say thank you enough to those of you who have stepped up in major ways!  You are all awesome!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Love the Pink and Brown Combination

I love the pinks and browns in this quilt, the color combination just pops out.

Thank you for helping Layers of Hope get quilts to all who need them!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It Is Really About 911 Dispatchers

Many of us remember that horrible ordeal in Aurora, Colorado at the theater where people died, people were wounded and many others lived.  It will be moments that changed so many peoples lives.

We remember the scenes of police officers, ambulance and fire fighters, people in shock, but do you remember seeing the unseen first responders?  Those whose voices are heard but faces not seen?

Since this happened and many of you across the world stepped up and sent quilts to the Aurora center and we covered each and every dispatcher, I want you to know they are paying if forward.

Those dispatchers have crocheted and knitted their fingers busily for the disaster families in Oklahoma City. They have stepped up for Newtown dispatchers to offer them comfort and they continually stepped forward to offer their wonderful talents to help other dispatchers and their families!

This quilt was made by an Aurora dispatcher for a dispatcher whose home recently burned to the ground and she has a husband who is a police officer and volunteer EMT and 3 small children.  This was made for one of the children.

You see, it isn't just Granite Mountain Hotshot families we are making quilts for, we are still making quilts for those unseen heroes, the 911 dispatcher.

I hope none of us need that voice in the middle of the night or find we are in a 911 situation, but if you ever do, I know the voice on the phone will calm you, reassure you and when the on scene crew arrives, they will disconnect and take their next call.

My prayers with this blog is to show them we care and we want to reach out to them when they have a need!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Please Lets Help Them As They Helped Those They Served!

These are shots of the 19 who died, the young man at the end reciting the firefighter poem is Branden the one survivor. We must reach out to these families and this young man.

So many of you have, but so many others have not. I understand schedules, busy, to many projects, but please, from the bottom of your heart can you just send a simple 6.5" block with your name, location and a wish for this young man?

These men gave their lives and maybe it wasn't in your town, but it could have been!  Right now as we speak a hotshot crew from the town I dispatched in is heading to the fire in San Bernardino and perhaps you live near there, or Colorado or Montana.

These men think nothing about risking life for us, can't we give a bit of time for them?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Here is our updated list of Quilting needs....

We are still desperate for 23 more quilts for the families of the Granite Mountain Hotshots. Please do not think they will be covered by someone else, or become stuck in your thinking that they are getting so much right now they don't need anymore.

In case you aren't aware, the Ashcraft family was one of the first families pretty much adopted by everyone as far as the wife and children went, however the City of Prescott is denying this family any benefits saying the father was not a full-time employee though he worked 40 hours a week.

There are also the agencies that have been collecting money in the name of GMHS that are not distributing all of it to the families, they are keeping huge portions of it for other things that may come up in the future...United Way, Red Cross, etc.

Our quilts go directly to the families in need.

Now, here are some more needs that are specific to 911 Dispatch families:

Dispatcher home burned down in Bath, SD 7/4/13. There is a need for 1 baby girl (19 months) quilt, 2 boys (2 &4) and a large quilt for the parents...just need perhaps a full or queen sized.

Dispatcher out of Florida, recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer going through chemo could use a quilt to keep her warm during treatments.

Dispatcher out of Utah recently diagnose with Esophageal cancer unknown stage at this time but is under going chemo and could use a quilt to keep her warm.

Dispatcher out of NJ has mounting medical bills for cancer, he is also a volunteer firefighter and EMT. Perhaps you can't quilt at this time, but set aside money for charity, even $5 or a card helps!

You see, even if you can't donate, you can send a card if you would like. Perhaps you live in these states and would like to adopt one of these dispatchers, all you have to do is let me know.

While I may be going through my own medical issues at this time, I am still committed to reaching out to others!  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Please Let Me Know

I have noticed that each time a need goes up for quilts, many times I get the same quilters to respond and I do my best to contact everyone via their blogs or Email addresses I have for them.

I have begun the process of taking Emails I receive from those of you who have made quilts in the past or are currently making quilts and putting in a separate Email file so I know who has responded in kind.

What I would like however is for those that do not want to participate in quilting for others, to please send me an Email or leave me a comment here so I can remove you from the list and stop bothering you.

If perhaps you may be interested in helping sometime down the road, then please respond and let me know that as well and I will put you on the list with a note letting me know you would be willing to help in the future.

You see, Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 isn't just about making quilts for mass tragedies even though lately it appears that way with all the disasters and tragedies that have happened. 

We are about making quilts for police/fire dispatchers those first responders who everyday in spite of their own circumstances reach out with a calm voice on the phone in your emergency situations.

It is my hope, my goal to be able to make and collect quilts and have them ready to go in an instant on their way when I am notified there has been a dispatcher whose home burned to the ground, whose home flooded, who moved quickly in the middle of the night due to domestic violence and yes, those whose homes were lost in disasters as well as those whose voices were the calm in the midst of a storm.

I want to be able to grab a quilt off the shelf, put it in a box, add a few needed items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, dental floss, shampoo (wet or dry), bug repellent, some snacks, flashlight, etc..

I know many of you are so multi-talented and can knit and crochet, I would love to include mittens in the winter, or a scarf, perhaps a simple pair of slippers.

I can't do this alone, however there are many of you who have shown me together with our hands and our hearts, we can make this happen, we can show these men and women, we care.

Many of you do not know the ugly side of telecommunications and that is, while many police and fire agencies have funding to help them in times of illness, injury or even death, many dispatchers have nothing.

While they may work for a local agency, a county agency and work closely with police and fire, many do not get the same benefits that the others get and then there is the real tragic and ugly side that we have seen coming out of Prescott lately over the firefighters.

When did you see a concert put on for the Newtown or Aurora police and fire dispatchers or the dispatchers from Boston? No, they weren't out in the line of fire, but trust me when I say they are affected by these things just as much as those on scene are, because they are truly the first responders.

They are the ones who answer that first call...'911 what is your emergency.'  They are the ones that listen to the screams, the terror and tears in the callers voices, they hear the gun shots, they hear and feel the fear and they are affected and yet, they are many times ignored.

I want to just have us reach out to these men and women and say, we care about you, we want you to know we acknowledge the job you are doing and we want to warm your heart.

As of this writing, we still need 23 quilts for the Granite Mountain Hot Shot families and while we see all the money being generated for them, let me tell you in the thank you notes we have received, these quilts are making a difference!

There are also many dispatchers right now who lost their homes to fire, everything gone. Dispatchers going through Chemo treatment that could use a quilt to keep them warm, dispatchers children and spouses going through chemo.

I am only one person, but together, I have seen what we can do.
All I am asking is for you to please let me know if you can help someone in the future.

If not, can you at least commit to praying for the needs of these people?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

At The Post Office, A Blessing

I was at the post office mailing quilts and the postal clerk says, you are in here a lot with packages, so I explained what we do and talked about all of you and she said that was so cool!

When I walked out an older gentleman approached me and said I would like to help you and gave me $3.00. I wished it could be more, but it is all I have.

I thanked him and told him every little bit helps me buy more fabric, thread, batting, pay for another package to be mailed out and oft times than not it allows me to reach out and help those of you who need fabrics, etc.

We have had 2 very sweet donors this time, one for mailing costs and the amount she set aside was such a blessing and another donation.  I am so blessed to have your trust.

Thank you all!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Amazing Thank You

This one came in from Brenda today and it made me cry my eyes out!  Brenda states, 'Received a note from John Percin’s parents. It says':
'What a beautiful quilt. We are so honored you and Mary sent us this in honor of our son John Percin Jr. One of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who lost their lives in the Yarnell fire. Our son was an amazing young man. We are so proud of him. Thank you again for your kindness. He would be very honored.'
My longarmer quilted all of my quilts at no charge, as her way of helping what an amazing gift both of these women collaborated on and what a heartfelt gesture from the Percin family.

A Sneak Peek From Our Friends Down Under

A huge thank you and shout out goes to Wendy over at Sugarlane Quilts and her quilty friends who got together and made some blocks for the survivor quilt.

Hip, Hip, Hooray, they arrived today and look how official looking this package is, would make one worry what was in it if they weren't expecting it!  

Look at this one, WOW!  What an amazing message to give to someone going through what the lone surviving Hot Shot is going through!  Very simply done and so HUGE with the message.

This one is just so awesome and says, ' we may live oceans apart, but I want you to know I care!'  

 A few others and some have the tiniest writing in the squares letting the receiver know who made it and whence it came.  I loved seeing them all!

Yes, there are more, however, I don't want to spoil it for later when the quilt is completed.

Please, if you can, post a message on your blog that we need 6.5" quilt blocks and I am asking from all over the world and in any color or design.

Don't forget to put your name and your location on the front of the block so he knows how far around the world word of this tragedy was felt.

Thank you Sugarlane Quilts and your wonderful friends from Australia!

Granite Mountain Hot Shot Family Quilt Updates All Family Members Adopted!

The Following Families have been completely adopted and I can't wait to show the quilt pictures when I get them:

  1. Eric Marshes Family adopted!
  2. Jesse Steed's Family adopted!
  3. Travis Turbyfill's Family adopted!
  4. Anthony Rose's Family adopted!
  5. Andrew Ashcraft's Entire Family adopted!
  6. Joe Thurston's mom and family adopted! 
  7. Robert Caldwell's Family adopted!
  8. Grant McKee's Family adopted!
  9. Wade Parkers Family adopted! 
  10. Scott Norris's Family and girlfriend adopted!
  11. John Percin's Family adopted! 
  12. Clayton Whitted's Family adopted! 
  13. Kevin Woyjeck's Family adopted! 
  14. Chris Mackenzie's Family adopted! 
  15. Dustin Deford's Family adopted! 
  16. Garret Zuppinger's Family adopted!
  17. Travis Carter's Family adopted!
Here are the family members I have left:

2- Sean Misner's Family 
  • Parents Ronald and Tammy Misner (I may have assigned them to someone but have no record) **Adopted by Pat C.**

3-Billy Warneke's Family
  • Dad Harry Warneke **Michelle M.**
  • Sister Melinda Warneke **Adopted by Julieanne**
  • Brother Fred **Adopted by Michelle M**
  • Brother David **Adopted by Joanne H from SD (quilt top and back) & Quilting Ranny (me) the binding and quilting**
  • Half Sister Victoria Purkey **Adopted by Joanne H from SD (quilt top, batting and backing) & me completion and mailing!**
  • Grandparents Jack and Nancy Warneke **Michelle M**
5-Dustin DeFord's Family (His is the largest)
  • Jonathan DeFord **Adopted by Michele M.**
  • Darren Deford **Adopted by Michele M.**
  • Brother Kenton DeFord **Adopted by Kerri**
  • Brother Stephen DeFord **Adopted by Kerri**
  • Brother Nathaniel DeFord**Adopted by Kerri**
  • Sister Rebecca (Becky DeFord) King **Adopted by me, Quilting Ranny with help from Pat West**
  • Sister Heidi DeFord **Adopted by Marilyn**
  • Lyle and Emily DeFord (grandparents) **Adopted by Michele M.**
  • Bill and Flo Crago (Grandparents) Adopted by Michele M.**
6- Travis Carter's Family
  • Dad Tripp Carter **Adopted by Sue Brown**
  • Mom Glenna Eckel **Adopted by Quilting Ranny with top made by Julianne**
  • Sister Melissa Lange **Adopted by Quilting Ranny top made by Norma Jean, back blocks by Pat West, quilting by me

7- Garret Zuppinger's Family
  • Dad Bryan **Adopted by Kate G.**

In addition to those that have already been adopted, I have several quilts being mailed to me to put together and when they arrive I will determine which family member they go to.

I am hopeful this is the last update we will need with the exception of saying mailed and showing pictures. Bless you all as you truly are amazing angels!

From The Pain and Sadness, A Thank You

I do not, We do not for the most part I believe reach out to help and comfort others with our quilts for a thank you, we do it because our hearts break for the families.

Whether it be the loss of their home in a tornado or flood or even as devastating as a Tsunami or the gut wrenching tragedy of 19 fire fighters gone before their lives were lived to the fullest, we quilt!

 It is what I do, what those of us do who give back with the gift we have and while others truly believe at times we are insane, it is our gift.

I am the one people have always turned to in a crisis, I have the gift to take over like a steam roller and get the problem solved and that gift has taken my health in many ways.  Now I step back and say, how can I help you solve your own problems?

However, when tragedy or disaster hits, I feel God wants me to quilt and keep quilting and I do not do it to be acknowledged because I know these people are so many times in such shock, they are living day to day and sometimes minute to minute to get through.

However, when we do receive a thank you, it brings warmth to our hearts, tears to our eyes and it gives affirmation that what we do is as right as rain.

Here is a note that came to Marilyn from the Deford family of Montana. Dustin is their son and brother and he was one of the 19 Granite Mountain Hot Shots that died June 30.

 I got a thank you card from Steve DeFord the other day. It says: Your thoughtfulness means a lot to us, More than we can say, And our warm appreciation comes With this thank-you note today, the family of Dustin DeFord. Thank you so much for the 2 beautiful quilts. Heidi really enjoyed hers and Brandon will. He is presently serving in Afghanistan.

Wow!! Can you imagine what heart break this family feels and yet, they not only took the time to write to Marilyn, but to let her know how much they will be enjoyed and that one of the receivers is now in Afghanistan?

Wow!  That is all I can say.  

If you get a note like Marilyn did, please pass it on, it is just amazing to me how wonderful these people are to take time out of their pain to bless Marilyn! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

We Need Survivor Blocks

I just wanted to give a shout out to all of you that we still need 6.5" blocks for the surviving member of the Granite Mountain Hotshot team.

I know I have some coming from Australia and possibly California, but we need to get this quilt done and I would like to have as many as possible from all over.

Please, understand you will need to Email me as I cannot leave my home address her on line!

Can't do a quilt?  I know you can do at least 1 block and mail it, as the 3 I have came via a small envelope with only 1 stamp!

Also, we still have a need for 27 quilts!

Beautiful Quilting On Joe Thurston Quilts

I have to share the quilting that was done on some of these quilts it is gorgeous!

I am so blessed to know so many gifted and talented quilters and I thank you all for stepping up. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Quilt For Shiloh

This is the latest quilt picture I received. This one is from Laura and will be going to Shiloh Ashcraft. I just love the colors in this one and honestly it reminds me of the hills around Arizona!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Doll Quilts For Two Cuties

These adorable quilts were made by adorable, generous, sweet Sherry and her daughter Mallory for the daughters of Granite Mountain Hotshot Travis Turbyfil.

I just really love the fact that Sherry and Mallory thought to make quilts for the girls dolls as well as the girls and their mom.  Sherry and Mallory adopted the family the day I ask for quilters and these will all be heading off to the Prescott Fire Department Wildlands Division on Monday.

If you want to see Sherry's great work, head over to her blog this lady does some very cool things!

Please, Do NOT Forget This Young Man

'Brendan McDonough, the surviving 20th member of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots, makes sure that one of 19 US flags on the putting green at Gainey Ranch Golf Club stands up properly.' -Aaron Lavinsky

This was taken off the Facebook page

I wanted to share it with all of you, so you can put a face to the young man who was the lone survivor.

Please, we can't leave him thinking he is alone.  I need those 6.5" squares! 

My Human Powered Sewing Machine

My heartfelt thanks to Elayne from PeEll who generously donated to me this beautiful human powered sewing machine (also know as a treadle).

Not only did she give me this beautiful piece, but she spent over an hour showing me how it worked and when I couldn't get the pedal in right rhythm, she sat side by side until I did!

This woman can quilt, her quilts are the most amazing I have seen and she is so generous with her time!

Now all I have to do is give her a name and right now Mercy keeps coming to me because Mercy was my grandma's name before she legally changed it to Alice.  But I will use her and then think of a name!



Isn't she a beauty?

 Elayne also belongs to a quilt guild that is located between our homes and has invited me to come out and join them.  Not to mention in the short time I was there, she taught me several things about finger pressing and turning seams I didn't even know!

Very beautiful designs

Original Attachments

Will be looking a these in more detail!

Thank You Pat Once Again For Another Beauty

For Krista Carter

This beauty was made by Pat Chubb for Krista Carter, she is the wife of Travis Carter one of the Granite Mountain Fire Fighters who perished in Yarnell, Arizona June 30th.

The pattern, the colors is beyond beautiful and this is NOT Pat's first quilt for our project, so that makes this even more special! 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Why We Do What We Do

Let me see if I can paraphrase the news stories this week on Yahoo...

  1. Paris Hilton packed to much luggage
  2. Prince George's birth was registered
  3. What your cat is saying
  4. Several stories on celebrities
Where are the stories that should be making news?  

Have your heard anything about the families and people who lost everything in Oklahoma City, Moore Oklahoma or West, Texas?
Do you remember these things actually happened this year?

What is wrong with us when news stories on someone over packing is more important than entire  communities that are rebuilding their lives?

Where are the stories of the people who have packed up semi's, RV's, trucks, etc. to go help these communities? I am pretty sure they exist.

I ask for quilts from many people and am so blessed to know many of you who donate over and over and over again.  Just alone for Granite Mountain we have people who have made quilts for an entire family and I am talking large quilts.  

We have people who have stepped up and said, I can't make a large quilt right now, but I can send you a 6.5" square for the surviving hot shot.

I get that many of you are busy but I also know over and over again I see where people say another quilt made that they have no idea where it will go or what will happen to it.  How sad, they don't feel they can share even one of those for someone hurting.

I recently read in a quilters magazine where a daughter had heard about a need for items possibly for Hurricane Sandy or Okalahoma and told her mom she had donated her quilts. Mom asked which one and daughter replied, 'all of them.'  

Mom said her daughter did the right thing, they were stacked all over the house and she can always make more. What a bold move on the daughters part and what an amazing response from mom.

I am NOT going to be a fabric designer there are wonderful designers out there like Patrick Lose, M'Liss Rae Hawley, Kaffee Fassett and many more.

I am NOT going to be a famous quilter like Fons and Porter, Ricky Timms and the likes.

I AM going to be and continue to be a facilitator of getting quilts to the first responders and their families and I am so thankful to all of you who continue to help support Layers of Hope - Quilting 911.

I opened my email this morning and here is what I found, I cried, I know we make a difference with our quilts and THIS IS WHY I DO WHAT I DO!!

'I received this quilt from you and wanted you to know how much it is appreciated. It is not only a beautiful quilt, but the fact that you thought of us and were kind enough to respond with an act of kindness is truly special. Many of the members of Waco Fire dept were personally affected by the tragedy in West, TX. Some live there, others have friends and family that do. Working that incident was emotional for everyone. Out of tragedies like West, TX good things will eventually come to light. Your support and concern is surely one of these "good things." Thanks for caring from all of us at Waco Fire Dept.'

It was one quilt for one person and you ask me why I do what I do?