Friday, October 23, 2015

This is Nasty at Best...DO NOT DONATE These blankets to ANY Organization!

This is a blanket I discovered in with 2 others that cannot be given away!  

More of the staining!

Another larger stain!

Getting quesy !
I seriously do NOT understand the mentality of someone who would donate this to any organization that is donating blankets and quilts to those in need!

There were three blankets donated and all of them are like this! The others were afghans that are covered in pet hair.

Please, if you have something like this, throw it in the garbage, wash it and donate it to an animal shelter or rescue that can use them, but DO NOT donate them to an organization that is going to give blankets to families who lost their homes!

I would NOT even consider donating something like this to a shelter and honestly? Ewwwwww, who wants to touch this? I took pics and then asked a local shelter if they could use them.

I am sorry these pics are graphic, but I want everyone to know I will NOT take anything like these and pass them onto anyone in need and shame on the person that donated these instead of tossing them out!