Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Use Extreme Caution When Donating Money

We all want to reach out and help where we can and I am so appreciative that I have done this long enough and to be registered with Washington state that I am trusted to keep my word.

However, please remember when donating cash to people via social media websites, that these may be a scam and you may find out later that these people never actually lost anything or anyone and matter of fact do not even live in the area.

I highly recommend everyone do their research for the people asking for money, make sure they live where they say the do because right now I can see this can go sideways quickly.

For anyone donating money for postage here, I keep track of all money coming in and going out with receipts so I can show what came in and what came out and if there is any money left to donate to families, I will get a receipt for that as well.

Not everyone asking for money so quickly are legit, so I am just saying to use caution as you really do not know who lives in the area.

I live 2.5 hours away, my cousin lives approximately 30 minutes away and once I receive quilts I will coordinate with the emergency team to get these quilts to those in need.

I take pictures of quilts coming in, I post them here, on our Facebook page and pinterest and when they are delivered I will also take pictures so you can see that I carried through.

We all want to help, this breaks our hearts, tears at our souls, but all I am asking is that you use caution.

I have known in the past people to say they are dying of cancer or their children are just to get money and recently there was the story of the lady who claimed to be pregnant with quadruplets only for her boyfriend to find out she wasn't pregnant at all and she had duped him and social media.

Have a great day and thank you for the trust you have in me, I will not let you down!

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