Thursday, May 30, 2013

Do You Need To Add Fabric To Your Stash?

I am having a giveaway over on my Quiltingranny blog for a traveling stash box and need to let you know to follow this link to join:

Before signing up to win, you must realize this box is extremely heavy and once it arrives to your home you must be willing to have a giveaway on your blog and be willing to pay the cost of postage to mail it onto your winner.

When the box arrived at my home, it cost the previous winner over $17 to mail to me.

But if you are like me and make many charity quilts, you will not want to pass this one up!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Birthdays Are For Giving To Others

The other day my grandson said he didn't want anything for this birthday because he already had everything he needed or wanted and because we love him and take care of him, he couldn't think of anything for his birthday. Well, besides a cake and some ice cream!

Then a few days later he asked for a baseball bat and another glove so his sisters and he can play ball in the backyard.  

That was it? A bat and glove?  We had just gotten his sister a new bike and his response was, 'she needed one, her knees hit the bars on her old one' and he and his younger sister had been given new bikes last year by a neighbor.

Yesterday they asked for a tornado party?  Hmmm, they don't know what a hurricane party is, what would they know about tornadoes, let alone a party for one?

It seems they have gotten together and since we are having a combined party for them this year, they want their friends to bring them things for the tornado survivors in Oklahoma so we can mail them off a box of things.

I'll bite, we are talking 9, 10 & 12 years old, I want to see what they think we should send.  First they don't want the box to be to heavy it would cost to much to mail.  Okay, I get that.

Second, they said gift cards for WalMart, Target and ITunes because some people will not have radios or televisions and will want to have something when they are sad to make them feel better.

Towels, they agreed with towel sets and those white rag ones like I use...great idea.  Also coloring books and crayons for little ones but word searches for bigger ones, hand sanitizer, face masks and lastly hard candy and gum.

I am so blessed to know these children and know they would put others needs above their own wants! I can't wait to see what will go into our box!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

This Just In...Help for Okalhoma Dispatchers

MOORE UPDATE- ADDRESS TO SEND ITEMS: Okay folks, the address we posted yesterday for Tiffanie is still valid but here is an address you can use for both Tiffanie and LeeAnn of Moore PD Dispatch. THE AKOG is the council of governments and they have a secure location and a person that will head up the efforts. Leeann Jenkins has been a Moore dispatcher for 12 years. She has 2 daughters. Her house and belongings are a loss due to the tornado. She could not afford insurance so she is starting from scratch. We do not yet have clothing sizes so Target, WalMart and Home Depot cards are best. Donations can be sent to: 911 ACOG/911 CARES -
Lysa Kimbrough - 21 E. Main, Suite 100 - Oklahoma City, Ok 73104. make sure you show 911 CARES on the label so they know it is part of the relief effort. You can send things for Tiffanie and LeeAnn to this address and Lysa will handle distribution. REMEMBER, new or very slightly used stuff and gift cards only. They do not need your musty attic smelling quilt. Make sure you send items cleaned. They do not have easy access to washer/dryer, etc. We will update sizes as we get them. Also, cards of support and encouragement to Moore Dispatch should be sent to this address. E-mail me with specific ideas for relief to Thanks everyone, you are amazing!

Oklahoma Dispatcher in Need

This just in from 911 Cares:

OKLAHOMA ADDRESS: Tiffanie Cravens is a single Mom of three teen agers. She works at Oklahoma City 911 and lives in Moore. Tiffanie lost everything including her home. Send WalMart, Target or Home Depot gift cards. We do not yet have clothing sizes but assume she is starting fresh and needs everything like towels, slippers, you name it. Gift cards are best so she can choose her style and preferences. Oklahoma City 911 has agreed to be the "Marshaling Point" for any donations of almost new, new items or gift cards. Send them to Oklahoma City 911. Attn Tiffanie Cravens. 715 Robert S. Kerr Drive. Oklahoma City, OK 73102. Anything Tiffanie gets that is a duplicate will go to help a Moore PD Dispatcher with loss (we have no specifics yet on her) All usable donations will stay in the public safety family. 911 CARES! Share this. Thanks

Perhaps some of you can afford to send gift cards instead of in place of a quilt, it is up to you, but if you are looking for a family in need, here is one and she will pass anything she doesn't need onto someone else! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What Oklahoma and Texas Need and Do NOT Need

Today if you woke up in a warm and dry home and had nothing in your cabinets but a few crackers and peanut butter, be thankful you woke up with a roof over your head.

If you woke up still angry at your spouse or your child for some perceived wrong they did to you the day before, be thankful they are still there because in the blink of an eye, they could be gone forever!

So many people during crisis like these believe it is time to clean our grandpa's or their own hoarding stash and send the most disgusting things to these victims and that is just WRONG!!

They don't need our throwaways and if you won't and haven't worn those lime green polyester pants since your disco days, what makes you think anyone else wants to wear them?

If you live close and can get anywhere near these areas and have a local church or your own money, pick up some styrofoam coolers, fill them with ice and deliver them.

Better yet if you can really afford it, purchase a few propane tanks to drop off for cook stoves and heaters, etc..  These things cannot be mailed!

Metal throw away pans, paper plates and cups, juice boxes, bottled water, flash lights, batteries, tarps, bug spray, sun screen, lip balm, feminine products, trash bags, cleaning supplies, etc.

Do not contribute to their disaster by sending boxes of your own trash!  


Monday, May 20, 2013

Oklahoma Needs Quilts

Oklahoma is a mess right now, so much devastation, deaths and the toll this tragedy is going to take on these people.

I am doing a shout out for quilters and will have an address I am sure in a few days.

Please, if you haven't stepped up in the past, now is the time to step up and touch someones life!

Quilt For Baby Kayden

One of the newer apartment buildings in the area burnt several weeks ago and as is in these things, one apartment caught and the others went quickly with it.

One of the residents was a young family expecting their first baby and they lost everything.  I volunteered to make the baby a quilt since he will not be here for another few weeks.

I put his name on the diagonal and appliqued a giraffe and koala all using the matching fabric on the other side.  All that is left is putting on the quilt label and getting the quilt 45 miles to its new home!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

I understand none of us have a years supplie of toiletries under our beds unless maybe you are a couponer who has amazing talents. So asking all of my readers to send toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, feminine products, etc.  is daunting!

However, I believe we should be getting our local churches involved to help and we can do it simply by asking our pastors to take up a special offering and use that money to purchase and mail off a box of much needed items.

How wonderful to be in the midst of such devastation and see an organization from another state sent an entire box of toothbrushes, toothpaste, diapers, bandages, hand sanitizer, etc.

What would it take to send off a large box of necessities?  Diaper boxes are huge and bulky, however, if you open them up and place them into a large priority mail box or box similar in size, much easier to ship.

One thing I remembered hearing Hurricane Katrina survivors say during clean up is how they ran through bandages and hand sanitizer like crazy and they never had enough flashlights and batteries.

Looking for a place to mail these things or even quilts?

For those interested in sending quilts to Police personnel the address for the Granbury, TX PD is:
116 W. Bridge Street
Granbury, TX 76048

There is also a mission in the area taking donations:
St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Church
2301 Acton Highway
Granbury, TX 76049

Mission Granbury
1310 Weatherford Highway
Granbury, TX  76049

I am sure any of these organizations would appreciate quilts and small care packages to replenish toiletries, bandages, batteries, etc. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Who Knew Non-Profits Took So Much Time

I AM NOT discouraged, I will NOT get discouraged, I believe in what I am doing and I follow the Biblical principal in the old testament of 1 Chronicles 22:13 which states, 'Then you will have success if you are careful to observe the decrees and laws that the Lord gave Moses for Israel. Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged.

Well, I may not be dealing with the decrees and laws that the Lord gave Moses (the ten commandments), but let me tell you that it isn't easy dealing with the decrees and laws of the state of Washington or the IRS to set up a non-profit organization either.

Then again, I guess if they made it easy, we would have more scammers claiming to be legitimate wouldn't we?

I discovered I first must register with the State of Washington Charitable site just to be able to take in donations of any type and that just lets them know I am here and I am doing business and I will be working on non-profit status.

They want you to do a feasibility study that costs thousands to see if your charity will be worth setting up, will I have donors who want to contribute to our cause?

Once everything is set, then you have to start working with the IRS and that can take between 6 months and a year and once you are set up, you are initially set up by the IRS as a 'for profit,' charity and have just over 2 years to declare non-profit status.

This is looking more and more like I am going to have to find an attorney and talk to them.  Someone who is more savvy in setting these up than I am.

You see, while so many of you are charitable and wonderful and donate so much time, fabric and yes, money at times, I get alot of Emails asking me to send a tax deductible receipt to the quilter and I simply cannot do that because I am NOT set up as a non-profit!
So, for those seeking a way to write off their quilts, they will not send them to dispatchers or others unless they receive a receipt.

Then I get those who think somewhere in my home I have all these quilts squirreled away and take them in and keep them!  No, no and no again...I do not keep any of the quilts I am sent to reach out to others! I am NOT a hoarder and I simply have NO room for these, not to mention I truly believe in the Karma principle.

The other thing is I must apply for an EIN (employer identification number) so I can open a separate bank account for the non-profit and whether or not I will have employee's isn't the issue, what is the issue is that without an EIN, a bank will not allow me to open a business bank account.  I haven't checked into a DBA account, but it seems no matter what, I will have to show the IRS I am serious.

I found out even if you do not make one cent, do not bring in one thin dime, you still have to file a tax report showing you made nothing.

So, it appears there is a lot of red tape and people have done it and continue to do it and many non-profits fall on their faces and I don't want to do that.  All I wanted was a simple way to make quilts for those in need and to be able to give people the receipts they need.

Back to the rules manual for me! Still only into 28 pages of 267.   


Quilts Needed for Central Texas Tornado Area

Texas had to wait until daybreak to assess the damage caused by a string of tornadoes that touched down Wednesday night, leaving at least six people dead, dozens injured and hundreds homeless. At least seven people remained unaccounted for Thursday morning, Hood County spokesman Tye Bell said on Thursday.
In Granbury, Texas, about 65 miles southwest of Dallas, about 50 people were injured, Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds said at a midnight briefing. Of those, 14 were admitted to the hospital, and two were transferred to a hospital in nearby Fort Worth. Another 50 gathered at an elementary school in the town of about 8,000 to "have their injured children examined by paramedics," the Associated Press said.
According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, many homes in the hardest-hit neighborhood in Granbury—Rancho Brazos—were constructed by Habitat for Humanity.
“Most of the neighborhood is heavily damaged to destroyed,” Deeds said. “Very little is untouched.”
More from the AP:
Behind one house in the storm's path sits a detached garage stripped of much of its aluminum siding, the door caved in and its roof torn off. Siding was scattered up to 50 yards away, and bits of fiberglass insulation draped on a fence. A tree behind the house was stripped of most of its branches, and a vacant doublewide mobile home on an adjoining lot was torn apart.
Videos uploaded to YouTube show the Granbury tornado:
According to the National Weather Service, another tornado about a mile wide tore through Cleburne, Texas, about 25 miles southeast of Granbury. There were no reports of deaths and no immediate reports of injuries, according to Cleburne Mayor Scott Cain.
Yet another tornado touched down in Millsap, west of Fort Worth. There were no injuries there, either, though hail as large as grapefruits was reported.
A Vine video shared by Granbury resident Amy Castaneda showed a large piece of hail from the storm.
At least 10 tornadoes touched down in north Texas Wednesday, weather officials said.

**I do not have an address at this time or know how many dispatchers, police/fire personnel lost their homes, but I do know there is a huge need to reach out and help these families.

Lets get quilting ladies and get them out. As soon as I have contact I will post it here and while you are sending your quilts, lets include some nice tuck ins with them. I have listed a partial list of what is asked for during disasters that many don't think of:

  • Bandages
  • Gauze and Tape
  • Disinfectant wipes for cuts
  • Bug repellent (Avon is the best and smells better & no, I am NOT an Avon rep.)
  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss
  • Feminine products
  • Baby wipes
  • Crayons and Coloring Books for children
  • Word search for older children and adults
  • Stationary/Stamps
  • Etc.
Yesterday I posted about Mary's group and I was advised she has a web-site where you can find strip quilt patterns to make quickly if you need to, just head over to My thanks to pcflamingo for bringing that to my attention. 

You can also head over to Mary's site
The more we have making quilts and the easier they are to make, the happier I am!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sharing Your Stash - Quilters Unite

Since this blog is about charity quilts, I felt it worth sharing the amazing work that Mary Johnson and her on-line quilter's do for their HeartStrings Quilt Projects.

I didn't find them on line or on Facebook, I found them when I opened the pages of the July/August 2013 Quilt-it Today magazine I subscribe to.

Mary was also kind enough to share her pattern for strip quilts for those of us or you who may want to make quilts from all those fabric scraps you have been squandering and stashing away.

Then while perusing the rest of the pages, I saw a name I recognized, it is none other than Bea Lee and her Stash Stars quilt from over at Beaquilter.

Both of these as well as the many other patterns in this issue can be used for charity quilts, so what are you waiting for?  Stop by your nearest quilting magazine seller and pick up a copy, or head over to
Quilt-it today and save yourself $10.99 off the newstand price by placing your order for a subscription.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The First Step is Semi-Complete

Well, it appears in the state of Washington whether you become a non-profit organization or not one must register their organization with the State of Washington Charities Program.

I filled out the seemingly simple paperwork about an hour ago and this begins the process of becoming a legitimate charity.  It does NOT say or give anyone the illusion that we have completed or are a non-profit.

All it states is that we are registered in the state of Washington as a licensed charity.

I have to get a post office box, a business license, a bank account and I haven't even completed reading the non-profit paperwork.

I am hoping I don't have to hire an attorney, however, I may have to and I have a few people in mind to ask regarding a board of directors but I am still so far behind on this, it isn't funny!

If I can do most of it on my own, set up bank account, QuickBooks or Peachtree, etc. It will be easier for me as I am a hands on person and can't have someone else do stuff for me or I won't figure it out on my own!


Quilts and Taxes

Face it, you are wondering what on earth quilts and taxes have to do with each other aren't you?

Well in the case of Layers of Hope, everything!

I am working diligently on doing my best to set Layers of Hope up as a 501.3c corporation or non-profit so I can not only receive quilts to help others, but in return send those helpers a receipt for their taxes.

Last week, I took a tax seminar on line only to discover in the end, it was NOT for non-profits and the company offers a non-profit specific seminar.

They also offer a one hour after class FREE question and answer session and I am planning on taking full advantage of this session since we are getting ready to build my quilt room I have lots of questions regarding this space.

I have questions regarding what happens if you send a quilt to someone I say is in need and it doesn't come directly to me and then thru me?

I guess I should worry when the state brochure on non-profits states within the first few pages of its informational brochure that:

    ' the goal for this section is to persuade you to think twice—maybe even three times—before you start down that path. There are lots of strong reasons for creating a nonprofit as a home for many sorts of work. There are also other, often simpler
and less demanding, ways to get up and running. It makes sense to consider those possibilities first.' (Copied from Page # 1. May 12, 2013 @ 0918.)
Since the brochure is over 200 pages long, but it never hurts to look at what one can do.  I am sure somewhere down the line I will need to obtain and attorney to help me sort all of this out, but right now the tax webinar will help me immensely make this decision!


Quilt Finish

I finally finished this quilt and love the way the purple binding just added some pizzazz to the yellow border and brings out the purple in the quilt.

I finished the back with this plaid and as you can seethe purple really stands out on the binding.

I was so blessed several years ago when a woman I knew came up to me with this blot of fabric (yes, I said bolt) and asked if I could use it.  I jumped at the chance.

It has been used for orphan quilts for Sierra Leone, Tsunami victim quilts in Japan, baby quilts, denim quilts and almost lastly, this quilt for someone in need!

I absolutely love the fact that it is 56" in width and a bit heavier than normal quilting cotton fabric. I believe it is possibly an upholstery fabric as she picked it up at a yard sale.

All I know is I have about 2 more quilts left on it and it will be finished, so perhaps I will keep my eyes out for bolt fabric in some of my local thrift stores, after all one never knows what we may uncover.

This one is ready to go to a new home and I am so blessed to be able to do so. It took me alot longer than I would have liked, but it is done!     

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Young Boy Needs Assist Dog

This story in from 911 Cares. It doesn't require sending a quilt or making anything but if you feel led to reach out and help this young boy with Autism and his family, it would be much appreciated.

Please share this on your personal or agency page. It will help the child of two dispatchers! Dear 911 CARES - Joe Fresso & his wife Julie Fresso are BOTH 911 Dispatchers at Northwest Central in Arlington Hts, IL. Their 4 year old son Mason has autism & he would really, really benefit from an autism service dog. Pleease get the word out, they need donations.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Can You Do Blog Designs

First of all, I have to say thank you to the wonderful women over at Shabby Blogs for sharing their knowledge with the rest of us who want to know how to make headers or blog buttons.

Because of them, I was able to design the header we have here and showcase a few of the quilts we had donated to the Aurora dispatch center.  My hopes is to change the quilts once a month to reflect what you have all quilted!

Now, I am looking for someone who can spiff up this blog and add a really cool button and other things and make it pop!

This blog will be used exclusively to accept fabric, thread, postage, quilting tool and quilt donations to be used when the need arises.
It is also exclusively to get the word out there is a need and to coordinate where to send the quilts to.

This week, I will be attending a class on taxes...not my favorite subject, but it is but one layer in getting this up and running as a non-profit or to see if I can do so.

Accepting donations for operating costs, fabric, postage, etc. will result in receipts for your tax deductible purposes, but I am not to sure on how getting quilts sent out to those in need will count if I do not have physical control over them, a big question for the instructor.

It seems redundant that you have to pay postage to mail it to me and then I have to pay postage to mail it to where it is going. I am working to see if we can coordinate with another non-profit in any area of need.

I have been told over the years people would donate if they could get a receipt something which I cannot provide, but I can provide places to send or drop off to in times of need.

We were able to provide postage for several quilters that had quilts but couldn't pay postage, fabric and thread costs for those that needed it through several people who reached out and donated to this cause.

So, with this in mind, I am looking for someone that can jazz up this blog and make it look good without breaking the bank.         

What We Do Is Reaching Out

I just wanted to share with you what the purpose of this blog is about so we are all on the same page so to speak.  I do not want to mislead anyone.

I set this blog up so we can reach out to 911 Dispatchers and their families, but we go beyond that and I wanted to say, we also reach out to police officers and fire fighter families and the public or victims affected by tragedies.

If you think you won't or can't make a difference with one quilt, or you think someone else will step in so you can wait until 'next time,' or you have to much time in any quilt to give them away, I say you can make a difference.

Here is a post from 911 Cares 5 years after Hurricane Katrina and while I wasn't there physically in body, I was in another way:

'Along life’s way, you meet some extraordinary
people. Some make you smile, others weep and
some take your breath away. 
Jean does a little of each. Jean has retired since Katrina but she will always be a dispatcher at heart. She asked us to connect her with people that had lost everything. She would then call that individual or family and ask for their favorite colors. Jean and her nimble fingers then made god knows how many quilts. She would ensure their delivery and start on the next one. Amidst loss and mud, she brought some sense of normality and comfort to so many.' 

Since then, I made quilts for the entire Virginia Tech team after the shooting there, Broome County New York got quilts for their children, a dispatcher in California with cancer got one to keep her warm during chemo, a dispatcher in Washington state received one while recovering from a major accident, many dispatchers children's have received them from preemies to very ill children.
I sometimes receive cards and pictures back and sometimes I never hear back at all, it is to be expected at times like this, times when people have no homes, they are watching a loved one dying or perhaps they are ill themselves.  You give because you care, not because you want recognition.
That is what all these emergency responders have in common, they go to work everyday and do their job at times when most of us would walk off the job to check on our homes or families.
I have several books of the quilts I have made and sent and several more I forgot to take pictures of.  I have thank you cards, pictures and these I will leave for my family, my great grandchildren someday to see that I made a difference.
There are so many of you that made a difference during Aurora and here are a few of the pictures of quilts that were made:
Debbie Burns
Pat Chubb - Former 911
Marilyn from North Hills Quilters
 What was so amazing to me was how many quilts so many of you made and then when Newtown hit, well many quilters jumped in and wanted to help before we even knew anything!
I can't make 1, 3, 6 or even 10 quilts in a week like I used to, suffering from Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and Silent Migraines as of late, I make about 1 a month maybe 2 if I am using a panel I can make a few if my hands hold up.  But together, together we made quilts for the entire Aurora and Newtown dispatch centers plus survivors of the Aurora tragedy.
Together, we can make a difference and that is what Layers oHope is about. We are but one layer in the healing process, we make quilts while others provide counseling, building supplies, shoe boxes of things needed during a disaster.
If you want to be a part of this outreach effort, please follow me here and let me know and when we have a need, we will get in touch with you.
This is but just one layer in the process.  I am working on a second layer and hope to have it up and running soon. Keep ya'all posted!