Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2014 Dreaming HUGE

Yesterday I sat down and did the monthly 'books,' for Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 and lets just say, it wasn't very pretty. Who says we aren't a non-profit when I am in the red up to my neck?

I guess that is good, well maybe not good, but I can sure show we don't do this for the money which went hand in hand with an amazing teaching moment on empathy from my oldest granddaughter.

While doing dishes and homework for her last night she told me she really wishes at times she didn't feel bad for people like she does and wanted to know why she does while others seem to not care at all about what goes on around them.

This was a teaching moment. I asked her in what sense, she said yesterday when we were at Bible study and they had snacks (Skittles to be exact), she felt bad when I asked if there were any left and they had eaten them all.  Awwwww! 

I told her I was joking as I knew they didn't have that many, but that I understood how she feels because I seem to be always reaching out to help someone with a quilt, food, gas money and sometimes I think yes, God wants us to help, but I am hard wired to lead by my heart and not head.

How come some people don't she asked?  I told her I didn't know, that life balances itself out and that is why I am with who I am because while my loving husband supports this ministry in so many ways, he also keeps us eating and making sure I don't give away the store!

A few weeks ago in Portland doing an out reach to the homeless, we were told, help where you feel led, but DO NOT give out money, the ministry can stretch $5 further for more than we as an individual handing someone $5. Using that analogy, she got it.

I told her that I believe this is my calling and while I showed her my books and her comment was, 'you aren't very good at it are you?' I told her I just needed to dream larger.  If we keep our dreams or goals small, they will remain that way.

So, here is my list of dream big goals:
  • A quilt shop on our property not for selling quilts but so my family can have the living room, closets and bedrooms back! We have already priced a 10 x 20 and that is what we will be building.
  • Insulation, electrical, flooring, woodstove, cabinets, etc. for the shop which will be important because it will have a loft for storage, so it will need to be warm and dry in winter and cool in summer.
  • Long arm machine (looking for good used one)
  • Embroidery machine (looking for good used one)
  • Computer, printer and office supplies for Layers of Hope - quilting 911
  • Vehicle wrap or signage for my van to advertise to all quilters we are out here.
Yes, it is a huge list, but I am trusting in God to bless this ministry, organization to help more people every year. Last year was amazing and the money, fabrics, thread, quilt tops, batting all were huge helps, but this year, things are already off to a great start.

The only issue with empathy right now that I have is that my husband wants my quilting shop in the back yard and I would like it out front so I can see what is going on.

So many of you have been such blessings, what I need now is for the word to get out, for our name to be seen and heard. I am making up some fliers if you would like some to hand out at your quilt guilds or local quilt shops, please let me know.

Please remember, we are now a registered charity with the state of Washington and can accept donations and if you need that registration number, please contact me. We are just not defined by the IRS as a non-profit and the more time I spend reading about non-profits, the more mind boggling it becomes but there is a good team in Seattle that works with you to help decide which way you should go!

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