Sunday, April 20, 2014

Please Do Not Forget The Men and Boys

I have 3 small plastic bins, so decided today to maybe try to sort some of these quilts into bins:
  • Men/Boys (Teens & Adults)
  • Boys (5-13)
  • Baby/Toddler Boys (0-5)
  • Women/Girls (Teens & Adults)
  • Girls (5-13)
  • Baby/Toddler Girls (0-5)
  • Unisex (Teens/Adults)
  • Unisex (5-13)
  • Unisex (0-5)
 However, I am extremely short in the men's area and while I know there are more quilts coming and 100 on their way and another 100 waiting at a quilt shop, we need to think about the men and boys.

Most firefighters and first responders are men, most rescue workers are men and I am NOT being sexist, I am just saying we still have a long way to go before our numbers are even, so please, remember our men and boys when it comes to sending quilts!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The work of quilters and their generosity never ceases to amaze me. These 5 cuties came from Montana for Oso!


Worth Repeating

I have received numerous boxes of used clothing for the families in OSO and I have said this before so feel it is once again worth repeating.

I have been told OSO is over run with used clothing, toys, etc.  they have no place for this stuff and with me living in our home with my family, I have no place to store used clothing and I am NOT collecting used clothing for OSO.

Remember this organization is all about quilts of hope, quilts of warmth and we are collecting new handmade quilts or crocheted blankets or knitted blankets and even new hand tied blankets.

I will NOT deliver torn, stained, old, store purchased, greasy, smelly quilts that are tattered and worn. I will not deliver used clothing that you dug out of your closet from the 1950's. 

I reserve and have the right to dispose of these items as I see fit and I will do so!  I said this in the beginning and it appears I need to repeat it...I have the right to toss into the trash or donate to local shelters and second hand shops anything that looks old and nasty!

If it has been sitting in your garage, basement, closet or grandma's house for years and no one wanted it and you sent it to me to get rid of it, I am sorry, the people of OSO deserve our best, not our throw away's we don't want.

I have seen people offer homeless people their half eaten and slobbered on burger, their cold three day old taken off the car floor fries, their expired food...these people don't want this and neither do the people of OSO want the things we no longer want.

Love on these people, give them a smile if only for a moment, show them you care by donating something you would want to have in your home. Not something you would never use.

Please, think before you send something that deep down, you know belongs in the trash!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Todays Quilts from Oregon, California

Here are some pictures of the quilts and afghan that I opened up today!

Each quilt is lovingly tagged with a paper heart that states who quilted it and the quote 'From Our Hearts to Our Hands, We Quilt.  Thanks to Jennifer at Jennifer's Jewels I can now place small labels on the back with the Layers of Hope logo.

Tomorrow, I will have more pictures to post!

Here it is April 18th and Inquiring Quilters Want To Know...

Yes, I agree with the person who asked what is going on.

First of all, long before the devastating landslide, our family had a well deserved family vacation planned to see my elderly step-father who lives alone, to visit my son who lives on the street, to see our first great grandchild and to allow our grandchildren time to be kids and have fun!

We placed our mail on hold and hired a house sitter who neatly stacked quilt boxes and today, we picked up 39 boxes of quilts.
At this time, I have only gone through 5 and one was a blessing of fabric from a lady in Washington DC, another was quilt labels.

How many do I have currently on hand?  I do not honestly have a number yet.  How many have been handed out? None. Prior to my leaving for vacation I had approximately 10-15 quilts and wanted to wait for a full load.

When I returned home, we had 39 boxes to pick up. One quilt shop had only 1 quilt to pick up, another had 4 great ones to go and the others were stained and pretty bad, another person continues to send me boxes of used clothing, which I have no way to store and the area has asked for people to stop sending clothing.

At this time, right now, unboxed and counted, I have 27 quilts with many more boxes to go through.

Please understand, I open each box ensuring the quilts are new, clean without stains and tears or tattered, I take pictures of them, I log them into a system I have set up for Layers of Hope, I send out thank you cards for everything that comes to me.

I cannot just tear open boxes and toss them around, I have a reverence for these quilts, for those they will go to and those that made them.

I will get these quilts up to Oso. How many more we will need?  I do not know, but I promise as I said these quilts will continue to go until we are told to stop.

It is my fervent hope and prayers that we can get a load up this week via a group that goes up everyday and we can get some answers as to how many more are needed.

Please, bear patient with me, I promise they will be delivered until we are told no more are needed!

Just Came Back To This

We just got home last evening from a nine day, 3270 mile round trip vacation that took us to northern California to see my elderly step-father, down through the San Joaquin valley to see my son who is homeless,  our first great granddaughter, previous in-laws, through the desert of California onto Phoenix to see our three sons, 2 grandchildren, then to Knotts Berry Farm for sun and fun, onto Magic Mountain for sun and sitting for most of the day for me, back up the state.

I am exhausted and rejuvenated and wanted to share that our house sitter very nicely stacked quilts that came in via FedEx and we go to pick up our mail!

Monday, April 7, 2014


Today these boxes came in and I am so happy they arrived!  Thank you to everyone Marilyn from California, Deb from Angola, Dean from WA

I want to open them all and show the amazing quilts inside, however, I have been hit pretty hard with what I am assuming to be the flu (fever, chills, headache, oozing eyes) and can barely hold my head up or my eyes open.

Right now, I need to get over this before it settles into pneumonia!

Thank you all!

**Please know while I so much appreciate all the donations, I am not in a position where I can take clothing at this time.  If you have clothing to donate, please head over to this link and see where those items can be sent.**

Thank you so much for your understanding!