Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thank You's Are Nice, Very Nice

Out of darkness comes light, out of sadness a smile, out of tragedy kindness from strangers, out of hopelessness...hope and in those darkest days when you walk around in a fog, when time seems to slow to a crawl or speed up to warp speed, when you forget to eat, when you can't remember the last time you sat down, comes a quilt.

While some do not understand the importance of these scraps of fabric being cut and pieced together, a quilter knows. They do this out of love, they fuss and pray over each stitch and they send their efforts on to bless others who are lost.

It is when these times hits, when we send out quilts that sometimes out of the blue, a thank you arrives, and when they do, I cry with each one, my family has to read them because my voice cracks and I cry knowing we made a difference.

Here are two of a few I received this week and want to share with you:

 While these came to me, they are actually for all of you who make quilts and send them to me to bless others!  

Always know, YOU make a difference and so do your QUILTS!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

No Deadline For Quilts

Please, if you have a quilt to send and think you have a deadline, we have no deadlines. The area is still under mud, they are still cleaning up, families are burying family members, the community is crawling with emergency management and personnel and who knows when people will start finding homes to live in again and need these quilts.

I promise you when they need them, we will be ready!  They are not going anywhere until I get a request to take them up there and right now people are still asking me to stay out of the area.

I was able to get approximately 50 quilts from the Skagit YMCA picked up by the Family Center in Darrington to pass out, but that is just beginning to scratch the surface, of family, survivors, emergency personnel.

I also have been given a contact person who lost their home, so that will be dealt with once I know the person wants a call. I DO NOT blind call family members, uncool!

So keep sending them in!

Two more to look at:

Oso Landslide Quilt Needs

At this time I want to thank all of you for your amazing generosity as it just keeps coming.  I have been in touch with several people from the area this morning and they said we would need no more baby quilts.

We do need unisex or quilts for males and larger than lap sized.  I will be working today on organizing these into bins for transportation and getting them up into the area as soon as I can.

Remember, there are still bodies being located, still family members missing, still emergency efforts going on and they DO NOT need me in the midst of their chaos.

I am in contact with people in the area, they know what they need and do not need, when I should go and when I should remain out of the way.

You have all been amazing, continue with this blessing as right now many people have no homes, no family and others homes were down river and are flooded and they cannot go to their homes.

You have all blessed someone you may never meet and will never know how much you touched their hearts with your love, prayers and hands of quilting.

Thank you all for allowing me to be the vehicle or vessel in which your love will be distributed!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Quilt Delivery

I was able to contact Wyonne at the Family Center in Darrington and she will go by the YMCA in Mount Vernon and pick up the quilts they have for delivery on the Darrington side.  The YMCA has about 50 quilts.

The HUB or Osos Mudslide Relief organization has asked me to hold off bringing any up as families are not coming in and asking for anything yet, so I will do as requested.

I am still trying to make contacts in the area of first responders!

Coming Home

As you know we were on an extended 10 day vacation, but it was amazing to come home to boxes of quilts from UPS and FEDEX neatly stacked by our house sitter.

At Our Home When We Arrived

 Then it was time to go to the post office. Would we have 2 or 20 boxes or any at all?  I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed when our mail lady told us to pull up to the loading dock.

Hubby whispered, 'how many can there be?'  
Here is a picture of hubbies camper, with 39 boxes in all sizes of quilts and in all kinds of packaging from boxes to vinyl envelopes.
Getting the kids involved was necessary when we got home.

I can still carry one more!

Wagon Train Line

Oh sure, I can see!

Hubby putting the last box down.
 Then began the sorting into piles for men and women, boys and girls and babies, tagging each one with a paper heart stating who donated it and from what state, sending out a thank you card for each one, taking a picture and posting on pinterest!

These are the ones I have gone through thus far and am waiting to put them in plastic bins for transport.

These are the ones I will be going through from now until delivery date.  Notice that you can no longer see my grandsons wall or shoes and they are much higher!
Notice the first picture and now this one

Goes back quite aways!

So, what am I doing blogging? Gotta run, lots of work still to do!

Once Again, We Need Monetary Donations

The quilts are coming in by the box fulls and sometimes we are blessed to have someone call and say they have quilts to pick up or drop off.

What I need now more than ever are monetary donations to cover the cost of plastic bins for sorting and transportation of the quilts and to cover the cost of gas for the van to transport.

Thank you for your continued support and in helping me get these quilts to where they are needed.

You can click on the Go Fund Me link or the PayPal link and as always, any extra money we have will be going to Catholic Social Services in the area to help them with funeral expenses!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Please Do Not Forget The Men and Boys

I have 3 small plastic bins, so decided today to maybe try to sort some of these quilts into bins:
  • Men/Boys (Teens & Adults)
  • Boys (5-13)
  • Baby/Toddler Boys (0-5)
  • Women/Girls (Teens & Adults)
  • Girls (5-13)
  • Baby/Toddler Girls (0-5)
  • Unisex (Teens/Adults)
  • Unisex (5-13)
  • Unisex (0-5)
 However, I am extremely short in the men's area and while I know there are more quilts coming and 100 on their way and another 100 waiting at a quilt shop, we need to think about the men and boys.

Most firefighters and first responders are men, most rescue workers are men and I am NOT being sexist, I am just saying we still have a long way to go before our numbers are even, so please, remember our men and boys when it comes to sending quilts!