Thursday, March 1, 2018

Three Delivered to Westerville Communications Today...

I just have to give a huge thank you and shout out and long distance hug to Barbara D. out of Ohio who not only hand quilted the quilts you see below and used some machine work as well, but when they were finished, she personally delivered them to the communications department.

Wow! Let me tell you from what everyone tells me, there is nothing like receiving one of these quilts to make them feel better and to personally be able to meet the quilter...AWESOME!!!

We still need more so please contact me. Honestly, this is one of the smaller departments I have had requests for!

Bless you all!

Barbara D. Ohio

Barbara D. Ohio

From Barbara D in Ohio

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Updated Quilt Needs Ohio

At this writing, we have had 2 male quilts spoken for, so at this time we are still in need of 4 quilts for adult males and 14 quilts for females.

It is important that I know what you are sending and when so I can notify the agency as well as keep records of how many have arrived.

Please remember the following:
Quilt Size 40 x 40 to larger (Your Choice)
Label Information Must Contain:
Quilters Name, Date Quilted
Layers of Hope-Quilting 911 Cares
**You can add anything you would like after that!**
Also if you would like when sending the quilt you may send a note or card to the department as well, that is entirely up to you.

Notify Me you are sending the quilt and please send me your name and address. I am NOT a huge business, I do NOT share your information with anyone. 

However, I do keep it on file, send you a thank you note, a holiday card and once in awhile I may send you a request to ask if you would be able to send another when we have a dire need.

Thank you all! 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Westerville Ohio Communications Center Quilts Needed

We are in desperate need right now to send out quilts to the 911 Communications Department of Westerville, Ohio where they lost two police officers on February 10th in an ambush style shooting.

Not only did they lose two of their friends and co-workers, they have been receiving hate calls from outsiders telling them how the officers deserved to die and more should die and this is NOT okay!

I usually do not bump up an agency when we still have needs unmet, but this agency needs some quilty love from you my faithful quilters.

The current need is 16 female and 6 male quilts and quilts can be large lap sized or twin sized or larger. All quilts must have a label that has the following information on it:

Name of Quilter
Date of Quilt
Layers of Hope-Quilting 911/911 Cares
Anything else you want to add

Also, please enclose a short note or card, while it is not necessary it helps those working behind the scenes to know you care.

Please contact me:
compassionatequilter at rocketmail dot com for the address to send your quilts to!

Monday, February 5, 2018

This picture was taken of my grandsons bedroom after I sent out a request for quilts for those many volunteers, first responders, families, chaplains, etc.. after the tragic mudslide that occured on March 22, 2014.

I had requested quilts and then our family went on vacation and when we returned, our living room, grandsons bedroom and our local post office were filled with quilts.

Quilts from the very simple to the very extravagant showed up and I also made several trips to Burien, Washington  Town Square Fabric and Yarn Shop where my van was filled with quilts, hats, afghans from a wonderful quilt and yarn shop there, I was in awe!

 My family and I were so blessed to have these quilts arrive, open the boxes, take photos and put them on here, our Facebook page and of course, Pinterest.

Then, we got to deliver these first hand to those affected by this tragedy and what we came back with was how amazing everyone was, when they say 'OSO Strong,' they mean it!

We were in the process of planning our next step in this organization, building a quilting shed in our yard that would be open to other quilters who wanted to come sit and chat, quilt, donate fabric, just be a part of us!

As life sometimes does, it got in the way and in 2015, we moved out of our home I loved so much, sold everything we could and purchased a 5th wheel.

This is where we are today, but instead of feeling sad about it, I have come to accept that this is where God has me at this time and I am truly blessed to have a place to call home. Sadly, I have no place to quilt, but that does not mean that I cannot still be the catalyst to get quilts from your hands to those in need as I have done in the past.
When the tragedy struck Las Vegas, I asked for quilts. At that time it was during the holidays and I could not contact a person within the center to keep me posted, so I prayed the need was met. Today, I have reached out once again to the center to see if I can get an update to pass onto all of you.

This morning I was sitting crocheting hats for our local homeless shelter when a call came into my cell phone from a number I didn't recognize and being spam called so much lately, I was going to ignore it, but I am so HAPPY I took the call.

On the other end was a dispatcher from Douglas County 911 in Colorado and she was asking for quilts to cover not only their dispatch center 36 at this time, but the families of the surviving deputies who were in an ambush in December, one deputy died, one was recently released from the hospital.

What made this call all the more special was the caller was working the dispatch center during the Century 16 shooting in Aurora and told me how the quilts they received after  the shootings made all the difference to the dispatchers in the world. It could not take away their pain, but it let them know that someone cared enough about them to take the time to make them a quilt and send it to them.

To this day, her son uses the quilt she received all those years ago and I hope she sends me a picture so I can share it with you, how cool if someone recognized it after all these years as the one they sent and knew how much it meant to the receiver and now her son!

You make a difference in every stitch, every cut, every binding, every card you reach out to these unseen heroes with, they know we care! These quilts mean the world to them and while I know they take lots of work, I also know most of us have a stash of quilts that we have made that we can part with a few to shower someone in warmth.

NO! I can't quilt any longer, but I pray daily for the place to open up where I can set up my shop again, where I can continue not only asking for quilts, but making quilts!

Please, contact me at or Facebook messenger via the Layers of Hope Quilting 911 Facebook page and let me know you are sending Las Vegas or Douglas County a quilt!

Many Blessings to all of you!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Douglas County Request for Quilts

I received this request from a dispatcher who used to work in Aurora, Colorado when the theatre massacre occured and we blessed that agency with 86 quilts.

I know we are still trying to get quilts to Las Vegas dispatch and we have fell sadly short of meeting the goal and I believe it was due to the holidays.

Please, if you can send to Las Vegas or Douglas County, contact me via email and let me know.

 I am a newer dispatcher at Douglas County Regional dispatch. On December 31st we lots a deputy to gun fire at a call.  This incident has devastated the dispatchers I work with.

I came from Aurora, Co dispatch center and worked the Century 16 shooting. We received 82 quilts from your organization and I can not tell you what that meant to our center.

I am hoping to organize the same for my current center during this time of devastating loss.

I would appreciate you help and direction so much.

Thank you so much

Kristen Miller

**Your quilts make a difference to those hurting. Please, do NOT send the quilts to me, send me an Email and I will get an address to mail these to.'**

I am still living in a 5th wheel, but right now attempting to find a small place I can do my quilting from, keep Layers of Hope in your prayers for the right home to open up to my husband and I or someone to step up with a space large enough for me to set up in!

Blessings and Many Thanks!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Three Quilts for Las Vegas, Such Sad News

Honestly, writing this post today, I do not even know if anyone at all still checks in on this blog since I no longer quilt, but I am still active in trying to get quilts out to the 911 unseen and unsung heroes, the telecommunications operators a.k.a. dispatchers.

I just received news that Las Vegas Metro PD has only received three quilts and that truly breaks my heart because I know by the pictures I am posting below and the over 600 quilts I delivered alone to first responders when the mountain slid in Oso, WA that we as a quilting community can do better!

I can't deliver personally to Las Vegas, but trust me, if I could, I would be out collecting and delivering, it is just my life circumstances have changed so drastically, that all I can do is reach out to you who quilt and ask that you ask others that quilt to send quilts.

Las Vegas Metro Communications 911
400 S. Martin Luther King Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89106-4372 **Please Note, the original zip code I was given, was incorrect!**

Las Vegas Fire Communications Division
500 North Casino Center Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89101-2944

Please send large lap sized that will cover an adult or any other size you wish to send to these communications operators. There were 16 on duty for LVFCD the night of the shooting and 40 on duty for LVMC911 so right now, we are 53 short just to cover those that were there that night, that dealt with the panic and chaos.

In totality, we need 204 to cover both departments and I know we can do this.  Please look at all you did for Oso and the huge fires in Okanogan County Washington and the quilts came from all over. I even had one personally hand carried to me from the Carolina's.

Lets work together and get this quilting bee started! I know I have amazing quilters out there who still check in on this blog once in awhile!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Las Vegas 911 Needs Quilts for Comfort

Calling all quilters who have lap sized quilts and can step up right now to get quilts out to Las Vegas Communications, please people, these quilts show we care, we are thinking of them and they DO make a difference to those who receive them.

During the landslide that occurred in Oso, WA we delivered many quilts to the 911 Center and as fate would have it, I had left a box at home the first trip and would need to stop back by.  Let me tell you, when you have someone tell you that they used to be a center divided and then, the quilts were delivered and something changed over night.  

No longer were they divided by shifts, but they had become a team, they would see a quilt and instinctively know someone who would love it and they would put it back for them because they were on a day off. They smiled more, they spent more time being a team and not just shifts and I cried.

I am only one person. I could not do this on my own, it took hundreds of people coming together to get these quilts out, people not only from Washington and Oregon state, but all over this beautiful country of ours and one that I will never forget...a knock on my door one day and a woman handed me a quilt she had made and brought out on her flight from the east coast and personally delivered it to me.

Please, read the following information, send a quilt and then send me a quick note via email to let me know it was sent out.

LAS VEGAS ADDRESS UPDATE! Please share this on your page or with friends. Also , there is one agency that has decided to buy each Center a Keurig machine so if you are looking for something to send them send them a box of the most current version of Keurig cups for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Other than that gift cards for Starbucks or fast food places are other ideas along with anything from your region of the country that might be fun. Okay here is a comprehensive list of the two primary agencies within Las Vegas that handled the shooting Sunday Night. Las Vegas Metro Communications 911 Center had 40 dispatchers on duty. Their total amount of dispatchers is 150. The address to send cards, letters and Gifts of support is 400 South Martin Luther King Boulevard. Las Vegas, Nevada 89002. Make sure that you attention it to the Bureau of communications or 911 Center.
Las Vegas fire handles fire and emergency medical dispatching. They had 11 dispatchers on when the event happened but called in additional help so they worked with a total of 16 people that night. They're total complement of dispatchers is 54. You may send support Cards & Gifts too Las Vegas fire Communications division 500 North Casino Center Boulevard Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. We know there are additional communication centers like private ambulance companies, North Las Vegas, Henderson Police and the highway patrol. We have asked Metro and the fire department to share with them rather than Post 6 or 7 different addresses. Thank you for your support both Las Vegas Metro and Fire have asked us to share their appreciation for all of the love and out reach they have received.