Monday, February 23, 2015

Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge

I learned about this challenge last year from my quilting supporter Marilyn over at North Hills Quilter and I made several quilts for one or maybe two charities last year. Oh boy, at times my memory goes down the lane without me.

This year, Layers of Hope-Quilting 911 has been honored to be one of the recipients of this wonderful charity challenge. Now, if you live in Canada, there is even one for our wonderful quilters north of our borders so you don't have to pay postage to the U.S..

Just click on the link over on the right side and head out to Confessions of a Fabric Addict's blog and she has all the juicy information on her sight such as when it opens, sign ups, etc..

Monday, February 9, 2015

911 Dispatcher and Her Family Loses Home to Fire

Yesterday morning at approximately 0400 hrs, one of our dispatchers Elizabeth Lazarus and her family were misplaced by a fire that completely destroyed their home. Her father DC Police K9 handler Abe Lazarus was not home at the time, but one of his retired K9 dogs was and sadly died in the fire. The family was left with nothing as the home is a complete loss. Elizabeth and her family (2 sisters, a 5 year old and mother and father) are looking for basic essentials, personal care products, gift cards, and overall moral support. Items can be sent to the address below:
Elizabeth Lazarus
c/o Takoma Park PD
7500 Maple Av
Takoma Park, MD 20912

Inquiries can be directed to Daniel Bushman / 301-270-1100
On behalf of the Lazarus family and the Takoma Park Police Department, thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
Daniel Bushman

**We seem to have seen many fires recently. If you can send a quilt to this family, please let me know, I will find out how old the 2 sisters are. I just need to know so I can keep track of how many we need to send!**

Another Finish

This quilt was sent to me quite awhile ago, but I finally completed it last evening.

Thank you Tammy S., you are amazing!! I am just sad it took me so long to finish it!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cancer Strikes Another Young 911 Operator...Cards Welcome

Somedays I open my links and just sit in my chair with tears running down my face. I hate this disease, I know we all do and it just seems the more people we lose, the more it is winning.

I know I post lots of information on here, I do NOT expect you to all be able to send money to everyone I post about. Not all of us can even send a card, but perhaps just saying a prayer for these amazing people and those who work with and love them so much.

I lost my mom to cancer, I lost my dad to Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), I know the pain of losing a family member and recently I lost a friend and another friend who had beaten breast cancer was discovered to have cancer throughout her body.

Please, think of positive thoughts and say a prayer and while we cannot possibly support everyone listed here, I can assure you at times like this a card from a complete stranger does make a difference

We are asking for an activation to help support our fellow 9-1-1 Dispatcher Brittney Ross. May 28th, 2014 Brittney got devastating news that she has Stage 3 Small Cell Cervical Cancer. This is a very rare and aggressive form of Cervical Cancer. At 28 yrs old, Brittney is a strong young women started to deal with the realities of her diagnosis. Brittney did not feel "Sick" and was unsure of how this horrible disease was going to effect her life. Brittney is an intelligent , hard working, and caring member of our dispatch family. With support from those around her she did a lot of research on her form of cancer and has been able to find doctors that will give her a fighting chance to rid herself of this!
Brittney has been going through Chemo Therapy treatments and radiation and has had to miss a significant time at work. The Chemo is helping and her doctors are keeping with an aggressive treatment course to help her. Brittney is an incredible fighter and has a strong will. She has been able to come into work occasionally and amazes us with her attitude!
Recently Brittney has gotten news that the cancer has now spread to her liver and that treatment will only prolong her life. She is a fighter and has great support from her Fiance Jared and her dispatch family.
We will be standing with Brittney and supporting her in anything she needs and are asking any of you to send words of encouragement to Brittney. Brittney LOVES getting cards!
There has been a GOFUNDME set up to help with Medical Expenses.
Please send any cards and/or forms of support to:
Portland Regional Communications Center
C/O Dispatcher Brittney Ross
109 Middle St.

Portland, Maine 04101

Sending Some Love....Cards Welcome

This is a devastating blow for this family and the 911 center this amazing woman has worked at for so many years.

I have wrapped up and ready to go a quilt for her grandson.

Please, if you can send simply a card to let them know you are thinking about them and praying for the family, I know they would appreciate it.

ur department is requesting assistance for a member of our 911 dispatch center, TAZCOM, located in Pekin, Illinois.

In October 2012, one of our dispatchers (and my sister-in-law) donated her kidney to save her mother's life.  Some complications followed causing her to miss a large amount of work, without benefit time.  In August 2013, she had double mastectomy and her ovaries removed due to finding that she possessed the gene that placed her at a high risk of developing cancer.  Again, complications followed and caused her to miss a large amount of work, without benefit time.  In April 2014, she had a colon blockage due to scar tissue from her kidney removal and had to undergo surgery, again, the same.  On January 20, 2014, she underwent a 2nd surgery for a colon blockage... only this time, it was due to cancer.  When the doctors operated, they found a very large tumor that touches 4 vital organs... along with perforating her colon.  It has been 4 days now, she is in the ICU, has not regained consciousness and a ventilator is breathing for her.  If she can get over this obstacle, doctors will try to remove the mass and start chemo/radiation.
Shannon Stocke is 45 years old has been a dispatcher here for almost 20 years.  She is a fantastic operator, trainer and previous supervisor.  She has been married to her husband Jeff, who is a correctional officer at our local county jail, for 17 years.  She has a 23yo daughter and 20yo son.  Her first grandchild arrived in September 2014, but lived in Texas due to her son-in-law being in the military.  She didn't get to meet him until December 6, 2014... giving her 6 weeks with this precious boy until this happened.
She has had medical insurance through majority of this, but has missed an extensive amount of work.  She is without benefit time, so all of her time off is without pay.  Her husband has taken time off, without pay, to tend to her.   While the medical bills stack up, so do their everyday bills... house, cars, groceries, fuel, etc.  I am asking my fellow 911 family, as well has her 911 family, for help.
My Contact Info is:
Abbigail Hobbs
c/o Tazewell/Pekin 911 Center
1130 Koch St.
Pekin, IL 61554