Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Passing of An Unseen Hero

We all read about police officers, K9's and firemen that pass away, but rare is it that you will read about one of our unseen heroes that went onto God's special place for these men and women in heaven.

It is with great sadness I pass this on and my prayers that you will each take a moment of time to sit down and send a card letting them know you care, you are praying, sending warm thoughts.

 Sue Williams of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (OHIO) passed away unexpectedly this morning (3/13/14). Sue had shoulder surgery on 3/12/14 for a torn bicep and was sent home the same day. We received information from her son early this morning that he had called 911 because she couldn’t breathe. Sue died a short time later. Sue served the Putnam County area for many years in many capacities. She was a dispatcher for the Putnam County for 28 yrs. And served faithfully for several EMS services in Putnam County. We are asking for cards and letters of support for her Law Enforcement and EMS families. She was a great friend to many. She leaves behind an 18 yr. old son, Sam and a twin sister Sarah and another sister Becky. Cards and letters can be sent to:
Brad Brubaker
Putnam County Sheriff’s Office
1035 Heritage Trail
Ottawa, OH 45875

Please make sure you mention Layers of Hope - Quilting 911.

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