Saturday, March 8, 2014

This Just In, Urgent Need for Fire Victims

This just came in and it breaks my heart. We have quilts to cover this family already made thanks to Marilyn and JoAnn H. I am so happy to know we had quilts sitting on the shelf this time ready to go. Well, almost. I spent this week-end binding 3, so the rest will come easy.

If anyone would like to help this family I will have sizes and sex information posted by Monday at the latest. In the meantime may I remind you that gently used clothing or items would probably be appreciated, but your cast offs that are just down right gross, will not be.

Sadly, I have to remind people if you don't like because it is old, ratty, tatty and ready to toss, don't send it to someone thinking they should be happy to have it.

If you would like to contribute perhaps a gift card, McDonald's gift certificates, new socks, under wear, dishes, bath supplies, shampoo, etc. let me know and I will get you the address.

If you cannot contribute at this time, that is okay, perhaps you would be willing to pray for them or sent them a note letting them know you are praying.

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