Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quilts Needed for Washington Landslide

God Bless you all, we have met our commitment to the communities of Oso, Arlington and Darrington, you have all been amazing. We gathered 500 quilts and delivered 385 handmade quilts and 85 handmade blankets.

The remaining quilts and blankets have been put in boxes for the next disaster or need and I can assure you they will all be welcomed by those that receive!

It is to early to tell how many are needed, the emergency crews are working around the clock battling 15 feet deep and quicksand like mud to find anyone who possibly may still be alive and to remove safely those who lost all.

The counts of how many are missing change frequently, the count of how many are gone change frequently, but hope is not gone and we can give this community back hope.

Here are some questions I can answer as to what we are in need of:

  1. Quilts from toddler size to double bed size, must be handmade/machine made, any color, any pattern. Sizes should be at least:
    1. Baby sizes 42 x 42
    2. Toddler sizes 52 x 52
    3. Twin Size 68 x 86
    4. Full Size 78 x 86
We want them to cover for adults at least someone who is 6' tall for length.**They can be quilted, crocheted or knitted, they must be handmade, no store quilts!**
  1. Unknown how many exactly are needed so I am shooting for between 300 & 500, if it changes I will update this site.
  2. Can we send them to Oso? No, they are under mud, debris, the highway is blocked and we do not want to hamper emergency rescue and clean up, so send them to me.
  3. Do I have to send more than one quilt? Absolutely NOT!!
  4. Are you non-profit? No, however I am registered under Washington State Charities Program so I am very legit!
  5. Can I help in other ways? Yes, right now white on white fabric is needed, postage for those that want to make quilts but cannot afford to send then is needed.
  6. How can I donate quilts? Where do I send them to?  When they are ready to be mailed, email me or leave a comment here and I will send you my address.
  7. How can I donate postage? You can donate through the donation buttons on the right side of the blog or you can send a money order to the person in need after they have shown me proof of mailing.
  8. How do I know you aren't keeping these for yourself or to sell? Because I would have no reason to keep over 300 quilts and I can assure you the quilts we say we sent have been sent!
  9. I can't quilt, knit, crochet or send money, can I still help? You can let others know about this, you can pray and you can send cards and letters of encouragement.


  1. I sent quilts to Oklahoma, to West, Texas, and to Joplin, MO....because Judy Laquidara asked for help. she sent me to you. i can send you quilts for Oso, WA. please send me your address and i'll get a box out to you. thank you for setting this up.
    shirley swift-bruner, cherryville, MO

  2. Thanks Shirley I have sent it to you!

  3. I'd like to know if these have to be made of fabric or can someone knit/crochet them? My name is Carol Winikoff and my e-mail address is cwinikoff@yahoo.com (I don't use google or AIM for e-mail).

  4. I make toddler blankets, I don't know if that will help or not. They are really quilted. If anything I have TONS of fabric scraps and other fabric that I don't use that I can donate to someone who can use them to make a quilt.

  5. I can't quilt but I do make toddler blankets, I don't know if you can use those are not. If anything I have TON of scraps and other fabrics that I don't use. I would be more than happy to donate these items to someone who can make the quilts to send to you.

  6. Town Square Fabric & Yarn in Burien, Wa, is available to be a collection point for this project. Please contact us at info@townsquarefabric.com so we can coordinate how/when to get donations to you.

  7. Would like your address as I am a quilter also. I am not sure if my quilts I have done are the correct size. Will measure and can send a couple of toddler quilts. My email is: luckys-mommy@hotmail.com. Will be waiting to hear from you. Thank you for putting this together.

  8. I am a quilter. Will see what I have that will work for you. Please email me with an address. Many thanks for all you are doing.

  9. I currently have quilts made that I send to all tragic disasters. I have sent to hurricane Sandy, Washington, Ill and tons of quilts for kids. Please send me an address and I will ship immediately. Thanks

  10. I have a 60 x 60 that is looking for a good home. Could you email me a shipping address please. I am at:


  11. I have at least 4 large size quilts that are complete and ready to go. Please send me the address. I live in Seattle so I could deliver them in person next week if need be.

    Cwarren52 at gmail dot com

  12. Thank you for all you are doing. Can you tell us the DATE these quilts will be needed? I have a few to donate. I already have been in contact with a local person who is collecting these. I just wanted to know how much time I had to finish a few more. Thank you.

  13. I have a quilt to send. Please send address.


  14. I have at least 4 quilts that are nearly ready to send. Would you please send me your address to ship them to? Also, I am a longarmer (but live in Canada - British Columbia). If there are any Canadian quilters out there that have pieced tops, I would be happy to quilt them, finish the binding and send them to you. Please include batting, backing and your binding. My email is: lindawalford@telus.net Thank you for organizing this very worthy project. I can't imagine the heartbreak of those poor people.

  15. We have a quilt to donate and just need the shipping address - please drop me a note at rachelfield@yahoo.com


  16. I have several groups of quilters who have quilts they would like to donate. Will you please provide me an address to send them to? We are in Spokane. Thank you

  17. I am glad to help. Send shipping address to quilter21409@gmail.com

  18. Please send me your address so I can send my quilt. My email is plchrist751@gmail.com.

  19. Hi

    We have quilts to send to you, will you please send your shipping address to: bluecedarz@gmail.com. Thank you,

  20. We would like to help and have quilts to donate, please send your shipping address to bluecedarz@gmail.com Thank you!

  21. The Langley Quilters' Guild (Langley, B.C.) would like to send 2 quilts. Could you please send me a shipping address? Thank you...Barbara Bettles

  22. I have two children's quilts I finished late last year that Ive been waiting to send to someone in need. Please send your mailing address to Plainriver@aol.com and I will ship them to you on the next business day. Blessings...


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