Thursday, May 29, 2014

Which Would You Prefer?

As we are moving forward, I have been blessed to know a company that makes tee-shirts and they have offered Layers of Hope, a wonderful opportunity to have some shirts designed with our logo.

Here is my dilemma.  I cannot order a tee-shirt for all of you, though I would truly love to be able to do so and while I know what I like in a tee, I would like some input from you.

1- Do you wear tee shirts?
2- Would you wear a tee shirt with Layers of Hope Logo on it?
3- Which color would you prefer, white or pink?

This will help me when I order the first batch of tee shirts for a future giveaway to all those who have supported this ministry/organization over the years.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

200 Square Feet Of Huh?

We have seen them, heard about them and possibly even for a flash thought, hmmmm, I can do this. Yes, I am talking about micro homes, tiny homes and hubby and I have been talking more and more about how much we really need to get me out of the living room for my quilting!

Seriously, I am all over the house.  The only rooms I know that aren't full are the bathrooms, the girls room (sharing a room doesn't allow me much space), the kitchen and sometimes the living room dependent upon what is going on.

Lets take a tour and you can see why it is so important for us to build me a quilting space of my own even if I can't be out there every day and even if it will take a year for hubby to get in the insulation, floors, walls, etc..
The cutting/storage table in the Master bedroom

Bins of fabric, bag of batting pieces, pillowcase of scraps, extra sewing machine
, Master Closet

 So, haven't I heard somewhere that the master bedroom is not supposed to have things in it that can keep you awake or interfere with relaxing?  Oops! I think these are things my husbands nightmares are made of at times!

Exiting the master bedroom, we now enter my grandsons room and I am so grateful for his sweet disposition and willingness to share his bedroom and the closet with me!

Space between the closet and his desk. These boxes are filled with quilts for Oso!

Grandson's closet, well, I only took half of it up, more quilts for Oso!

 These are the boxes I have left after making two trips to Oso and delivering over 250 quilts and fleece blankets so far.  The clear bin you see if filled with infant girl quilts.

From there, we are into my living room. No judging the way it looks, it is always in constant disarray as we get new quilts in, pack up for another trip to Oso, send quilts off to 911 professionals in need and take in quilts!

My main sewing, storage area and boxing area for sending quilts off. It is full!

Inside the front door are boxes packed up to go to 911 professionals NOT related to Oso and the bins have quilts for our National Guardsmen and women!

Yes, if there is an empty space, I can fill it with a box of quilts!
 So, as you can see, there are no really good places to not place boxes. Well, with the exception granddaughter told me she doesn't mind the boxes under her piano bench, but please, stop using the top of the bench as she can't practice!

So, in my mind, I am trying to maximize every inch of the 200 square feet I can have and we know the loft will be used to put shelving and quilts, however since I have Fibromyalgia and admit I am on the heavy side of life, we can't have a ladder, we need stairs.

I have looked at tiny house plans and find none with stairs going to the loft.  I need some ideas for this.  The more I add in the form of windows, the more the cost is going up for us.

However, I love sunlight (maybe because we don't get it very often) so I want a small window in the loft, 2 over my sewing machine area, 1 where my long arm (when and if I ever get one) will be and a skylight!  No, I don't want much!

We will replace the regular barn doors with a residential door at the opposite end of my sewing machine area.  This wall, will have no window as I want a wall where I can place a tall cabinet if I want to, the wall opposite the long arm wall will have no windows because it will have a stair case.

It will be a gambrel (barn style) space and I am very confident we can figure all the space options out, but I am truly hoping I can have a staircase with storage under it so it is not wasted space.

Right now the biggest issue is, I want it in the front part of our property and hubby says the back but there isn't space on the back side of our home to get it between our deck and the fence.

On the other side of the property is the issue of not knowing exactly where our leech field is for the septic tank and NOT wanting to crush anything.  

Oh well, these are just minor details.

Hmmm, thinking we need a new fence, perhaps we can take the old one down and get our neighbors permission to drive onto his property to temporarily access ours.

Oops, better hope hubs doesn't see that last comment!

Slowly, But Still Coming

There is horrible weather news wherever I turn the past few weeks.
Tornadoes are touching down and destroying wide paths of homes and neighborhoods, there are quilt teams delivering quilts for disasters and busy putting them together.

Another landslide hit this time in Colorado and took out a wider path than Oso, three men who were surveying the land for slide possibilities are missing, the path it took was wider than Oso, but there were no homes in the area.

Oso, what about Oso? The people are still trying to piece their lives back together, they recovered and identified the body of a man that served our country as a United States Marine and loved his family fittingly enough on Memorial Day.  His name was Steve Hadaway, they found him and as his brother stated, 'we even have his wedding ring.'

The quilts that used to arrive at my door daily via USPS, UPS and FedEx have now slowed to a trickle. I received this one on Saturday from the Busy Bee Quilters out of Texas, it is so large and pretty.  It will go up on Saturday with me.

I will also pick up the final few quilts from the Skagit Valley YMCA in Mt. Vernon. It has been a little over two months since the landslide and they are still very patiently and cautiously going through the area for the last body to be recovered and for any personal items they may be able to salvage for the families.

We still need more quilts, but knowing that all you helped with so many, makes me proud to have started this organization to help where we can when we can.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Need 2 Quilts For Twins Heading to College

I posted a story earlier about Stacy Penn and her family and asked if anyone could help.  Well, here is the reply I received from her boss and I am praying someone can take on making quilts for the twins.  Please, let me know!

First of all I would like to personally THANK YOU for all the hard work you and the others have done for all of the great causes that you stated below.  I know from working here that those of us that are behind the scenes rarely ever get Thanked or Appreciated. (So very true..jean) Id also like to say THANK YOU for offering this amazing gift to Stacy and her children.  Ya know, Its funny in a way because as far as I or anyone in here can remember Stacy has always brought a generic bankett to work to put over the chair to sit on.  And I have always belived what my late mother taught me is that “Everything happens for a reason”.  All three of them will be forever grateful for this and knowing how their family is the kids will cherish them as it will be something special that allows them to feel close to their mother while they are gone. Both of her kids, Twins, age 17, and ready to graduate high school tomorrow and move on to college received scolarships through hardwork and dedication im sure that had been passed on by Stacy and her late husband.  The boys name is Joshua who will be attending University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and the girls name is Jessica who will be attending Garrett College in Maryland.  I have included both of their colors below as well for you to incorporate in their quilts.  For Stacy can you try an incorporate the colors of our agency patch that I have pasted below.
Again, from my heart, THANK YOU for this and I hope that you all are able to carry on with this as long as possible.  I also personally wish you the best with your health.
Once Stacy finds out what all we are doing for her Ill be sure to pass along your amazing story and efforts.

     The colors to Garrett College are a light blue and black and the colors to UofM are Maroon and Gray.  What a blessing to these amazing students and children of Stacy to be able to take a quilt for their dorm room.
      Please let me know if you can step up and do this for these 2 great kids!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Great Question About Our Quilt Needs

Pam B. just asked me if I accept quilts year around or just during times of need.  Great question Pam and I am so glad you asked it.

Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 collects quilts year around, we always have a need for adult sized quilts male or female but would love to receive unisex and male quilts as we always receive plenty of beautiful feminine quilts.

Right now at this time, I am stocked up on infant and quilts for little ones, so if you would like to send quilts to a group other than Project Linus, I ask that you send them to Quilts of Compassion out of Toledo, Ohio, they are disaster relief and have needs as well.

I do make quilts when I can and have some unknown medical issues going on at this time, sometimes I just cannot do anything at all but rest all day on the couch. Other days I can do a little at a time and still other days I can do more.

Remember, I do all my quilting on a small table and machine and have no help except all the wonderful quilts that you all make and send to me to hand out.  You are amazing!

We are seriously looking into setting this up as a Non-Profit, but right now, I need someone who can do a projected 3 year budget and I need all of you to work as our public relations person.

I am one person, but you each have blogs, friends, churches, quilt guilds, know people who knit and crochet, grab our button and place it on your blog, Tweet, Instagram or Facebook about us.

I have diligently attempted to get my local newspaper, radio and television stations to do a story about us to no avail. I have contacted the Today show, the newspaper in Arlington, WA, National Public Radio all to no avail.

I need each of you to share our story, help us get the word out and while you are doing that, I will continue to do my part to get our website up and working, to get quilts out and to spread the word.

I have fliers if you would like a copy to take to your local quilt shop and this summer, I pray I can travel to various quilt shops in Washington and Oregon and pass out my fliers, but you are my feet.

I will be traveling to Arlington and Oso this week-end. Dropping 30 quilts off for families at an organization set up for the families known locally as the HUB. I will also be donating 6 to the amazing 6 volunteers who have been there every day all day long helping out.

From there, up to Oso Caring to be a part of their healing and fund raiser and just enjoy the day with my grandchildren.  I am praying someone from the media will be there and get our word out!

Another 911 Professional Needs Assistance

Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 has send Anna a card and a quilt, but if you can help in some small way even if it is just a card, please do so!

 Anna Coffey who was battling bone cancer in her spine.  Miraculously, she recovered and has been in remission for several months.  Out of the blue, her pain returned with a vengeance only to find out that the cancer has returned.  It is intertwined in her spine and the scar tissue from her previous treatments and surgery.  It is in-operable.  She also now has spots on her lungs and liver. 
In the mean time. she is on heavy pain meds and steroids, receiving chemo every three weeks and shots several times a week.  Due to the extensive chemo that she received before, she is almost maxed out on the amount a person can receive in a lifetime.  Her doctor believes she is a good candidate for the cancer center in Texas where there is a doctor who specializes in spinal cancer.  She and her doctor are trying to get the insurance company to cover treatment, but have been unsuccessful so far.  The insurance company has denied the claim so far. 
She is out of work and has been for several weeks having used all her vacation and sick time.  Some time has been donated to her by fellow employees to give her additional sick leave that will carry her for a short time.  However, her family is still struggling financially with all the added co-pays and travel expenses back and forth to doctors, etc..  We are putting together fund raisers to help raise money for the trip to the cancer center as the cost is astronomical.  I would appreciate it if you could post her needs and get the word out to as many people as possible.  Any questions can be directed to me at 239-321-7792 or  Donations can be made to:
Anna Coffey
% Fort Myers Police Department
Attn. Debbie Greer
2210 Widman Way
Fort Myers FL 33901

Alaska State Troopers Information

I do not know how many are in the Fairbanks Dispatch center, however, if you would like to send them a card of condolence, I know they would appreciate it.  

If you would like to send their families or the dispatchers that were on duty a quilt, please contact me and I will get further information.

The town of Tanana is extremely small and I am sure they are just as saddened and sick as we all are.

I’m a dispatcher at Fairbanks Emergency Communications Center in Fairbanks, Alaska, and am writing to request a posting of support for the Alaska State Troopers – D Detachment Dispatch Center.  Two of their Troopers were killed on May 1, 2014 in Tanana, Alaska. 
Here is the link for the story of what happened.
It would be great if centers could send cards, words of encouragement or whatever they may decide is appropriate to help them through this tough time.
Their mailing address is:   
Alaska State Troopers “D” Detachment
Dispatch Center
1979 Peger Road
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

Please Help This Amazing Dispatcher and Her Family

I have sent a card and quilt out to Stacy and asked that she or her co-worker please send me information on her 2 children who are teens so we can get them a quilt out as well.

Please, if you feel led to send them one, please let me know and make sure you let them know you are part of Layers of Hope - Quilting 911.

I am NOT the one who is doing the 'go fund me,' drive for her, this is her agency!

Stacy started working for Prince Georges Public Safety Communications in 2000 and was quickly well known around the center for her calm, caring nature and willingness to help others whether it was in the center or on the street.  When the time came Stacy volunteered to be a certified training officer in order to insure she passed on her extensive knowledge, dedication and care to the younger employees so they developed the same love for the job that she has.  Stacy is one to never complain and rarely asks for help except in times that she wants to ensure what she is doing is the best for the situation at hand.  That being said now it's our turn to ask for help for Stacy.  Stacy has had a long, extensive medical history which includes a courageous, victorious battle with cancer, stokes and now suffers from seizures which have prevented her from working full time, most of the time she is unable to work for weeks at a time.  She has struggled but always has maintained her unique, caring qualities day in and day out.  Stacy has done all this while working as a Police Dispatcher at one of the busiest counties in the country.  She has been able to do all of this and even found unique ways to maintain her busy profession, volunteering to work some of the busiest channels even though a childhood accident that took several of her fingers.  That's the type of person Stacy is. Where there is a will Stacy has always found a way.
Because of her extensive medical history she has totally exhausted all of our Counties available resources to assist her in maintaining her pay check so when her health incapacitates her that she can't make it work she does not get paid.  Stacy is raising two teenagers on her own after her husband passed away a few years ago all the while trying to maintain aging cars, a house, pay bills and to put food on the table for her children.  Stacy rarely asks for help so we are asking for her.  We are asking that we all step up and try to help this behind the scene hero by any means by helping to take away some of the stress of having to force herself to come to work when she shouldn't by helping to pay for some of her bills and put food on their table.  Any amount helps and knowing her the smallest of get well wishes in the form of letters or cards letting her know we are here and thinking about her would mean the world to her. Thank you.
Cards Letters & donations can be sent and made out to:
Stacy Patrice Penn                                                                          
Prince Georges County OHS-PSC                                                
17321 Melford BL.                                                                    
Bowie, MD 20715                                                                             
Contact Information:
Jason W. Lott

Our Goal is to raise $5,000.   Donations can also be made at: 

The Passing of Another 911 Professional

I have already sent a card out from Layers of Hope - Quilting 911, if you would like to send one as well, please do.  

I also need 2 quilters to step up and make quilts for Momma Kay's sister and son who are both still working in the profession as a 911 professional and state trooper.

I know I ask so much of you, but I also know if you do nothing more than keep posting our needs, post our link on your blog, FB page, take our information to your quilting guilds, that we can get the word out.

My name is Marty Crum. I am a dispatcher for Lawrence County 911 in Lawrenceburg, TN. I am requesting support on behalf of my agency due to the passing of one of our dispatchers, Pricilla Kay Ellis, known as Momma Kay to those she served with.

Momma Kay had been sick for a only a short time, and was admitted to the hospital just last month. Initially, she was diagnosed as having gallstones and a large mass over her pancreas. Doctors finally determined that the mass was stage four cancer and that there was nothing else that they could do for her. Momma Kay wanted to live out her remaining days at home. She came home on April 30th and a short three weeks later, she passed. Momma Kay was laid to rest on Sunday, May 18th.

Kay's sister, Carolyn Gist, is also a dispatcher with our agency, and her son, Stephen Ellis, is a trooper with the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Please keep our agency in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
Send a card of condolence: (they will be shared with dispatch and the family)

Lawrence County 911
PO Box 691
Lawrenceburg, TN  38464

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Thank you's From the Oso Area

First from another thankful SnoPac 911 professional:

'Thank you for the beautiful quilt! It comes in handy at our 911 center. Snopac is always freezing cold. I have been usimg it daily'
From working in these centers I can tell you with all the computer equipment they have they must stay cool, so it was so special to hear from this 911 professional at how her quilt keeps her warm!
From another quilt recipient and I have no idea if this persons husband is a first responder, volunteer or other person involved, she has asked that her name be withheld for privacy:
'Hi. My husband received one of your quilts following the Oso landslide.  He felt very appreciated and enjoys his quilt with pride. 
We told my mom, a quilter, about his experience and she wants to help.  She has a long arm and quilts beautiful story and traditional quilts as well as wall quilts from vintage silk.'
This is what this ministry is all about, giving comfort and warmth to those in need and having others reach out to help someone else. I am so thankful to all of you for the jobs you do, the volunteerism you do and quilts you give! 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Thanks to Bobbin Central and The Sewing Machine Doctor, I Finished One for Oso

I wish I could say I am as speedy as you all have been amazing, however, I have had some issues and completing this quilt has been a chore.

First, my thread kept breaking and snapping and finally, I took it in for repair. Out it came $100 worth of cleaning (literally they dug out about a large sponge sized wad of thread and dust, a broken needle part and just cleaned it good.

Of course I was admonished for sewing over needles, then told them I do not use needles in my quilts, however my bobbin cover was bent and the needle broke when it hit. I thought I had removed it, but guess not.

Then the lecture of pull through the needle after cutting, not up through the machine, I knew that but I don't always follow, guess I will now.

Bring it in more frequently instead of once every 4 years or so...I will from now on out.

So I get it home and start quilting and pop, snap, break goes the thread again, over and over and I adjust the needle tension, check the bobbin and decide to change the top thread.  Voila!!

I changed from Sulky to Glide Trilobal Polyester top thread and my machine hummed along like a kitty purring after it drank a bowl of cream.

Don't get me wrong, I have purchased Sulky thread for years, but recently my machine has come to not like it at all. So someone recommended Glide and I tried it and love it!

Like the name, it glides through my sewing machine and is virtually lint free which will help when I get it cleaned to keep the dust down.  

What is even better for me, is they are manufactured by Fil-Tec/Bobbin Central and are made in the United States and the large spool cost $7.20 and for me, that is definitely a bargain when I was spending that for smaller spools.

They also sell pre-wound bobbin thread, however, I haven't tried it yet, so I can't say how it works,  but according to many testimonials it is also good to have around especially for your long arm machine.

**I have not been contacted by Bobbin Central, Glide or Fil-Tec to do an endorsement. I am doing this endorsement because I simply believe in this product and the fact it is American made makes it even better!**

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Heartfelt Hallmark Thank you

It is a rare thing that we get hand written thank you notes, but when the do come, I do my best to make sure each one of you can see it. How does the commercial go? 'When they care enough to send the very best...they did!'

This one is from the Arlington, WA  police department where we left quilts for everyone from the chief down. Enjoy, you so deserve it!

The front and the back

I hope you can read all or most of the messages, they were really appreciative!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

These Four Beauties Came in Today

All from B. Walsh in Minnesota and all beautiful!


Do You Recognize This Quilt As Yours?

You sent this to me to finish, however I have no idea the color or type of thread you were using to hand quilt around the stars. 

Please, if this is your wonderful creation, send me a message with color and thread brand, so I can buy more to finish this!


Monday, May 19, 2014

Long Arm Quilter From Oregon, Please Contact Me Again

I recently had a long arm quilter contact me from Oregon and offer your services to Layers of Hope - Quilting 911.  

Somehow in the hundreds of Emails I received, I can't seem to find your information.  

If you are still willing to long arm a quilt for us, please contact me!

Thank you so much!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Red Cross and Fema May Be Gone But Oso is....Oso Strong!

Yesterday I mentioned that the Red Cross and FEMA were no longer in the area of Oso, but remember, the landslide happened on March 22nd and that is almost two months ago.  They were still very visible and active two weeks ago when we were in the area.

The people in the area of Oso, Arlington and Darrington are very resilient much like those whose homes were ravaged by tornadoes, however, the area where the slide occurred to the best of my knowledge will NEVER be the same, there will never be new homes built and right many of these people still have no homes to live in.

With that said, I can tell you there are still many people in the area working with these families, working to help them complete what needs to be done for FEMA help, working tirelessly and non stop to raise money for those in need and fire department.

Fire Department Sign
I really feel deeply that the Oso Fire Deparment deserves a new sign, one that shines as they do, one that might be solar powered or electric but that allows people to see them.  Perhaps a chain saw wooden one that fits into the landscape.

Everywhere you look are signs saying we are 'Oso strong,' and from the people I met I can tell you that is so true!
A new bence and someone stopped by and left flowers!

More flowers planted!

This just reminded my granddaughter of a smile!

Some of the students in the area, made huge plastic buckets filled with flowers for the Oso fire department and each bucket had a note from the students.  Someone has lovingly planted them here and in another area behind the fire station.

When we arrived last time it was bustling with people.  On Thursday there was just us and this adorable little Red-Headed Woodpecker that kept pecking on the metal siren, you could hear his tink, tink, tink as his beak hit the metal!

Pecking Away

I think he realized it wasn't working

Circling around!

I parked in the back, opened the van, and sat in the back on the floor listening to the woodpecker, the babbling of the river in the background and thought of how this area must have been prior to the landslide as it is truly still very beautiful and peaceful in so many areas.

There are so many that are still working behind the scenes and haven't stopped, from local business owners to local volunteers and yes to people I still have not met.

One of these amazing people are Jana Hecla. From the moment she heard the news, she rushed out to help, she has run from Darrington to Arlington to Everett and wherever else they have asked her to go for supplies and things needed.

What is more amazing is Jana gets up early and is raising a two year old granddaughter so they both journey from early morning until late in the evening to help where they can, to do what they can.
Jana (in ponytails) and me
 Each time I have talked to her or text with her, she is off and running and the day before I left for Oso, I decided this woman who is so dedicated to helping all these people, who loves her community, who is raising a grandchild as I am raising three, is so deserving of a quilt to wrap up in with her granddaughter at night!

Now, here is where you learn how amazing these people are, first she said no and then when she realized I was not taking no for an answer, she began to cry.  You see, the people who receive these beautiful quilts you have made for them, do not think they are doing anything to deserve them, they are just helping to rebuild their community!

Jana is also the lady behind this fund raiser.  Now remember, Darrington is just tiny and they have one grocery store in town, a few businesses and I am sure they jumped right away to give, but even Arlington is only so big and everyone has been so generous.

Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 blessed them with 3 quilts and 2 beautiful bags and I was lucky enough to get the manager of our local VF Outlet store to donate two nice Seattle Seahawk Championship shirts for the auction, but other stores would not or could not donate to Oso.

Many of you reading my blog know others who make soap, cards, amazing crafts, own your own store or manage stores, if you would like to contribute something for Oso Caring to auction off to benefit the survivors and the fire department in the area, please check out the OsoCaring on Facebook and tell Jana I sent you there!

The auction is being held on May 31st and I truly hope to be up there with another load of quilts and perhaps to just volunteer for a little while and love on these people who have lost so much.

Yes, people are missing, there are still funerals being held and there are people who have lost everything, but to coin their saying, from all I have seen, they are OSO strong and will come through this with amazing grace!

Volunteers mean the world to Oso and quilters volunteer so much of their time, fabric, money and love and prayers, I wanted you to know that these people are truly amazed at what you have all done for them!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Our Second Journey to Arlington, Oso and Darrington...Changes!

Nothing ever stays the same, we are ever evolving and even after disasters such as the Oso landslide, fires and tornadoes, things evolve, people come and go, and even FEMA and the Red Cross buzz in and out quickly!

Yesterday, my middle granddaughter, the one we affectionately call, Diva Girl went with me back up to the Oso area and was the one documenting the trip from the full van to the end!

We had another full load with over 100 blankets and quilts!

One of the beautiful quilts I pick up last time from the Skagit Valley YMCA

Dear Dodge, I can sure use a new mini-van one with the stow and go and recessed back!

So blessed to have so many quilts and blankets!

 I was dumbfounded when my granddaughter asked me about the landslide, she had heard us talking and seen pictures but really as an 11 year old didn't know much!  

Don't you learn about current events in any of your classes? I almost fell over when she told me no!  What happened to classes or teachers that teach current events?  I had at least a weekly report to write on some news worthy story in junior high and reports in high school!

We left earlier this time, as I had a stop by SnoPac to deliver the box that I didn't see last time and we were blessed to hear how these quilts have made such a huge difference in this dispatch center.

When we were there the one thing the administrative assistant told me was how these quilts had been breaking barriers that were up and everyone was smiling more, were so excited to try to find the quilt that fit them.  (Yes, while all of them are there to work for the good of the community, there are always divisions between shifts, trainee's, etc., your quilts broke that)

From the centers Manager when I checked my email last evening:
'Good morning Jean,
I'm sorry I missed your visit this morning.  I wanted to pass along the great positive energy these quilts produced in the workplace.  People had a ton of fun going through the quilts to find one that fit their personality.  There was a wonderful outpouring of joy with the staff in receiving this magnificent gift.
You and your volunteers are doing great work!
Thank you again,'

Always remember, the gifts you give, the quilts that you put your hearts into, reaches out to the soul of those that receive them!  It is your skills, love for others that allows me to do what I am doing!

Our first stop was at a local Denny's right off I-5 where the wonderful Mary Udman from Skagit Valley YMCA agreed to meet me to drop off quilts her organization had collected since the last time I was there and to shave off over an hour from our trip!

We picked up almost 30 beautiful quilts and blankets and Mary is an amazing woman whose love for others just shines through her and you can tell she enjoys helping those in need!

We stopped by the funeral home in the area that performed most of the funerals for the victims that lost their life and dropped four quilts off with Carrie, she was deeply moved by your generosity and that we would think of them.

Then off to the police department where I had been in contact with Monica and she helped me with numbers for both the PD and FD, so we were prepared!

While they are a small department, their building is beautiful and the officers were all in training for the most part, which truly amazed Aly because she thought once the became an officer, they didn't have to go to school anymore!

Oh, I explained they are in constant training to keep up their skills, to learn new technology and update themselves on many things. 'Well, I won't be a cop she told me, I am not being tazed or shot for training!' Funny girl!


Officer J. Rhodes, a very funny and sweet man!
Detective Dan

Office Paul and the ladies with a quilt! Monica is second from the right!

 The ladies immediately began unpacked the quilts and oohing and ahhing over how beautiful they all were and how hard it would be to choose.  All of whom I met, couldn't have been more genuine in their appreciation for all of you!

I didn't ask if any of them lost their homes, if any of them lost family or friends, it is truly none of my business, but what is my business is leaving them quilts to comfort them and to let them know people do care about them and the job they do.

If you have never had the amazing privilege of working at a police department, having a friend or neighbor or family member as a police officer, you truly do not know how warm, caring and giving these men and women are and how humbled they are that we care!

Just one of the Arlington Firehouse's


These men were so sweet and funny

So, we headed from the PD to the Fire Department and as is usually the case, no one was home, they were out on a call. As our blessings would have it, just as we were pulling out of the station parking lot, the Medic unit pulled in with these two amazing men and oh, they were so sweet and funny to Diva girl!

Right away the man on the left picked this quilt with the fish on it, while he said it would be tad short, he knew when he got it home, his cat would enjoy laying on it while on his lap!  Awwwww!!!

The medic on the left surprised me. I always introduce myself with my name, Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 and the fact that I dispatched police and fire for over 12 years in Goodyear, Arizona!

This medic actually knew where Goodyear was, explained to the other medic where it was and told me he is looking to retire to Arizona and while he has a home in Casa Grande, Arizona, he thinks he wants higher elevation but no snow!

It was really cool to talk to him and both of them were so kind.
When it came time for pictures, they told Alysha they had helmet hair, would she give them time to fix it, we all laughed at that one!

They gave me easy directions to get back to the 530 to head towards Oso, as my angel pilot Joy couldn't make it this time. I took a short detour because I knew I had seen a 7-11 and this Ranny never passes up the chance for a Coke Slurpee!

Not to mention I had no idea how long we would be in line waiting for the pilot car once we headed that way.  I knew the schedule but I had to meet with an amazing lady first!  

That will wait until tomorrow, enjoy some of Diva Girls pictures she took along the way!

Safeco Field, downtown Seattle from I-5

Century Link Field, home of the Superbowl Champions, the Seattle Seahawks!

Water between Seattle and Everett

She was really wanting to capture the mountains and landscape here!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Journey to Oso

I really need to be in bed right now as I have another long day tomorrow as I drive up to Oso and the area to drop quilts off for first responders, volunteers and family members and my back is seriously killing me, but I had cut out paper hearts that we put on the quilts.

Perhaps you recognize one of the quilts below. These are just a few of the over 100 quilts I am taking up with us tomorrow, as well as 62 fleece blankets, 3 quilts to donate to Oso Cares which will auction them off to make money for the survivors and the Oso Fire Department.

I have tried to get a local newspaper, radio station or even local television to follow me around and see all the beautiful quilts I am passing out thanks to all of you, but for some reason, they don't seem to be interested in what I am doing to help bring comfort to the area.

At least my husband and children have been helpful, removing seats out of my van, carrying boxes, loading boxes and doing all the things I can't.  I am blessed to have such a great family and to have such wonderful quilters in my life to help those in need!

This has paperdoll clothing on it, who remembers Paper Dolls?

Perfect for a firefighter

Beautiful colors, beautiful quilt

Yes, we take knitted and crocheted blankets!

This one is called Fractured

Who can resist this adorable flower?  Not me!

This one reminds me of braided bread

 I am still collecting quilts and will be until we are told to stop or no more show up at my door or the quilt shops are empty, until that time, I am going to continue to make the journey up to Oso about every 2 weeks or so.

Blessings to all!