Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Las Vegas 911 Needs Quilts for Comfort

Calling all quilters who have lap sized quilts and can step up right now to get quilts out to Las Vegas Communications, please people, these quilts show we care, we are thinking of them and they DO make a difference to those who receive them.

During the landslide that occurred in Oso, WA we delivered many quilts to the 911 Center and as fate would have it, I had left a box at home the first trip and would need to stop back by.  Let me tell you, when you have someone tell you that they used to be a center divided and then, the quilts were delivered and something changed over night.  

No longer were they divided by shifts, but they had become a team, they would see a quilt and instinctively know someone who would love it and they would put it back for them because they were on a day off. They smiled more, they spent more time being a team and not just shifts and I cried.

I am only one person. I could not do this on my own, it took hundreds of people coming together to get these quilts out, people not only from Washington and Oregon state, but all over this beautiful country of ours and one that I will never forget...a knock on my door one day and a woman handed me a quilt she had made and brought out on her flight from the east coast and personally delivered it to me.

Please, read the following information, send a quilt and then send me a quick note via email to let me know it was sent out.

LAS VEGAS ADDRESS UPDATE! Please share this on your page or with friends. Also , there is one agency that has decided to buy each Center a Keurig machine so if you are looking for something to send them send them a box of the most current version of Keurig cups for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Other than that gift cards for Starbucks or fast food places are other ideas along with anything from your region of the country that might be fun. Okay here is a comprehensive list of the two primary agencies within Las Vegas that handled the shooting Sunday Night. Las Vegas Metro Communications 911 Center had 40 dispatchers on duty. Their total amount of dispatchers is 150. The address to send cards, letters and Gifts of support is 400 South Martin Luther King Boulevard. Las Vegas, Nevada 89002. Make sure that you attention it to the Bureau of communications or 911 Center.
Las Vegas fire handles fire and emergency medical dispatching. They had 11 dispatchers on when the event happened but called in additional help so they worked with a total of 16 people that night. They're total complement of dispatchers is 54. You may send support Cards & Gifts too Las Vegas fire Communications division 500 North Casino Center Boulevard Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. We know there are additional communication centers like private ambulance companies, North Las Vegas, Henderson Police and the highway patrol. We have asked Metro and the fire department to share with them rather than Post 6 or 7 different addresses. Thank you for your support both Las Vegas Metro and Fire have asked us to share their appreciation for all of the love and out reach they have received.