Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Please Lets Help Them As They Helped Those They Served!

These are shots of the 19 who died, the young man at the end reciting the firefighter poem is Branden the one survivor. We must reach out to these families and this young man.

So many of you have, but so many others have not. I understand schedules, busy, to many projects, but please, from the bottom of your heart can you just send a simple 6.5" block with your name, location and a wish for this young man?

These men gave their lives and maybe it wasn't in your town, but it could have been!  Right now as we speak a hotshot crew from the town I dispatched in is heading to the fire in San Bernardino and perhaps you live near there, or Colorado or Montana.

These men think nothing about risking life for us, can't we give a bit of time for them?


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