Sunday, June 8, 2014

Good-Bye Zibbet

I have had a Zibbet shop since I believe it opened and I have had fabrics, quilts and a few other things listed and sold a total of three items.

While I gave quick feedback for the buyers, I never got feedback from them and I think when you are selling things, that feedback is important to those looking to purchase from your shop.

I even became a premium member to help with sales, but after almost a year of paying $9.95 a month, I had to search my heart and determine it was not profitable or smart to do so any longer, so I have closed down the Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 Zibbet store.

I still have my Etsy store open, not much in it lately, but I hope to add more when things settle down around here. I have only had one sale on Etsy, but I got great feedback from the buyer and I don't pay $9.95 a month.


  1. I have never heard of Zibbet. Etsy and Ebay have slowed way down so do not think it is just you. So many people being out of work kind of saturated the market. Now that things are on the upswing maybe the competition will lessen some. Glad I get SS and my small pension but it would be nice to have extra money to be able to enjoy retirement.

  2. I quit Zibbet too, the more you scratch at the surface there the uglier it gets. Sad, I really wanted another venue besides Etsy. Say what you want about Etsy but Chad Dickerson would never go into the forums to bad mouth sellers by name or take to twitter and blast a bunch of anti-gay statements. There is something going on over there & it's not the promised 4 year rebuild!

  3. I have only had 1 sale at Etsy, but it was a great experience. While I sold 3 things on Zibbet I never knew if the buyer was happy of not and I haven't been there to look at the designed site!

  4. Whether you sell on eBay, Etsy, Artfire or any of the other venues online MANY buyers do not leave feedback. Selling online is about making sales & money - you can't take feedback to the bank. I've been selling online for over 10 years and never worry about getting feedback. When buyers are unhappy, they'll let you know. Good luck with your sales - you have lovely quilts!

  5. Thank you Anonymous for stoppling by. I never thought of it that way, you have taught me something new! Blessings!


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