Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thank You So Much

Quilting Ranny (that is me in case you didn't know) and Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 would like the say a huge thanks to the following people:

Aurora Colorado Dispatch Center
 Tisha         Pat W.                  Pat C.        Carmen        Beth    Katy     Teri        Brenda B.          Dania

appreciation,floral,flowers,French,gratitude,merci,phrases,text,thank you,thanks
Julie       Laura        Sara         Debra     Bev

Cynthia   Jessica H.     Sew Cal Gal   Merritt

Wendy and the amazing quilters from Australia

Sherry V.    Cyn          Karee       Mallory        
Sherry W.      Warm Co.           Jennifer S.        Marilyn

   Lynn     Christine       Keri        Beth      Kiki  Jennifer Robin

Kristin    Arlette     Deborah   Rickey    Pastor Todd

Jenny      Tara      Candace   Donna  Stephanie   Francine

*****All of you and everyone that has contributed to getting quilts to the Granite Mountain families, via sending blocks, tops, backs, entire quilts, helping those in need of postage coverage, you are all amazing and if I left your name off and I am sure I am missing a few with my Yahoo glitching, it was not intentional****

I wish I could give you all roses!       

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