Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It Is Really About 911 Dispatchers

Many of us remember that horrible ordeal in Aurora, Colorado at the theater where people died, people were wounded and many others lived.  It will be moments that changed so many peoples lives.

We remember the scenes of police officers, ambulance and fire fighters, people in shock, but do you remember seeing the unseen first responders?  Those whose voices are heard but faces not seen?

Since this happened and many of you across the world stepped up and sent quilts to the Aurora center and we covered each and every dispatcher, I want you to know they are paying if forward.

Those dispatchers have crocheted and knitted their fingers busily for the disaster families in Oklahoma City. They have stepped up for Newtown dispatchers to offer them comfort and they continually stepped forward to offer their wonderful talents to help other dispatchers and their families!

This quilt was made by an Aurora dispatcher for a dispatcher whose home recently burned to the ground and she has a husband who is a police officer and volunteer EMT and 3 small children.  This was made for one of the children.

You see, it isn't just Granite Mountain Hotshot families we are making quilts for, we are still making quilts for those unseen heroes, the 911 dispatcher.

I hope none of us need that voice in the middle of the night or find we are in a 911 situation, but if you ever do, I know the voice on the phone will calm you, reassure you and when the on scene crew arrives, they will disconnect and take their next call.

My prayers with this blog is to show them we care and we want to reach out to them when they have a need!

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