Monday, August 12, 2013

From The Pain and Sadness, A Thank You

I do not, We do not for the most part I believe reach out to help and comfort others with our quilts for a thank you, we do it because our hearts break for the families.

Whether it be the loss of their home in a tornado or flood or even as devastating as a Tsunami or the gut wrenching tragedy of 19 fire fighters gone before their lives were lived to the fullest, we quilt!

 It is what I do, what those of us do who give back with the gift we have and while others truly believe at times we are insane, it is our gift.

I am the one people have always turned to in a crisis, I have the gift to take over like a steam roller and get the problem solved and that gift has taken my health in many ways.  Now I step back and say, how can I help you solve your own problems?

However, when tragedy or disaster hits, I feel God wants me to quilt and keep quilting and I do not do it to be acknowledged because I know these people are so many times in such shock, they are living day to day and sometimes minute to minute to get through.

However, when we do receive a thank you, it brings warmth to our hearts, tears to our eyes and it gives affirmation that what we do is as right as rain.

Here is a note that came to Marilyn from the Deford family of Montana. Dustin is their son and brother and he was one of the 19 Granite Mountain Hot Shots that died June 30.

 I got a thank you card from Steve DeFord the other day. It says: Your thoughtfulness means a lot to us, More than we can say, And our warm appreciation comes With this thank-you note today, the family of Dustin DeFord. Thank you so much for the 2 beautiful quilts. Heidi really enjoyed hers and Brandon will. He is presently serving in Afghanistan.

Wow!! Can you imagine what heart break this family feels and yet, they not only took the time to write to Marilyn, but to let her know how much they will be enjoyed and that one of the receivers is now in Afghanistan?

Wow!  That is all I can say.  

If you get a note like Marilyn did, please pass it on, it is just amazing to me how wonderful these people are to take time out of their pain to bless Marilyn! 

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