Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Human Powered Sewing Machine

My heartfelt thanks to Elayne from PeEll who generously donated to me this beautiful human powered sewing machine (also know as a treadle).

Not only did she give me this beautiful piece, but she spent over an hour showing me how it worked and when I couldn't get the pedal in right rhythm, she sat side by side until I did!

This woman can quilt, her quilts are the most amazing I have seen and she is so generous with her time!

Now all I have to do is give her a name and right now Mercy keeps coming to me because Mercy was my grandma's name before she legally changed it to Alice.  But I will use her and then think of a name!



Isn't she a beauty?

 Elayne also belongs to a quilt guild that is located between our homes and has invited me to come out and join them.  Not to mention in the short time I was there, she taught me several things about finger pressing and turning seams I didn't even know!

Very beautiful designs

Original Attachments

Will be looking a these in more detail!

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