Monday, May 26, 2014

Please Help This Amazing Dispatcher and Her Family

I have sent a card and quilt out to Stacy and asked that she or her co-worker please send me information on her 2 children who are teens so we can get them a quilt out as well.

Please, if you feel led to send them one, please let me know and make sure you let them know you are part of Layers of Hope - Quilting 911.

I am NOT the one who is doing the 'go fund me,' drive for her, this is her agency!

Stacy started working for Prince Georges Public Safety Communications in 2000 and was quickly well known around the center for her calm, caring nature and willingness to help others whether it was in the center or on the street.  When the time came Stacy volunteered to be a certified training officer in order to insure she passed on her extensive knowledge, dedication and care to the younger employees so they developed the same love for the job that she has.  Stacy is one to never complain and rarely asks for help except in times that she wants to ensure what she is doing is the best for the situation at hand.  That being said now it's our turn to ask for help for Stacy.  Stacy has had a long, extensive medical history which includes a courageous, victorious battle with cancer, stokes and now suffers from seizures which have prevented her from working full time, most of the time she is unable to work for weeks at a time.  She has struggled but always has maintained her unique, caring qualities day in and day out.  Stacy has done all this while working as a Police Dispatcher at one of the busiest counties in the country.  She has been able to do all of this and even found unique ways to maintain her busy profession, volunteering to work some of the busiest channels even though a childhood accident that took several of her fingers.  That's the type of person Stacy is. Where there is a will Stacy has always found a way.
Because of her extensive medical history she has totally exhausted all of our Counties available resources to assist her in maintaining her pay check so when her health incapacitates her that she can't make it work she does not get paid.  Stacy is raising two teenagers on her own after her husband passed away a few years ago all the while trying to maintain aging cars, a house, pay bills and to put food on the table for her children.  Stacy rarely asks for help so we are asking for her.  We are asking that we all step up and try to help this behind the scene hero by any means by helping to take away some of the stress of having to force herself to come to work when she shouldn't by helping to pay for some of her bills and put food on their table.  Any amount helps and knowing her the smallest of get well wishes in the form of letters or cards letting her know we are here and thinking about her would mean the world to her. Thank you.
Cards Letters & donations can be sent and made out to:
Stacy Patrice Penn                                                                          
Prince Georges County OHS-PSC                                                
17321 Melford BL.                                                                    
Bowie, MD 20715                                                                             
Contact Information:
Jason W. Lott

Our Goal is to raise $5,000.   Donations can also be made at: 

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