Monday, May 26, 2014

Great Question About Our Quilt Needs

Pam B. just asked me if I accept quilts year around or just during times of need.  Great question Pam and I am so glad you asked it.

Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 collects quilts year around, we always have a need for adult sized quilts male or female but would love to receive unisex and male quilts as we always receive plenty of beautiful feminine quilts.

Right now at this time, I am stocked up on infant and quilts for little ones, so if you would like to send quilts to a group other than Project Linus, I ask that you send them to Quilts of Compassion out of Toledo, Ohio, they are disaster relief and have needs as well.

I do make quilts when I can and have some unknown medical issues going on at this time, sometimes I just cannot do anything at all but rest all day on the couch. Other days I can do a little at a time and still other days I can do more.

Remember, I do all my quilting on a small table and machine and have no help except all the wonderful quilts that you all make and send to me to hand out.  You are amazing!

We are seriously looking into setting this up as a Non-Profit, but right now, I need someone who can do a projected 3 year budget and I need all of you to work as our public relations person.

I am one person, but you each have blogs, friends, churches, quilt guilds, know people who knit and crochet, grab our button and place it on your blog, Tweet, Instagram or Facebook about us.

I have diligently attempted to get my local newspaper, radio and television stations to do a story about us to no avail. I have contacted the Today show, the newspaper in Arlington, WA, National Public Radio all to no avail.

I need each of you to share our story, help us get the word out and while you are doing that, I will continue to do my part to get our website up and working, to get quilts out and to spread the word.

I have fliers if you would like a copy to take to your local quilt shop and this summer, I pray I can travel to various quilt shops in Washington and Oregon and pass out my fliers, but you are my feet.

I will be traveling to Arlington and Oso this week-end. Dropping 30 quilts off for families at an organization set up for the families known locally as the HUB. I will also be donating 6 to the amazing 6 volunteers who have been there every day all day long helping out.

From there, up to Oso Caring to be a part of their healing and fund raiser and just enjoy the day with my grandchildren.  I am praying someone from the media will be there and get our word out!

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