Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Need 2 Quilts For Twins Heading to College

I posted a story earlier about Stacy Penn and her family and asked if anyone could help.  Well, here is the reply I received from her boss and I am praying someone can take on making quilts for the twins.  Please, let me know!

First of all I would like to personally THANK YOU for all the hard work you and the others have done for all of the great causes that you stated below.  I know from working here that those of us that are behind the scenes rarely ever get Thanked or Appreciated. (So very true..jean) Id also like to say THANK YOU for offering this amazing gift to Stacy and her children.  Ya know, Its funny in a way because as far as I or anyone in here can remember Stacy has always brought a generic bankett to work to put over the chair to sit on.  And I have always belived what my late mother taught me is that “Everything happens for a reason”.  All three of them will be forever grateful for this and knowing how their family is the kids will cherish them as it will be something special that allows them to feel close to their mother while they are gone. Both of her kids, Twins, age 17, and ready to graduate high school tomorrow and move on to college received scolarships through hardwork and dedication im sure that had been passed on by Stacy and her late husband.  The boys name is Joshua who will be attending University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and the girls name is Jessica who will be attending Garrett College in Maryland.  I have included both of their colors below as well for you to incorporate in their quilts.  For Stacy can you try an incorporate the colors of our agency patch that I have pasted below.
Again, from my heart, THANK YOU for this and I hope that you all are able to carry on with this as long as possible.  I also personally wish you the best with your health.
Once Stacy finds out what all we are doing for her Ill be sure to pass along your amazing story and efforts.

     The colors to Garrett College are a light blue and black and the colors to UofM are Maroon and Gray.  What a blessing to these amazing students and children of Stacy to be able to take a quilt for their dorm room.
      Please let me know if you can step up and do this for these 2 great kids!

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