Sunday, May 12, 2013

The First Step is Semi-Complete

Well, it appears in the state of Washington whether you become a non-profit organization or not one must register their organization with the State of Washington Charities Program.

I filled out the seemingly simple paperwork about an hour ago and this begins the process of becoming a legitimate charity.  It does NOT say or give anyone the illusion that we have completed or are a non-profit.

All it states is that we are registered in the state of Washington as a licensed charity.

I have to get a post office box, a business license, a bank account and I haven't even completed reading the non-profit paperwork.

I am hoping I don't have to hire an attorney, however, I may have to and I have a few people in mind to ask regarding a board of directors but I am still so far behind on this, it isn't funny!

If I can do most of it on my own, set up bank account, QuickBooks or Peachtree, etc. It will be easier for me as I am a hands on person and can't have someone else do stuff for me or I won't figure it out on my own!


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