Sunday, May 12, 2013

Quilt Finish

I finally finished this quilt and love the way the purple binding just added some pizzazz to the yellow border and brings out the purple in the quilt.

I finished the back with this plaid and as you can seethe purple really stands out on the binding.

I was so blessed several years ago when a woman I knew came up to me with this blot of fabric (yes, I said bolt) and asked if I could use it.  I jumped at the chance.

It has been used for orphan quilts for Sierra Leone, Tsunami victim quilts in Japan, baby quilts, denim quilts and almost lastly, this quilt for someone in need!

I absolutely love the fact that it is 56" in width and a bit heavier than normal quilting cotton fabric. I believe it is possibly an upholstery fabric as she picked it up at a yard sale.

All I know is I have about 2 more quilts left on it and it will be finished, so perhaps I will keep my eyes out for bolt fabric in some of my local thrift stores, after all one never knows what we may uncover.

This one is ready to go to a new home and I am so blessed to be able to do so. It took me alot longer than I would have liked, but it is done!     

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