Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sharing Your Stash - Quilters Unite

Since this blog is about charity quilts, I felt it worth sharing the amazing work that Mary Johnson and her on-line quilter's do for their HeartStrings Quilt Projects.

I didn't find them on line or on Facebook, I found them when I opened the pages of the July/August 2013 Quilt-it Today magazine I subscribe to.

Mary was also kind enough to share her pattern for strip quilts for those of us or you who may want to make quilts from all those fabric scraps you have been squandering and stashing away.

Then while perusing the rest of the pages, I saw a name I recognized, it is none other than Bea Lee and her Stash Stars quilt from over at Beaquilter.

Both of these as well as the many other patterns in this issue can be used for charity quilts, so what are you waiting for?  Stop by your nearest quilting magazine seller and pick up a copy, or head over to
Quilt-it today and save yourself $10.99 off the newstand price by placing your order for a subscription.


  1. Plus Mary's website - Making Scrap Quilts From Stash - has many great FREE patterns.

  2. Thanks for letting us know, I haven't gone to her site, but loved the article! Quilters are amazing!


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