Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Can You Do Blog Designs

First of all, I have to say thank you to the wonderful women over at Shabby Blogs for sharing their knowledge with the rest of us who want to know how to make headers or blog buttons.

Because of them, I was able to design the header we have here and showcase a few of the quilts we had donated to the Aurora dispatch center.  My hopes is to change the quilts once a month to reflect what you have all quilted!

Now, I am looking for someone who can spiff up this blog and add a really cool button and other things and make it pop!

This blog will be used exclusively to accept fabric, thread, postage, quilting tool and quilt donations to be used when the need arises.
It is also exclusively to get the word out there is a need and to coordinate where to send the quilts to.

This week, I will be attending a class on taxes...not my favorite subject, but it is but one layer in getting this up and running as a non-profit or to see if I can do so.

Accepting donations for operating costs, fabric, postage, etc. will result in receipts for your tax deductible purposes, but I am not to sure on how getting quilts sent out to those in need will count if I do not have physical control over them, a big question for the instructor.

It seems redundant that you have to pay postage to mail it to me and then I have to pay postage to mail it to where it is going. I am working to see if we can coordinate with another non-profit in any area of need.

I have been told over the years people would donate if they could get a receipt something which I cannot provide, but I can provide places to send or drop off to in times of need.

We were able to provide postage for several quilters that had quilts but couldn't pay postage, fabric and thread costs for those that needed it through several people who reached out and donated to this cause.

So, with this in mind, I am looking for someone that can jazz up this blog and make it look good without breaking the bank.         

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