Friday, May 24, 2013

Birthdays Are For Giving To Others

The other day my grandson said he didn't want anything for this birthday because he already had everything he needed or wanted and because we love him and take care of him, he couldn't think of anything for his birthday. Well, besides a cake and some ice cream!

Then a few days later he asked for a baseball bat and another glove so his sisters and he can play ball in the backyard.  

That was it? A bat and glove?  We had just gotten his sister a new bike and his response was, 'she needed one, her knees hit the bars on her old one' and he and his younger sister had been given new bikes last year by a neighbor.

Yesterday they asked for a tornado party?  Hmmm, they don't know what a hurricane party is, what would they know about tornadoes, let alone a party for one?

It seems they have gotten together and since we are having a combined party for them this year, they want their friends to bring them things for the tornado survivors in Oklahoma so we can mail them off a box of things.

I'll bite, we are talking 9, 10 & 12 years old, I want to see what they think we should send.  First they don't want the box to be to heavy it would cost to much to mail.  Okay, I get that.

Second, they said gift cards for WalMart, Target and ITunes because some people will not have radios or televisions and will want to have something when they are sad to make them feel better.

Towels, they agreed with towel sets and those white rag ones like I use...great idea.  Also coloring books and crayons for little ones but word searches for bigger ones, hand sanitizer, face masks and lastly hard candy and gum.

I am so blessed to know these children and know they would put others needs above their own wants! I can't wait to see what will go into our box!

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