Saturday, May 10, 2014

Needing a Public Relations Person

If I am going to move this ministry/organization into a full non-profit mode, it is going to take getting the word out about what we do, spreading the word to get more people involved when there are no disasters so we can stock the shelves, have postage on hand, open a checking account, have the funding for the IRS, etc.

I am in need of someone who wants to volunteer some time to help me bring this organization into the light, into businesses, into the social media more.

I have written my local newspapers, the newspaper in Arlington, the Today Show and two of my local television stations as well as NPR and have received not one reply back.

I can only assume because I am NOT currently a non-profit, or because I am the one writing the letters, no one is interested, so I seriously need some help and some ideas from all of you.

I am having business cards made up, I have contacted an amazing organization Christian Shirts and they will be making us some tee-shirts to giveaway with our logo (female styled no white) and that will help a bit, but I need other ideas.

My local quilt shops have collected a total of four quilts towards this, I am not sure how to get them more involved and I understand so many are already collecting for Project Linus and Quilts of Valor they have no room for one more charity.

I cannot afford advertising, but sometimes it just takes having that magic touch and getting the word out that we are not JUST about disasters, but we will be there for our 'unseen heroes.' 

Please see this amazing article that 911 Magazine published about Layers of Hope - Quilting 911:

I would love to get involved in the many conferences and conventions that 911 professionals hold each year, but also not in the budget.

So please, I am so open to hearing from each of you with some amazing ideas to move us forward!

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  1. My first thought is that you might have more success finding someone to handle public relations within your 911 community. Even quilt guilds have a hard time finding volunteers to do the publicity for their quilt shows!


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