Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Breathtaking Quilt Honoring Those Men and Women Who Come Back from War Changed Forever!

I was supposed to do a monthly highlight of a donating quilter and even had my March quilter picked out. A wonderful quilter Michele M. out of Washington state who not only quilts magnificently, but she is a proud member of the United States National Guard.

When I asked and Michele agreed, she became very busy and actually was deployed until a few days ago. However, as close as she was to Oso, she was in another state at the time and not in Washington.

I went on vacation soon after the landslide and have been so busy with the quilts (still coming in, thank you so much), sending thank you notes, delivering quilts, answering emails, that I just haven't had time to find a replacement for March and forgot all about April...where did that month go to?

Today, I received this magnificent quilt picture from Michele:
Michele M.'s Fractured Soldier Quilt

 Now, I know some of you are thinking she forgot some of the parts of the stars, but once you read the story you will understand why it was made this way:

'It is dedicated to our Armed Forces.  Many of our soldiers return home from war fractured with mental scars and physical limitations.  All return with a heavy burden.  It is our duty to support and honor each and every one of these men and women.  The four small white corner stars represent the four major branches of military service.  The large Lemoyne stars are missing one point to portray the fragmented life of a soldier returning home.  The lone red star represents those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  The flag represents all that we stand for in the United States of America.  The Mountains are that of the Three Sisters in Oregon.  The soldier in camo is saluting the flag over the Three Sisters for all the dedicated men and women from Oregon that have or are serving in the Armed Forces.'

Being the amazing quilter she is, she was quick to let me know when I asked if I could share it with all you that: 'the original pattern does not have the mountains and it was designed by PJ Anderson.'

I had to share this with all you. I know many of you quilt for Quilts of Valor and other military charities and I just feel that you are all so gifted and while I want you to contribute to Layers of Hope - Quilting 911, I am not so selfish that I want all of them and believe in paying it forward!

Thank you Michele for your amazing dedication to this organization and for your service to the United States of America and God Bless all who serve!

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