Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Love Old Quilts

I just love old quilts. There is something about the weight of them and the hand stitching and the simplistic colors and patterns on the fabric.

Though they are 100% cotton their is usually a winter weight feel to them and to snuggle under one, I am usually kicking off my covers pretty quickly.

Now, for what I do not love...old, blood stained, ripped quilts!

I say this because sadly I have received several quilts that have had blood on them. Seriously?  I get that people want to help, but if you are sending me a quilt for those that survived and the first responders that worked on what is a horrible disaster, why would you think I want or they would want a blood stained quilt?  

Seriously, that is just gross and I cannot do anything with them but wash them and fold them up if they come clean for perhaps the shelter and toss them if they still have blood on them.

Please be considerate.  We take in new quilts for the people we send quilts to and some older ones that have been made and stored, but I can't take the torn, tattered and stained quilts and it is really just a serious waste of your money to spend postage on it.

If these were marked with an owner or came in a box with an address on them, I would sadly, return them to their owner and have to say thanks but no thanks.

I am not ungrateful and trust me, neither are the people that have received a quilt, but for someone to assume they or I should consider ourselves lucky to get your stained and tattered quilts, well, that is not going to happen.

If you have an older quilt and it is in good repair, than look it over for stains and tears and then send it to me, but don't expect I have the time to wash and mend things you don't want to!

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