Tuesday, May 6, 2014

'But All I Did Was Feed People!'

I don't know about any of you, but I can tell you that is amazing when I meet people or hear stories that come out of disasters and tragedy and I want to pass these along to you so you will know what you do does matter!

I took quilts to SnoPac, they told me, 'all we did was out job.'  But it is more than that, as a retired 911 operator I can tell you the voice on the other end of the phone that is calm and reassuring is more than just doing your job.  

Matter of fact, few of us realize the mode we go into when helping someone else. I remember talked to a young girl one night on the phone during a family fight, she was terrified.  'I was just doing my job.' Until I heard the tape and there in the middle of this, was the mom in me coming out as I calmed her by telling her...'shhh, shhh, shhh, sweetie its going to be okay, just talk to me, shhhh, shhhh.' 

When my kids were sick and I rocked them or they cried in the night I always held them and made this little shushing sound, not a hush be quiet, but a calming sound.  I didn't even know I had done that with that little girl.

So please, as I told her, accept these quilts for the amazing job you do everyday and know someone cares!  Because, we do care!

There was the story of a mom who has breast cancer and going through treatments, she did what she could by helping to feed the people.

When she received her quilt yesterday, she was confused why she would get one, she didn't do anything but feed people. What she didn't see is that those who know she has cancer knew how special this act was to them.

The man who was killed last week helping a mother and her child as they were being mugged. He gave his life, because he went above and beyond to help a stranger.

The neighbors in Oso who lived and went to help dig out their neighbors, they were only doing what anyone would do. Or were they?

How many times have you see a mother struggling with grocery shopping, a crying baby in her arms and she is just so distraught and just needs that calming voice to help calm that child and help her relax.

We are quilters, we quilt, with our hands we cut, we measure, we iron and we stitch and when it is done it is a beautiful piece of art and love and we say, 'all I did was make a quilt.'

Some people don't help, they just walk by that mother, they go about their daily lives knowing Oso was a once in a million years happenening, it can't happen to me, they have enough money, they don't need any of mine, I am late to a golf game, my run, my walk, I can't be bothered.

Those people are doing what they must do to get by just as those who 'only feed people while they have cancer, only make quilts for others, only answer 911, only help change the car tire of the family on the side of the road, only bring groceries to a neighbor they heard lost their job are doing what we must do to reach out one quilt, one plate, one call, one tire, one tired mom at a time.



From head to heart to hands, I quilt! I May Only Be One Person, But Together We Can Make A Difference. Bless you for stopping by!