Monday, January 6, 2014

What You Did in 2013

Whoop Whoop!! Bang a drum! Do a dance, do a jig, jitterbug, etc.!  Pat yourselves on the back because all of you really rock the world of quilting and contributing to others.

Here are the stats that I could find for Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 2013.

  • You contributed to 72 quilts for the Granite Mountain Hotshot families and postage to mail all of those off.  Amazing Ladies!! I would say Ladies and Gents, but I have yet to have a quilting gent step up!
  • An unknown number of quilts were sent to the folks in Oklahoma who endured not one but two tornadoes. Not everyone who steps up lets me know how many they sent.
  • We sent several to dispatchers in West, TX after the explosion.
  • I personally received several boxes of fabric, completed quilts that needed quilting, thread, quilt blocks and even batting!
  • We raised $172 to get the logo and website up and running
  • One quilt shop owner set aside monies to help quilters with shipping costs and sent out around $60 not to mention some fabric for the quilter as well.
  • I received around $100 for shipping costs and that was a huge blessing to my husband who picks up the slack when my paycheck runs out.
  • You shared a bit of yourself with someone else going through a difficult situation and that is so awesome, I can't begin to thank you for making my job as founder so much easier to do.
  • I received several quilts to put on the shelf for future needs, but by the time they arrived, the future needs were here.
I pray that 2014 we see less tragedies, less disasters and illnesses so we can fill those shelves and be ready to send quilts at the drop of dime.

So for 2014 being fresh and new, I am asking for (you guessed it), more quilts for all sizes of people so I can fill the shelf and I am asking for prayers to be able to get into a position to purchase a used RV where I can go and hand deliver quilts or even make them on scene during a disaster.


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