Monday, January 6, 2014

Changes in 2014

I hope by making a few changes, it will help alleviate any issues we had in 2013 such as returned packages, unknown size requirements, donation information, etc.

1- Depending on the request a good size quilt for an adult would be one you feel comfortable making, but a nice size would be 48" x 50" I try to think if it is for an adult. If they are for smaller children any size will do!

2- All quilts should have a note with then that states your name as well as Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 and I would like to see you end it with one of two endings:
     a. 911 Cares in (your city, your state)
     b. From heart to hands, we quilt.

3- If you commit to sending a quilt, I require a picture be sent to me when it is completed (right before packing it would be good) so I can share it on Pinterest as well as our Facebook page. People love seeing the quilts you make!

4- All packages must now be sent with a tracking number so I can keep an eye on when it is delivered, if it gets delivered or returned. We had a few incidents with returned quilts last year and when I contacted the agencies, they said they didn't receive them.  This is the only way I can truly tell them, it arrived and they returned it!

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