Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Going Faster Than Coming

A few days ago I posted how blessed we were to receive these 4 gorgeous quilts from Marilyn in California for our bare shelf and no sooner had they arrived then they were put to use and are boxed up for their final journey to dispatchers in need.

The bottom one is going to a 911 dispatcher in California who was in a terrible motorcycle accident and is in a slow recovery process.

The one with the beautiful butterflies is heading to Arizona for a 911 dispatcher who had a stroke and is going through therapy and a single mom to boot...she could really use this quilt hug!

The remaining two are the final two to be sent to 911 dispatchers who homes were destroyed during the Colorado Floods.

I am finishing up the last one for a 911 dispatcher family in Colorado and they will all be ready to head out the door tomorrow.

I would love 2014 to be the year I start filling a cabinet up with quilts so please consider making one or two for us and sending them to me for storing.  

I promise I will let you know when they find a home!

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