Friday, January 22, 2016

My Amazing Husband

My husband and I have been married over 34 but not quite 35 years and we have had very low lows and amazing and awesome highs and we have clung to each other and God to get through. I am blessed!

My husband was the one who encouraged me to make quilts for 911 dispatchers in need after Hurricane Katrina, though I believe if he knew it would lead to where it has, if he could go back he would never have suggested it. LOL!

Over the years he has told me how tiring it gets to NOT have a living room and find scraps all over the house. So, he converted a closet in our old house to a sewing space for me.

How I need to think more about the house being cleaned or cooking or appointments and get my priorities straight. Yet, he is the one on a day off to tell me, 'don't worry about dinner, finish your quilt.'

While he says things that many people would take as a negative, when I open a gift and find a Rotary Cutter, new cutting mat, quilting scissors, sewing box. I know how very proud he is of what I do.

Right before Christmas I was trying to finish my sons Seahawks/Cowboy quilt when nothing I was using would work. I had to finish it using scissors. Hubby asked if he could help, but I said: 'No, probably time for a new rotary cutter.' He looked at my cutting mat which is about 5 years old and said,'looks like this thing has seen better days as well.'

Little did I know, he had not gone Christmas shopping for me at that time because he told me later, he just had no idea what to get me. At our ages if we want or need something we just go out and get it.  

However, he said later that he knew right then and there what he was going to get me. He went to Joann's and not knowing anything about rotary cutters or cutting mats, he was talking to a clerk when a quilting customer overheard him and told him about the app he could put on his phone.

The result was he purchased me a three piece cutting mat set that makes into one long mat and a new rotary cutter. Last night, he helped me put it on my table.

 It is a bit to long, so he took the old mat and cut it to fit at the end and I still have another mat we are putting up. 

As you can see, my space is a mess. I have an area set up in my living room and right now, I am in the process of organizing, but cutting the binding for a quilt someone sent me awhile back was priority for me last night.

My husband is amazing. I am blessed. He comes home many evenings and tells me he had a customer who is a quilter and how he told her about Layers of Hope and his wife.

He went with me to Warm Company prior to Thanksgiving and took a tour of the plant and watching batting being made and was impressed.

He drove with me to Chelan and Okanogan Counties where we delivered quilts to the fire victims and he was able to see first hand how much the quilts I make and those I receive are received with smiles, tears and thankfulness.

I keep telling him one of these days, when he retires, I will make a quilter out of him yet. He laughs and tells me that will never happen.  

Then again, I am very blessed having such an amazing man that loves me and supports this mission of love to help others!

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  1. You are blessed indeed, and blessed to be a blessing to so many others!


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