Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Humbling Thank You

I just opened my blog and my Email to find this sweet and amazing note from a young lady named Tiff who lost her mom and her family home in the landslide of Oso.

I cried, it  always makes me cry when someone reaches out to me in their own pain and tells me how much a quilt meant.

I made 4 trips to Oso and the surrounding area after the slide. I volunteered with an auction to raise money for the community and my granddaughter and I met so many people, I cannot honestly say if I met Tiff.

But I can say the people of Oso are Oso strong and never fail to amaze me!

God Bless you Tiff!!! I cannot respond back to you since you posted anonymously.

'Hello, I received a quilt from you in 2014, when donations were sent to to Oso, Washington following the mudslide. I wanted to thank you and everyone involved in your organization for such a lovely gift. My Mom , Brandy, was killed in that mudslide. My father was rescued, but the home and all belongings were lost. My Mom was a beginning quilter and had a real appreciation for the craft. We even took a class together. My Mom would have loved the Mary Engelbreit -themed quilt we received :)'

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