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2015 Financials

It is well known that most non-profits shut down after only three years because they lack funding and sponsors. I wish at times, I was that smart, because each year for the past 2 years I have been keeping close tabs on the financial aspect, we wind up in the red.

This year, we have more adult quilts on the shelves at the close out of the year and still after generous donations to those in need, have lots of baby quilts.

I have been doing this since 2005. I have looked into becoming a non-profit, but sadly, even my own accountant says she won't touch the books on that one, it is to complicated.

The other issue is once I start a non-profit, I am pretty much under the rule and control of the IRS on what we can do, how we do it and that isn't what I want to do.

I just want to make, receive and deliver quilts to those in need and the past two years with the disasters in my state, I have been blessed to be able to do so.

I am also blessed to have some very amazing people support this ministry in Lynn R. who blessed us with quilts, postage and stamps, Marilyn L. who blessed us with things to sell in our Etsy shop and quilts, fabric, etc.. Sue B. who has stepped up out of her own illness and made and sent quilts directly to those in need, Kathie P. for always supporting us after the tragic loss of her own son.

I cannot forget the amazing quilts shops that have been our collection points and if you ever get a chance to visit them in person or even on line to stop by and thank them, please do so:
1-The Needle and I in Everett and Seattle 
2-Town Square Fabric and Yarn in Burien 
3-Bayside Quilting in Olympia

Each time I tell my husband I cannot do this any longer, a blessing arrives in the mail as if God is telling me, 'you can do this, just a little longer.'

Sadly, 2015 did not bring much relief to the family budget. We spent $504.21 out of our own budget to continue to support this ministry and in two years, that total is $1541.74. That is a lot of shoes for my grands who are in sports, specialists for my medical issues, but since it goes in bites, we don't really miss it, we adjust.

Sadly, I still have 2 boxes from last year waiting to be mailed and am in the process of boxing up 6 for a 911 operator in MS who lost their home recently to a tornado.

Without further ado from me, here is 2015's annual report!

Layers of Hope Financial Report 2015

Monetary Donations 2015                                           167.00

Gift Card Donation 2015                                                 40.00

Quilt Sales 2015 -                                                            104.00

Total Receivables                                                            $270.40


Postage                                                                                  344.97

Office Supplies                                                                    103.97

Gas For Distribution Trips                                                          121.61

Meals For Distribution Trips                                            42.69

Fabric & Batting                                                                  115.35

Thread                                                                                      22.60

Ebay/Etsy/Paypal Fee’s                                                     23.42

Total Expenses 2015                                                       $774.61

Total Monetary Donations/Sales 2015                     -270.40
Total Unpaid Expenses                                                  $504.21*                            

End of Year Balance  Forward   2014                     -$1037.53*

Two year total budget                                                  -$1541.74*                                                                          
**Negative Balance Came Out of Personal Budget to Continue This Mission of Love**

Non-Monetary Donations 2015

Bolt of Batting                                                       2
Total Bolts Received                                            2

Quilts  Received                
Handmade Blankets                                                330
Quilts Carried Over                                                    70*

Total Quilts 2015                                                       400

Quilts/Blankets Distributed

Quilts To Chelan/Okanogan                                    155
(Included 76 quilts/2 boxes of hats to Chelan Valley of Hope, 3 Rivers Hospital 20 baby quilts/hats, Room One Twisp, 3 Quilts & 1 box hats, 60 Room One in Pateros)

Quilts 911 Dispatchers/First Responders               174

Lewis County Gospel Mission                                         15

Destroyed*                                                                              5                

Total Distributed 2015                                                349

Quilts & Blankets                                                                51                   
On Hand, 1/7/2015                                                       
*30 of these are baby/infant quilts

Miscellaneous Received 
Knitted Baby Hats                             20
Knitted Hats (Med Box full)              3                                      

Direct Quilt Mailings 2015 *

*Quilts from Quilter to Recipient                    13

Vehicle Mileage 2015 for Layers of Hope                                                     Chelan/Okanogan Miles

Delivery and Pick up Miles                           805.80

Postal Miles                                                    100.20

Total Vehicle Miles LOH-Q911                     906


*Quilts that get destroyed are quilts that have blood stains in them, are NOT new or close to new, have rips, tears, stains and cannot be repaired or donated to another organization.



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  1. Hello, I received a quilt from you in 2014, when donations were sent to to Oso, Washington following the mudslide. I wanted to thank you and everyone involved in your organization for such a lovely gift. My Mom , Brandy, was killed in that mudslide. My father was rescued, but the home and all belongings were lost. My Mom was a beginning quilter and had a real appreciation for the craft. We even took a class together. My Mom would have loved the Mary Engelbreit -themed quilt we received :)


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