Monday, November 9, 2015

Thank You To Our Latest Collection Point

When a disaster hits this state, such as Oso or the past fires of the last two years, I really have no experience of who to turn to for quilts.

I just begin asking people to help, to pass on the information and starting contacting local quilt shops in my area and then branch out to the state.

Many of the quilts we receive are from all over the United States and occasionally, I receive one from another country which blows me away.

The one thing I can't seem to ever be able to wrap my mind around is the fact that my local quilt shops or the quilt shops in the area of the disasters do not collect any quilts. 

It isn't that they don't try, they just don't receive them, but let me put out a call to the YMCA in Mt. Vernon and they put up a sign and the quilts come rolling in.

Let me ask Town Square Fabric and Yarn in Burien and this shop can collect quilts very quickly. They just amaze me at the quilts they collect and how fast they can collect them and I am always so happy to drive up and visit these lovely ladies.

When I asked Olympia quilt shop Bayside Quilting,
to collect quilts, they happily agreed and recieved so many, I had to make two trips! 

Our latest collection point was The Needle and I in Everett and Seattle. Georgia stepped right up and said yes and then went above and beyond by driving to their Seattle shop and picking up the quilts there and bringing them back so I didn't have to make a stop in Seattle.

 They collected 3 large bags of quilts for us and if you live in the area, I want to encourage you to go visit and tell them I sent you and say hello!

 While wondering around the shop, I noticed they had a really neat apron and anyone who knows me, knows I love aprons and used to participate in quite a few apron swaps!

While now, I don't find anymore apron swaps, I did purchase this pattern and thank my son for being man enough to hold it up for me...

You can see the apron here in this picture and while they didn't have the green Seahawk fabric, I purchased the apron and asked Georgia to put me on her call list when the fabric comes back into her shop!

I am ever so thankful for the quilters, quilting guilds, church quilters, quilt shops and everyone who donates to help us!

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