Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Quilting Book Giveaway! Ends Dec. 1st

We are on page 166

Wow! I am so humbled and honored to have a chapter in Ruth McHaney Danner's latest book about quilters that reach out and touch lives!  I just could not have ever dreamed that helping others with a quilt would lead to being mentioned in a book about quilts! 

I knew quilters were an amazing group of people, but Ruth's book just confirms it! From a quilter in Spokane who donates quilts to Hospice, Project Linus quilters, Quilts of Valor quilters, quilts for those undergoing chemo all the way to those amazing ladies who form church quilting bee's, quilters in the jungles, the book has so many amazing stories.

Ruth herself is a charitable quilter living in Spokane, WA (I have never met her personally) and if you would like to know more about her, just click on her name in this post and it will take you to her website where you can enjoy some of the beautiful quilts she herself has made.

There are several ways to get a copy of Ruth's book.
1- Click on this link to Amazon 
2- Click on this link to Barnes and Noble 
3- Head over to my Quilting Ranny blog and sign up!
**I do not receive any compensation from the above book sellers, the author or her publisher!** 

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