Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cancer Strikes Another Young 911 Operator...Cards Welcome

Somedays I open my links and just sit in my chair with tears running down my face. I hate this disease, I know we all do and it just seems the more people we lose, the more it is winning.

I know I post lots of information on here, I do NOT expect you to all be able to send money to everyone I post about. Not all of us can even send a card, but perhaps just saying a prayer for these amazing people and those who work with and love them so much.

I lost my mom to cancer, I lost my dad to Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), I know the pain of losing a family member and recently I lost a friend and another friend who had beaten breast cancer was discovered to have cancer throughout her body.

Please, think of positive thoughts and say a prayer and while we cannot possibly support everyone listed here, I can assure you at times like this a card from a complete stranger does make a difference

We are asking for an activation to help support our fellow 9-1-1 Dispatcher Brittney Ross. May 28th, 2014 Brittney got devastating news that she has Stage 3 Small Cell Cervical Cancer. This is a very rare and aggressive form of Cervical Cancer. At 28 yrs old, Brittney is a strong young women started to deal with the realities of her diagnosis. Brittney did not feel "Sick" and was unsure of how this horrible disease was going to effect her life. Brittney is an intelligent , hard working, and caring member of our dispatch family. With support from those around her she did a lot of research on her form of cancer and has been able to find doctors that will give her a fighting chance to rid herself of this!
Brittney has been going through Chemo Therapy treatments and radiation and has had to miss a significant time at work. The Chemo is helping and her doctors are keeping with an aggressive treatment course to help her. Brittney is an incredible fighter and has a strong will. She has been able to come into work occasionally and amazes us with her attitude!
Recently Brittney has gotten news that the cancer has now spread to her liver and that treatment will only prolong her life. She is a fighter and has great support from her Fiance Jared and her dispatch family.
We will be standing with Brittney and supporting her in anything she needs and are asking any of you to send words of encouragement to Brittney. Brittney LOVES getting cards!
There has been a GOFUNDME set up to help with Medical Expenses.
Please send any cards and/or forms of support to:
Portland Regional Communications Center
C/O Dispatcher Brittney Ross
109 Middle St.

Portland, Maine 04101

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