Friday, June 13, 2014

Another Beautiful Quilt

I would love to say it has been a hectic week and seriously, it has, the grands finished school for the summer this week, we had a horrible dropping of the ball at grandson's school which had hubby and I just devastated, but we stood our ground and at least showed him how much we love him and believe in him and next year he is doing home schooling with me!

In trying to diagnose my medical situation, my neurologist took me off all my medications and I have been battling more severe tremors, pain so bad at times it brings me to tears, twitches in my arms are more frequent and yesterday, my legs gave out on me four times.

Ahhhh, but there are some wonderful silver linings in this week, such as having the mail carrier deliver this beautiful and fun quilt from Brooke over at Silly Mama Quilts.  It is so fresh and cool looking it just reminds me of watermelon and grapefruit on a hot summer day, refreshing.
If you get a chance, please go over to the Silly Mama Quilts site and see what great work and design that Brooke does, she is amazing and always so generous to Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 and tell her you came via Layers of Hope.

This one came in from Colorado, another generous quilter who just keeps blessing us beyond blessings.
An almost finish for me, which hasn't been easy the past few months.  I started this one and made it with bandana's that someone had sent to me, however, it wouldn't fit in my machine to quilt since I don't own a long arm, so I drew out a quilting pattern and hand quilting every stitch in this over the past month.

 I do love the bright colors and funkiness of this one and it would make for a great extra long twin bed quilt or just anything one would want. You can see there are 2 more squares scrunched up at the bottom of the quilt!
 In these 2, I just tried to capture the hand quilting I did so you could see it.  I do believe at one time my own fingers were pin cushions.  But the quilting is done and now I hope to be able to bind it!
 I can't stop moving, I must keep going and next week I will be busy with girls to band practice for our local parade, one to the Orthodontist to have her impressions done, then to the dentist for cleaning and whatever else she needs.

I just thank God for all of you who keep me inspired everyday!


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  1. WOW, I am tired just reading this. Love your bandana quilt.


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