Saturday, May 3, 2014

Some of The Amazing Quilts from Skagit Valley YMCA

It is truly an amazing community that reaches out beyond their own borders to help others.  The quilting community is like that, so many beautiful quilts for so many hurting.

Here are some of the special ones that came from the YMCA yesterday and one from Naples, Florida that I promised to post a few days ago.

From the amazing ladies at Martingale Press!

This beauty from Naples, Florida came in weeks ago!

The solid green lines on this quilt are actually ruffled!

This one just really needs to be seen up close!

I believe and I could be wrong that this is a bear paw pattern!

Yummy delicious colors reminds me of Easter Jelly Beans!

This one is just a delight to the eye!

This beauty was made with someone with lots of patience!

It isn't your eyes, this quilt is an optical illusion in the center!

More of those from Martingale Press


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