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Quilts Delivery Yesterday, A Humbling Experience

Yesterday, my oldest granddaughter Shyann and I got up early, showered and headed out with a van so full of boxes and bags of quilts and fleece blankets, I could not see out my rear view mirror, it was a bit frightening in a way knowing we were making a long trip on our own, but it was a mission of love!

This picture was taken by Shyann from her co-pilots seat next to me because hubby had to remove both back seats and it was full!

Our first stop was Safeway in Hawks Prairie where we picked up some snack mix, donuts, juice and glass paint for the car, Shyann had a plan.

We sat in the car and talked about our trip and began writing on the windows...
The back window!

Passenger read window..Thankful the rain came after we were on our way back!

Where were we going so loaded Oso!
We never forget the unseen heroes
Off we were soon headed towards the city of Everett to our first stop, the 911 professionals at SnoPac where we met Carl and Kim and it took two hand trucks for all the boxes. 

Errr, well, almost all the boxes, once we arrived in Darrington, we realized one was buried under boxes, so when I return on the 15th we will drop that one off.

SnoPac 911

 We were even given an amazing tour of their facility which made me so very homesick that I can no longer perform the job I loved so much, but so blessed to see new trainee's and dedicated professionals getting the job done.

To say Shyann could have stayed here all day and was in heaven, is an understatement. Her comment as we left? 'Is is possible to be a 911 dispatcher and an orthodontist?'  I laughed and told her 'probably not, but it is possible to work as a 911 dispatcher to pay for her schooling to be an orthodontist!'

Onto Marysville, where we met up with two of the most incredible sweet women I have ever met, Joy and her wonderful friend Irma.  They were our guides yesterday.

First stop was to deliver quilts to the funeral home that helped with several of the funerals of Oso families. We met Allen (I hope I spelled that correctly) and I do believe to quote my friend Joy, 'I am pretty sure this was a first for them, to have someone bless them for the job they do.'

I had Shyann take this picture once we were outside, I did not feel comfortable taking one of the inside but it is a truly beautiful funeral home outside and inside.

Onto Arlington or so I thought. However, Joy and Irma had other plans and that was to stop at the Marysville Firehouse and drop off quilts to the crew.

We walked around, we rang the door bell twice, I walked through the bay looking for an entry point into the firehouse (after all as a dispatcher I know my way around firehouses and police stations). Finally the door opened and a fireman said, 'I knew I heard feminine voices outside.'

I explained why we were there and that we just wanted to thank THEM, to bless THEM for all THEY did and the quilts were for THEM.  It is important to know with first responders, you have to let them know these are for them, NOT for them to give away because they give so much of themselves on a daily basis.

They were so sweet and humbled that we would receive and deliver quilts to bless them. I could tell however, they are still left with memories they will never forget. Once you have been a first responder, you can read others.

Marysville Fire and Me 

I love this picture because they blessed me by pulling out the engine and agreeing to have their picture taken. Oh, my youngest granddaughter is so jealous!  

Onto Oso and the drive brings you through Arlington, a quaint little town that I can promise I am going back to just to walk down their main street and go into their shops!  One thing I learned yesterday is don't say, 'One day I will do this,' just do it while we can!

Shyann was my vigilant on duty photographer and captured these pictures of the Oso Fire Department and trust me when I say, Oso needs a larger fire house and a much nicer sign out front!

Flowers outside the Oso firehouse

Some of the supplies Oso has received

FEMA tent set up to help families

Another view of the FEMA tent

Oso Fire Department Sign...I think We Can Get Them A Much Nicer One!

A Sign Across the Street from the Firehouse

 One thing you must understand is that NOT all of Oso is gone, some of it is still there, magnificent, proud and thankful for all everyone is doing for them and more importantly, just as beautiful as before!

The sign leading up to the waiting place to get to Arlington
Another one letting you know the pavement does and will end! It is one lane, one way and narrow!

The beauty that surrounds this area

The cars behind us waiting in line to get into Arlington

On our way

10 MPH and You will stop more than once!

Just a few of the pieces of earth moving equipment we saw

Another warning before we hit dirt and gravel

There are more pictures, more of the journey to tell you, but that will come more and more over the next week.

Thank you for the prayers, my van was amazing, Shyann and I enjoyed amazing talks, we met amazing new friends Joy Griffith, her friend Irma and Pastor Sandy of the Darrington United Methodist Church, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch and sit down time to hear about a community that will get through this because they are resilient and proud and in a very small way, they were a community prepared because many of the own of Darrington had just completed FEMA sponsored Citizen Emergency Response Team training (C.E.R.T.) and having been through the course and certified, it is pretty through, however, nothing will ever prepare you for a natural disaster of this proportion! 

We delivered 116 quilts to SnoPac, 3 to the local funeral home, 16 to Marysville Fire, 2 to Oso for Christina and Laura Harris the surviving daughters who lost not only their parents in the slide, but a cousin shortly after and I am waiting for a number from Pastor Sandy.

However, after stopping by the Skagit YMCA, I think I brought back home as many as I delivered!  

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  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures and experience of delivering the quilts. I pray God's blessing on you and your family for giving so much of yourself to those who are often forgotten because it is their job.

    God Bless, Debbie


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